More you know it,
More it knows you.
Other than the object of research being indescribable,
The relationship is also unfathomable,
At the home of heart,
Who is reading whom,
Am I or is it?
And yet there's no limit to flowering,
That's the miracle.

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Gnosticism and Vedanta!

Gnostic master takes a model of reality in which mind is considered separate from spirit. The true home of mind is considered to be the cosmic egg, whereas the true home of spirit is considered to be Truth Realm.

In this model of reality and your journey way back to home: logos or word plays a key role. The myth tells you that it was logos which structured all realms- obviously by divine ordinance- but it appears to be dark and unjustified below a realm known as Parbrahman or transcendental creative realm where you can appreciate how light and darkness mix with eachother in a divine interplay for creation. Below this realm: darkness increases and realms like cosmic egg, egg and matter appear.

The transcendental mind begins when you’ve crossed over the threshold of cosmic egg where mind is originated. It’s the source of causation. Beyond it the darkness and light mingle in such a way that you can’t call it mind and yet there’s a reign of spirit. Truth realm is perfectly spiritual realm where master and disciple are one with logos and wisdom or sophos has been saved completely. Even beyond it reality continues with unobservable, ineffable and nameless attributes or attributeless.

The key difference between Advaita Vedanta and Gnostic theory is in their approach. Vedanta denies the structure which is used in the Gnostic scheme. Demiurge’s realm begins when light and darkness mix in equal proportions. It’s also divine will but to everyone experiencing reality at this level of awareness and below it : it seems unjustified. The universe can never feel righteous or free or blissful because it’s not true universe or reality or freedom but merely a mirrored version of reality.

Vedanta investigates mind which is the source of all trouble. It traces it back to its root source where it merges. Then a new mind or new light appears in which the old mind is found to be absent. It was a phantom or apparition like the magician in David Lynch’s Inland Empire.

Vedanta emphasizes that the mind can’t exist without its essence or support like waves of ocean can’t exist without ocean which is water. Waves are merely modifications in the waters. Gnostic mind is also Spirit or Self which appears to be something independent. Thus only true home or Self or Spirit is found to be the reality existing at all levels : which means there are no levels or even a journey back to home. This is the highest freedom where mind is not.

The two approaches to reality differ only in the way they treat reality. Gnostic theory has more to do with transformation of mind and its becoming subtler. It’s refinement of intellect which is able to shine with knowledge of Self. Vedanta by denying any existence to a dream you had last night- which is a vague remembrance – denies even the foundation of dream: body, mind in which body exists and the rest of it.

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1. Ramses is the yoni of Kalapurusha today. Ramses is an immortal.

2. Indra Yoga. Mars holds the post of Jaiminee Atmakaraka it’s in the Sagittarius in the ninth division. Venus is Amatyakaraka and it’s debilitated in the Dharma amsha. The Moon has entered the sign of Taurus.

3. I am going to watch movie Soul. Yesterday I registered some books in library and had a butter scotch mixed with chocolate cone on my way back to home.

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The Twilight!

1. Birds are chirping and returning to their nests. It’s twilight. It’s peace.

2. The last post asked about eternal life or nectar of immortality. It’s not just possible but recorded as attainment of certain yogis who moved onto a higher dimension or became one with everything. Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal is one of the examples.

3. I registered plenty of books yesterday.

4. I intend to play more vocabulary jams as I am lagging behind in rankings at present.

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1. Parrots fly towards an unknown destination as they hear my footsteps.

2. Cranes, kingfishers and dogs were basking in the Sun.

3. I listen to the same noise everyday. It doesn’t bore me. It rather helps me relax, focus and sleep. Human voices, automobiles and machination create a different kind of noise which is also natural but not spirited. It’s dark.

4. I chase the Sun. About 30 minutes spent in sweeping library floor and verandah and another 15 to burn the garbage trash.

5. A literature student seemed interested in the books i was registering yesterday. I gave him the treatise. He looked at it and then told how fondly his father preserved books by binding and taping them. I asked him if it was professional bookkeeping and he told it was a hobby. He is a theatre artist.

