Book Recommendation!

Tagore’s handwriting
Nehru’s handwriting

1. Two pictures above were taken today, on 30. 11. 2020, inside the library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, from the book “Yah Bhaarat.” The book is in Hindi language. It’s written by Sheela Dhar. Pictures are by T. S. Naagrajan. It’s published by publications department, government of India, in 1974. The book’s price was ten rupees. After the update it’s 100 rupees in the library register.

2. I intend to read this book. It has foreword by then prime minister Indira Gandhi. It also has letters by Tagore and Nehru. It has plenty of lovely pictures from rural India.

3. The images of Tagore’s handwriting compared with that of Nehru’s might help anyone who wants to study Graphology. For many years, in my college days, I used to frequent Lidia Fogarolo’s site.

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Biotic Farm Revisited!

1. Pisces arises with Atmakaraka Mars in it.

2. When i wrote about the planetary war between Mars and Venus yesterday: it was not usual concept of struggle between conjunct planets within a sign but rather about the struggle between planets striving to gain highest longitude in any sign. Any planet which has highest degree in any sign becomes the Chara(moveable) Atmakaraka in Jaimini Atmakaraka scheme. Moon becomes Atmakaraka once every 2.5 days. It struggles with every planet for becoming Atmakaraka.

3. I had a trip to Biotic Farm inside Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. It was after 11th of April for the first time: i felt certain freedom to walk inside this premise till then. Now my movements are limited and based on secret codes or direct orders. It’s a strange world. It always was and it’s likely to be in days to come.

4. I was awestruck by the majestic beauty of greenery around. I took couple of pictures after taking permission from my guide.

Vegetable plants and trees!
Biotic Farm inside Gandhi Smarak Bhavan!

5. They’ve cultivated at least 17 plants and vegetables. Here’s a brief list:

1. Turmeric plant: it looks like banana.

2. Banana.

3. Mango.

4. Spinach(Popeye the sailor moon)

5. Potato

6. Onion

7. Mooli

8. Chukandar

9. Maithee

10. Dhaniya(coriander)(assumption)

11. Cabbage

12. Cauliflower

13. Mustard(makke di roti au sarson da saag)

14. Why not sago?

15. Chaurai

16. Bathua(assumption)

17. Grams

18. Pea(chickpea)

19. Tomato

20. Torai aka Gilki

6. He told me on the condition to remain anonymous that they’re not buying anything from market at this point.

PS: Being an English teacher i should have known all the names in English. If you know the names in English : please send me via comments. Thankyou!

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