Stop and Smell the Roses

People often advise others not to take life too seriously and to stop and smell the roses. Meaning to enjoy the simple things in life and not to pass them by. However, if we take this saying literally them stopping to smell the roses can get us bitten on the nose by a bee or if we reach out to touch the roses get pricked by a thorn. One way or another you have to admit that life can be unpredictable and it all passes by so quickly.

If you seem to be working too hrd and feel stressed out it is time to stop put on the music, head on outdoors, and see what nature has to offer. By slowing down you appreciate life more and you definitely will feel much better. Once you have taken a walk you can get back to work with more renewed energy.

Look for the happiest scenes around you to bring a smile like old couples that walk hand in hand or children running along. Often you can see dogs on leashes in all shapes and sizes and they all look so cute.

So even though to stop and smell the roses does not mean to seek out roses because all flowers are beautiful and have their own fragrance. It simply means there is more to life than work and life can be beautiful if you take the time to put aside your work and get out there and just relax. If you wish you can also stay at home as long s you sit back, put up your feet, perhaps listen to music, and dream about the beautiful things in life.

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