6. Artiste is a professional artist. Throughout my existence, which became almost inexplicable after what is ordinarily known as awakening there has been a conviction about escaping the reality which often seems harsh. Delusions help us while our time but if it’s actually work which needs to be finished before we enter into eternal blissful reality: you would find that mountain before you again. And again. And again…

7. Thankfully, the mountain can’t get bigger than it was if Karma is a law.

8. I always knew it was unreal. If it was enlightenment I was born with it. If it was a disorder I was born with it.

9. I look at the work of poets. They all recommended to sing songs praising reality. I am reality. I find all their songs were addressed to me. I find it a little awkward to sing songs to praise myself.

10. Hence I wonder. I wonder about contradictions and loopholes. About layers under which I have hid myself so well. Just to reach here I walked so long. Somehow unreal, dreamlike, ephemeral and infinite and yet so overwhelming. It swings both ways. Nostalgia is a positive emotion sometimes. Perhaps a good conceit but on the whole it’s depressing. In the totalitarian scheme : your sentimentality becomes food for others. They can joke only because there’s a joker. An object needs to become cause of their elation.

11. In a bigger picture : it’s a cosmic giggle. Bunch of dogs fighting over bitches. Patriarchy versus matriarchy. Myths filling newspapers and news channels. Same repeated loops of natural versus man made disasters. Farmers, businessmen, politicians and goons.

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Tohu Verse!

Abode Adobe

Bode well

Bodkin kinship sails

Punchkin munchkin pumpkin Pippin

Ails rails mails hailstorm

Blitz blitzkrieg reign feign

Cinch finch

Inch by inch tapeworms ring


Note: I invented Tohu Verse form. Tohu means chaos. The image credit: self.

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1. Deendayal rasoi day nine. Rice. Rice wasn’t available this morning in Choubey Colony.

2. Before coming here i had a little chat with Ashutosh.

3. I played nine vocabulary jams this morning i received first and second ranks in most of them.

4. Getting shaved seemed easier this time around.

5. Sammy referred to Himalayas. On the very same day that reporter also referred to it.

6. The Amrit Jal Pariyojna finally revealed itself after some suspense. Komatsu dragon. The signboard had grammatically accurate notice though calligraphy wasn’t of highest order. It does the job.

7. 18122020

9 and 7 add upto 7.

8. A Tohu verse to celebrate the occasion:

Sun shine soothing

Hinged zed eyes

Yes men inglenook

Krooner nerd standard

Dard-e-disco gone with the wind

Hind legs rinderpest

Esteemed medicine cinephiles

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Rishi Gupta!

1. I bowled 70 times. Focussed on Fielding and reflexes. Adarsh came to chat with me about tally counter. He lives in Bajrang Nagar and studies in DPS. I can walk to DPS and back-everyday- that won’t make me an Ironman : would it?

2. Anyways: I saw a bat as it was getting darker. The bat was flying towards East. I took some pictures. Batman is 6. They were playing and disposing off the garbage by burning it. Now Cricket Academy in the Shatabdi ground is becoming a self sustaining institute which is good to see.

3. Now that Sun has set and nothing else needs to be done i should talk about Rishi Gupta.

4. He was my batchmate in EC 2004 Oriental Institute Of Science and Technology Bhopal.

5. The moment i joked once with his wife on Facebook: he unfriended me. Maybe blocked me. I didn’t initiate it. I merely confirmed what she was saying. It was the same man who said “Tum abhi life se bhaag rahe ho…”

6. His wife’s name is Swati. Like the name of the brightest jewel in our batch.

7. He was tall, fair complexioned. He used to stay in Minal residency, then in Indrapuri.

8. I once had Maggie noodles with him in Indrapuri. Swati was taking help on project from him in those days. He was technically sound. Gautam also joined him once to talk about my glory with a banana joke. That was the last I saw him personally.

