Moon Approaching Fullness!

1. Got new incense sticks for library. Do you need details? Yes, you do, for: what’s a story without details?

A Zen story!

2. I have been burning incense sticks here for some time. It’s not a mystery. Today one of the volunteers observed it and suggested me to use those provided by the organisation. It would save me some money.

3. We went to buy Hazaras. The name does sound like musical thousands but it actually means water cans used to sprinkle water on plants. They cost 400 per piece.

4. Spent 90 minutes in mixing straw with green chopped leaves and to help deliver the food to cows.

Sweeped the machine room. One dentist came to enquire about a lady music teacher for his daughter. He began by asking about farming. Appreciated the taste of chickpeas. Wanted to learn about organic farming. Enquired about IPTA and met one of the artists who were rehearsing.

He also enquired about library membership. Usually people don’t take such keen interest in many departments. Synchronicity as I had just published a post about scripts. It happens very often these days.

5. We had Haryanavi jalebis. I registered 23 books yesterday. The second last almirah should complete before this month ends.

6. Found my name in one of the pranic healing archives. June second and third were Saturday and Sunday in the year 2018 A. D. Healer was the person who had lent me caution money to join library as the librarian was adamant and my money had already been deposited into the town hall library. The disease is cited as ‘excessive heat’ in body. I am still wearing a T-shirt. It has been two seasons. I took a cold water bath. If this season continued forever I would have been happier. This tells me that I was made for Canada.


7. The Moon shines beautifully. Couldn’t click pictures.

Cutting Room

Image courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Captured by dancinglightofgrace

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1. Spent half an hour breaking stones with a Thor like hammer and throwing away the crushed pieces.

2. A brief discussion about life and afterlife.

3. The Sunshine is soothing now. Sound of vehicle horns and agricultural equipments.

4. Had to fill two buckets full of drinking water early morning as there was none available in the kitchen.

5. Insects are buzzing into my ears. Witnessed a puppy being scared by a kitten. The kitten was hiding under the chair. The puppy was wagging its tail and looked desperately at me for help. I politely rebuked the kitten.

6. Attended flag ceremony at two places. At the park the picture had the lion showing its tongue in a wierd way.

7. The first ceremony: kids began singing a song when they received the prompt ‘Rashtrageet.’ The prompt should have been ‘Rashtragaan.’ Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya penned the Rashtrageet which talks about bounteous greenery and beauty of Indian subcontinent. The song was taken from Anand Math. The Rashtragaan was written by Rabindranath Tagore.

8. Filling sweets into envelopes needed me to puff the envelopes up. The whole exercise might have taken about an hour. The only incident was a kitten jumping at the mobile charger- thereby making my phone drop. I recalled the previous episode in which another smartphone got damaged.

9. Putting chairs. Cleaning them. Arranging flowers. Charging up loud speaker could have been done in advance. They wait for most of the things. They’re deficient in principles of management with multiple lines of command. Their behaviour is mostly dependent on proving their worth among some people who are mostly like them: collection of bones and blood. Their truths and modes of operation change as soon as people appear. It’s not always ingratiating, it’s often a strange madness which knows no end.

10. One less day of ignorance. One more day of learning. Transition into pure body of gnosis and bliss.

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1. I came across a meaning of cipher which is new to me. As a verb it means: to calculate, to do mathematics, algebra etc.

2. To decipher is: to decode, to move out of a void, by scaling.

3. Voids have their rulers. These are stars and superstars. When a star becomes old it becomes a black holes. A supermassive black hole is situated in the core of galaxy milky way. There are countless trillions of galaxies, black holes and universes as per quantum mechanics.

4. The deja vus I had in 2016 were uniquely related to a visit to a public place. The place was created to organize a public event. The event was religious in nature. I recalled instances of my previous visits to that place with an unforeseen certainty. The person was called ‘Daddaji’ which in Bundelkhandi dialect stands for ‘respected father.’

5. Yesterday, after walking and running for two hundred minutes i reached another playground which had statue of a dead man who is also called Daddaji by his family and followers. I had dejavus: two of them concrete and clear. The waterballs guy gave me some coins as a change for my fifty rupees note. One of the coins had blue patina on it. The other had ‘Dadabhai Nauroji’ mark on its back. It was released in his memory. ‘Dada’ also means big or great or elder.

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Reblog: Only Three More Days To Ask Me Anything

I’ve not seen Cathy here at the forum for a while but guessing she must be super busy with her recent book launch – best wishes Cathy (and all) and hope you don’t mind my sharing mention of Cathy’s event here via this reblog…

[NB: it was a reblog frame, until I edited the post title…doh! so…]
Cathy’s post can be found at this link to her blog:

The event Cathy is participating in runs until Thursday mid-afternoon (guessing that’s a US time zone…?) and the website hosting the event, apparently with a countdown timer displayed, can be found via the link her blogpost (from the link provided above).

I’m wondering, for some future time beyond the event closing … (a) if @cathylynnbrooks might spare a few minutes to tell us something of her experience of running this participatory event… and wondering, what will have been the most unusual or unexpected question you were asked during the event?……
… and in the here and now… (b) what might I think of to ask if I take a virtual hop over to participate whilst there is still time aplenty…

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Cathy Lynn Brooks

I’m participating in an even that runs until Thursday at 2:00 p.m. It’s called Ask Me Anything! The more questions, the better.

Please go HERE and ask a question. It’s easy. They even give you suggestions to ask.

I’d really appreciate your participation!

Thanks so much!

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List of Blogging Events

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