Dusk shall sleep!

Twilight should end here,

No further,

Battling Lingas flying zigzag

Monkeys danced a strange dance

Uprooted eighty plants,

Lovely mustard,

Carrot grass,

Roots of destiny,

Breeze touches eight petalled lotus,

Lions are asleep,

Both staffed and Staffless,

Stuffed tomatoes are sour,

Mustard leaves taste bitter,

Like beetroot which creates itches in throat,

The music is soothing,

I know the way around,

Twilight shall end,

Savitar has risen,

Litter was a litre terse trefoil,

Gloaming lights tell me what art must feel like at your end,

I have known you for many lifetimes,

I know all your lifetimes,

How sublime,

The art should rest now,

Dusk shall sleep in the hall of bliss.

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