1. After Dussehra celebrations in October last year, and marathon this year, it might be third public event i attended.

2. While I was working in Bangalore I used to see advertisements for theatre shows which used to have tickets worth 1000 rupees to 2000 rupees. Even when I watched some movies after paying that amount, I was reluctant to spend that much on theatre.

3. This one was written by Manav Kaul and directed by Shantanu Pandey.

4. Despite my suggestion they used ‘Udhaaran’ instead of ‘udaaharan’ as proper pronunciation of the word. When I suggested them that during their rehearsal they either didn’t understand or didn’t want to understand. Moreover the director seemed disgruntled with my use of word flatmate for his flatmate.

5. They didn’t credit the music they used-to create captivating emotional background.

6. The auditorium has 230 seats for audience. There are 13 portraits and three scenaries at back.

7. While coming downstairs i observed a few gutka pouches. They weren’t too many.

8. The pick points which engage audience here are essentially : expressions of characters who are annoyed or desperate.

9. In some ways: people laugh at or enjoy watching troubled people.

10. All emergencies, disasters and tragedies are to see others suffering. Theatre and cinema is merely mimicry of life.

11. It implies : the role of darkness or suffering in making our existence meaningful.

12. Not for a single moment any of us wants any discomfort for ourselves. We don’t want to trade places with our selves in time or space because their destinies are so uncertain. Only in case of acute trouble we might wish to reset or exchange our lives with another.

13. There’s a reference to exodus in this play.

14. In one of the dialogues, one character tells another: ” whenever people are forced to migrate from their place to another–they are not able to accept the other place as their own. ” This made me think about true home. It’s often called as the heart. The spiritual heart. The Self.

15. To see raw emotions: anger, comedy and such: you don’t really need to visit theatre. Just take a walk through the town or stay put in your house and you will have plenty of it. Why then, do you need to imitate what’s already out there?

16. It’s essentially merely to increase our awareness. We don’t listen to our friends and family and the same things, when they’re spoken by a celebrity or leader or on stage: we consider them to be big things or real deal.

17. Add time to it: the prime ignorance. Aging is because of time. Time is psychological death. Essentially time is change but even the perception of change is dependent on some impressions which are created by certain energy patterns.

18. If I tell you about certain flaw in your persona you might immediately resort to its being ancient to downplay it. Or generalize it across a data space. If you don’t understand it: I would give an example if you need.

19. I had clear deja vus of being inside that premise. I told about it to the person about whom I mentioned in my last post and who came to sit besides me as we talked for a while. Then I moved back to top row. Front rows are considered luxury in theatre as you get to see expressions of characters. I chose topmost to stay away from the noise.

20. Earlier I was convinced about deja vus being indicators of something important but now-a-days they’re there almost always whenever I visit a new place. To see a play in an auditorium in my hometown is a new experience for me.

21. If it takes countless lifetimes to master each and every knack and there are countless streams of mastery: there are countless births or no liberation, no peace.

22. Every experience: big or small, is made up of experiences. And every experience in the end is revealed to be empty of any inherent value. Seeking experiences is drive of life and it seems to be without beginning.

23. Park has three characters, three benches in a park. Struggle for space.

Event courtesy: Narmda foundation/IPTA Chhatarpur.

Featured image: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur

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Om Money Payme Huh?

If you know what the **** is going on here, you’re probably full of shit!

-Robert Anton Wilson

1. Again the same vehicle though I was earlier than yesterday, minus ream of papers.

2. The yellow auto on a Thursday is a blessing. Represents Jupiter Odin dindinabulation ions on and on.

3. On top of it : the driver asks me to join him on his seat. Never happened before: used to be a feature of old styled autos. Old style in e-rickshaw.

4. “Why don’t you put on a mask now sir?” He asked at the place I was about to alight. He handed me over a ten rupees coin with “Centenary Commemoration of Gandhi’s Return From South Africa;” it was released in 2015.

5. What does a kid need? A ten rupees copper coin with yellow tinge on a Thursday.

6. A caravan was coming from that side to Horse Chauka. I saw Dhaneeraam on the way. And the actor who had sold me the temple story when he took me post office.

7. The green pen.

1915: 2015: Gandhi’s return from South Africa

8. 1915 adds up to 7. Today 28.1.2021 adds upto 7. What more you need?

9. While playing vocab jams on I came across a quote by Stephen Hawking which said that a tendency to find consistency in observations is a blinding tendency and it has been present in mankind since its inception on Earth.

10. Umberto Eco also said same thing: the drive to find an underlying pattern in chaos is limitation of reason.

11. Nayak is a player who’s in the Hall of Fame on He appeared for a while. Then, just before the main road a look alike projected his image: as if it wasn’t enough: another Nayak ji appeared who was last spotted peeing outside the Shatabdi ground. I shouldn’t have mentioned that. Many people don’t know that I am very popular and constantly on watch by labour union, farmer union, masons, secret police and so on. Madhya Pradesh government jeep gave way to the autowallah. Shobha Dey ends here.

