To Bark At The Wrong Sun!

1. What’s that saying : there are more things than you can imagine under the heaven and on earth…not exactly but something similar. All of us, fond of listening the sounds of our own voices.

2. Come home, Witch is the latest follower of my personal blog. What a strange name! Thanks.

3. With gaming : i realized it after repeated practice: more the number of people: lesser time you have to execute your functions. Though ‘events’ in general include both humans and other animation: it’s primarily humans who affect the change.

4. Time is change. Leaders have a great number of people in their lives: therefore, they find that change that they individually make is negligible. This might sound paradoxical because leaders are recalled for creating great changes in history. That’s projection.

5. Significance and meaningful existence is fundamentally dependent on value system. Do you have as many events in your life as you want? As valuable as you truly want them to be? That decides significance.

6. Most of us wonder about events that are completely beyond our control. Some of these handicaps are intricately woven into our gene pools by natural selection or cosmic design. You may do anything and everything : in the long run: if you believe in reincarnation and in infinite journey. Metempsychosis or transmigration of soul. Otherwise you are limited and heading for a full stop. An end after which there will be no life, no sound, no sight, smell, touch and taste. What happens to all your endeavours and suffering then? Nobody remains to tell it.

7. I spent a few minutes observing thrasher. I helped for seven minutes. Twenty plastic pans. Then I went to fill water in buckets. Why would any snacks i have already tasted seem pleasant? Basking in the Sun i recalled stoicism and Diogenes.

8. How often did I want my story to completely end-these temporal relations and existence to end-on a happy and peaceful note like this. I don’t prefer nostalgia over this. I have heard all those stories and now I prefer sleep over futile struggle for space which is truly infinite and inexhaustible.

9. The thing I wanted to achieve was achieved. Then, I merely kept passing one test after another to ensure it was the thing. Trying to fit it into beds, sometimes procrustean. And was it they all said it was? It wasn’t. But to say there wasn’t anything would also be wrong. To say it’s silence is to bark at the wrong Sun.

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New post on my blog.

I went on a college trip recently with no expectations, but looking for a change from the monotony of life. I wasn’t excited at all unlike my fellow mates.

But this trip gave me something really enexplainable.

Please do give a read and your feedback will be much appreciated!

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