9. On the day Cognizant Technology Solutions gave us offer letters: he was walking with Daljeet Kaur. He got selected in Day two company. He was sad. I was sad for him. I loved him for his extraordinary knowledge. The moment I was sitting in his Minal residency apartment: facing South. He was talking and i smiled thinking that here you have a truly intelligent guy. Just like his name suggested.

10. Vyas and Sachin made comments to mean that two of us were different from the rest. I didn’t feel narcissistic. I thought we had many differences.

11. To begin with: he lived in Minal residency like Vyas did. They belonged to upper middle class whereas I belonged to lower middle class.

12. He spoke about how they used to collect garbage at once but later they were so endowed as to enable him with 5 ATM cards.

13. His mother was one of the nine girls adopted by Bhagvati Devi Sharma of Gayatri Pariwar. He told me this. The joke with a look-alike picture by Narayana Tushar Kaudniya wasn’t merely a coincidence!

14. He came to our hostel and showed his GRE score card. He was trying hard. In the first meeting he was busy and i took a lot of his time. He told me when I asked him:

“I haven’t seen such thirst for knowledge in anyone I have ever met.”

15. The use of term thirst and taste indicated the element of water. Our experiences were similar. We had been to Kota and we were not fit for IIT. He had lost his love. He used to see fireflies. Water to fire dissolution in batch.

16. He had a library worth 20000 rupees of books. It was a whopping collection! I merely had 50 odd books and I used to go to British library to get books issued. He was into Reiki, dousing and electronics. You name it: he was into it.

17. Despite being pressed for it: he didn’t let me know his exact time of birth. He was not sure about me. He might have had his reasons.

18. That day: the moment I mentioned money to him : as he was helping me on our minor project: he lost his composure. He was getting healed. It seemed like an insult to him. He immediately took my bag and gave it to me: showing me out. Similar behaviour was repeated by Paaras. It tells me that he must have had a Scorpion Moon: giving him six planets in the sign. He was into healing. A similar combination is present in the chart of Ravish Kumar: that’s if his birth data is authentic at all.

19. He rarely came to college as he had better things to do. Puneet Saxena aka Punneelaal paranthe waale who used to burn copies in RGPV was present on his flat once as his flatmate was his batchmate.

20. Rishi joined Avadhoot Shiva Baba for a while. He visited Mahakaleshwara and eventually settled. He generously gave me books to read. And also warned:

“These consume life force: read at your own risk.”

I kept “Power of Now” by Eckhart for far too long. He had to call me to get it back. I had read the recommendation in TOI in Kota. Eckhart was recommended alongside Jiddu and Osho. I was happy to read that book. It had a good effect and it pointed towards IAMTHAT by Maurice Frydman.

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A long walk in meadows!

1. I wrote a post on my blog earlier this morning. This one I begin at 22:00  PM. That post is connected to this one.

2. After writing “off to playground,” I did go to playground. A notice on Southern entrance read: “temporarily, this place is a jail.”

3. That was strange and unexpected. Yet I had predicted something similar a long ago. I published the policy.

4. Rohan Karan was a classmate in OIST Bhopal. Now I have Rohan and Karan as two of my students.

5. I went for a long walk to Gathewara. I contemplated upon a root bha:.

1. Bha for bhagya : the fortune.

2. Bha for Bhaarat. India.

3. Bha for Bhaalu. Bhoot

4. Bha for bhakti.

5. Bha for bhajan. Bhrama. Bhramar. Bha for bhakti, bhoga, Bhagvata, bhagvaan. Bha is for Sagittarius. The horse. Bha is for bhai. Bhaanu. Bhaas.

6. I witnessed the effect of planetary war. There was a contest between Mars and Mercury. Mercury won.uu

7. I grasped for the first time why Atmakaraka might not be awake in case of a native: Buddhism needs no Atmakaraka.

8. I walked a long walk. To witness a war. Rohan pointed to war. Rohan might be an incarnation of Ayodhya.

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