12. Here’s the summary of ranks:


13. Shouldn’t be surprising as there were 5-7 players per game.

14. Look at the game scores:

650, 720, 700, 790, 680, 700, 790, 555

15. I couldn’t reach 800. Not even once. What a pity. Mediocrity doesn’t seem to leave me no matter how hard I try!

16. Look at this: yesterday I scored 90 on every question on one of the jams. There were 10 questions. I should have received a score of 900. Why didn’t I?

Because: miscalculated.

It’s designed to give advantage to USA players. You read USA books. It’s a site based in USA. Take it or leave it. Top hall of fame players haven’t even heard of jams. After having exhausted words to master once I decided to proceed slowly and islowly, by and by, via jams, to improve my reading speed.

17. Hearing Om Mani Padme Hum.

It sounded like Payme huh?

Mani was jewel on top of snake.

The symbolic naga with wisdom sings praises of divine grace.

Noble virtue

Mani sounds like Money

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This Movement or That!

1. Fully matured Jaiminee Atmakaraka Budha is going to hand the post over to artistic Venus. Budha was in its office and exaltation sign Virgo in the ninth Dharma division whereas Venus is in Scorpio. Some drama to ensue quite soon.

2. Played 13 vocabulary jams yesterday evening. 17 jams today.

3. Scores:

(555, 540, 565, 535, 580, 750, 480, 575,820, 735, 485, 600, 550, 700, 605, 700, 840,660,660,680,710,810,405,820,460,700,790)

4. Ranks: 2534331233223222211211111111

5. Today i was leader of jams in most games where new players were present.

6. Yesterday, some technical problem made me struggle on site. It was logging me out repeatedly.

7. Since it was weekend: lesser than normal number of players were present in various games.

8. Both Stephen D and Vishnu Ram joined almost at the same time I began playing regularly last year. Other than PC and Claire G, these two have been scoring consistently. One is from Japan and the other one from India. The progress they have made is steady.

9. Had a bit of Kadhi and rice in a bowl which looked like a steel hat when i began washing it with ash.

10. Went to attend a meeting. A peaceful protest by farmer’s union against three new laws by government. The keynote speaker has been staying here as a guest.

11. The librarian prompted me and scrapping grass for granary didn’t look attractive as an alternative. Though my new lower didn’t let me sit properly I kept playing jams. We first had sugar cane juice and then we sat.

12. I had issued two books for the speaker by Dheerendra Majoomdar. Don’t know if he could read them. The octagenerian has eye brows which meet at a right angle at the bridge of his nose. He keeps repeating ‘jo hai’ (which is/that is).

13. I hear these old people: the librarian kept criticizing the keynote speaker for a week for being stingy and dependent on others for diurnal services and today he prompted me to join him to listen him speak as it was in an assembly where his friend is an anchor. He kept speaking all the way barely able to breathe and i felt bad for him.

14. People live too long. It would have been great if they never aged or felt ill at ease or at least had a conscious choice to fall ill or grow old to merely have a conscious experience of infirmity and limitations (as some myths revealing true nature of Self say) and to move out of it as and when they wanted.

15. I often try to think about movements. Before current government was elected in this state: buying and selling was an issue. Vyapam case has been muted like Pranava Pandya’s case. Then: opposition leader was son of a farmer. Today the keynote speaker cited Digvijaya Singh when speaking about Graam Swaraj. What i experienced during his rule here especially about electricity was pathetic. My situation hasn’t improved much in terms of overall living standard but i understood that despite pretending to be impartial and criticizing rulers the keynote speaker was politely inclined towards the former chief minister who was detained today as per news.

16. Corona was used as an excuse for terminating Shaheen Baagh. The farmer movement is not new. Suicides aren’t new. Some people consider it their duty to be against something or the other. Without it there’s no publicity, no life, no drama, no movement.

17. They criticized businessmen. The demarcation between farmers and businesses is illusory. Illiterate farmers are egoistic. In my entire existence no farmers ever treated me with respect. I don’t belong to any of the factions: be they businesses or farmers. Nature is not controlled by farmers. To claim that farmers produce more than they consume is a sign of ignorance on behalf of keynote speaker. He overlooks ecology and pollution. Having produced 6-8 offsprings on an average in their generation they are still not willing to leave. Euthanasia is the solution.

18. I recalled Buddha in a traffic jam today. It’s not even funny. I interact with superficial people. Day and night. They all think they know something. Their voice, tone, modulation changes as soon as another person joins. Merely wandering to sow their seeds they think they’re creating something of value. If not this what shall we do? Let’s do something and call it ours.

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