Be The Change!

Let me tell you a story today.

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who loved eating sugar.  He would chew on his sugar granules throughout the day. His mother was worried that this excessive gorging on sugar would take a toll on his  health. She tried everything from gently coaxing him out of this habit to scaring him to hiding the containers, but to no avail. Finally, she decided to take him to his idol, Mahatma Gandhi, so that the great man could talk some sense to her child.

So the next day, she started on the journey with her son. When she finally reached his Ashram, she saw that hundreds of people were waiting to meet the great man. When finally their turn came, the mother explained to  Gandhi the whole situation, and requested him to talk to her son. Gandhi smiled at her and said, “Please come back in 2 weeks time and I shall speak with your son”. She was confused, but she left without any protest.

Two weeks passed, she went back to the Ashram with her son and this time, Gandhi immediately spoke to her son. Curious, she asked Gandhi why he hadn’t spoken to her son the last time they had come. Gandhi smiled and said, “Well, two weeks ago, I too was eating too much of sugar”. He couldn’t preach what he didn’t practice.


It’s easy to complain about the world and other people, but if you cannot implement the changes in your own life, then you have no right to complain. Don’t be a hypocrite!

We do not have control over others. We cannot change others, only ourselves. If you want to see some change in the world, you must start with yourself. Every significant change that has ever happened in this world has been the result of changes which began at individual level. Revolutions have happened because one person had the courage to stand up for what they believed in  and didn’t wait for others to take action. Now, you don’t have to pick up your megaphone and yell for a revolution if that’s not something you want to do. Just be an embodiment of what you believe in and you might be able to move others with your belief too.

But in order for things to change, you have to change. Don’t just complain how this world sucks. Be the Change!

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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping in! Todays article kicks off my happily anticipated series on sustainable fashion. I have been on the hunt… high and low, searching for the best, coolest and friendliest homes of sustainable fashion. Here’s how it went down: I think I spent at least 30 hours doing internet search […]

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Hangry-a 13 word story

I’m hangry- a combination of hunger leading to anger. My tummy rumbles loudly!

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Am I busy or just boring?

I’ve had a fun filled delightful summer vacation. First taking a trip of a lifetime to the beautiful and awe inspiring South Africa. I spent a week in Capetown, a day in Franshoek wine country, and four days in Mpamalanga in the Limpopo province of SA. I’ve spent two days traveling there with Air Canada and British Airways. On route to safari via South Africa express from Caoetown to Hudesrpite Then home again via South Africa Airways to Johannesburg to London and continuing on with Air Canada.

I’ve flown business class and had no need gone unfulfilled. The airline staff were exemplary in their service and professional manner. As soon as we left the security of that private class bubble things changed. Capetown was a breath taking beautiful and diverse city over four million in population. Yet not everyone has a vehicle there so traffic jams aren’t an issue there. There’s the public transit, city buses, and the subway trains. We had the hop on hop off bus tour pass so we got to see all the beautiful sites of the city. From downtown to Camps Bay, Seaside Point, and Houtes bay. I walked on sand so soft I didn’t make a sound.

I took the most spectacular pictures on three different cameras that I’m in the process of organizing into photo albums online and in a physical book. I have seen beauty and opulence and dire sadness and poverty. I’ve stood in the same footsteps that Mr. Nelson Mandela stood in at Capetown City hall, Robben island where he was held as a political prisoner of eighteen years of his twenty-seven year sentence. As well as private vineyard in Paarl where he was entertained by songstress Celine Dion, and had guests like the Clinton’s, Bono from U2, and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu.

I’ve watched famous dance groups, musicians such as pop star Lyra and soulful stylings of Johhny Clegg an Accapella group called The Soil. And danced with the heart pounding rhythms of the African chorus. I’ve seen a theatre group dressed as Zulu Warriors dance with my husband and they made him a honorary spear recipient. I’ve had the immense pleasure of meeting and listening to Afrikan Zelda La Grange former personal aid to Mr. Nelson Mandela. She called him Khulu which means Grandfather in Afrikan in her seventeen years of employment with him. How it extended from his time in political office in 1994 to his retirement.

She is a very beautiful and a fascinating speaker. I was able to ask her what her favourite Mandela quote was and she shared it with our group gathered there and why it was so special to her.

She had said after his prison sentence he wasn’t able to sleep in a bed. He wouldn’t eat bread because that’s the only nourishment on what he had to survive on working sixteen hour days in the Blue stone lime quarry. He once had a meeting with the captain of the Springbok rugby team and there were dignitaries awaiting his presence. He stated he was talking to his captain and would be there when he was finished. I was fortunate enough to receive an autographed copy of her book Good morning Mr. Nelson which has already had the screen play rights bought and will be made into a movie.

I spent an afternoon after that amazing breakfast and Q&A with Zelda touring art galleries in the hole in the wall places. Which was hosted by the CEO of Danon and sponsored by Evian and then a delicious luncheon from an incredible chef and his team. Located on the Victoria and Edward water front overlooking the harbour of Capetown. Where we were in great company with a world class famous chef Cass Abrahams. She was incredible speaker where she entertained us with her stories of growing up as a Malaysian in Capetown. Also how she became internationally known for style of Cape Malay cooking. She told us of recipes, her family heritage, what it was like growing up in the apartheid era and how everyone was segregated according to their ethnicities. I also was able to ask her what her favourite comfort food meal she loved to create.

She told me it was tomato and beef

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