Time to Revamp the Forum?

OK, I did not think I would have to do this again, but here I am explaining why we have rules and why as admins we ask our members to adhere to these rules.  This is what I know from my previous role as an Admin of this Forum and from my background working as an IT (Information Technology) Systems Analyst about maintaining an online forum/group.

Let us now analyze the confusing too hard to follow rules:

  1. The Basics! (As in the Guidelines from The Daily Post)
Rule Reason

Please do not post photos (unless it is for a weekly feature or photo post feature), movies, music, & similar multimedia here.

We have people in this forum connecting from different countries using different devices with access to the internet with varying speed. When the forum allows anyone and everyone to post content like photos, music and videos, it consumes more bandwidth to download, this becomes bothersome especially for people with slow internet connections as the site/page will either take forever to load or not load at all for them!

This is a forum for everyone’s use so a little consideration will not hurt anyone.

Avoid posting original content better suited for blogs here. Instead post a link and tell us what your link is about and what you’d like feedback on. This way the members do not have to scroll forever if they do not want to read your post. We have a slot called ‘Guest Feature’ for those who wish to post original content.
Please limit posting your blog link for feedback to just your own thread no more than 2 or 3 times a day.

Again, this is a forum for all members who are part of it. We (as in the admins) have the responsibility to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to post links and feedback requests to their blog. If anyone and everyone who visits the forum just drops their link and leaves, then there would be nothing worthy in this forum other than a bunch of links!

Be the lovely, respectful, and supporting individuals that you are. We are all writers. We are all in this forum hoping to receive and provide support to one another and in the process learn a little something too.

The only way I see for one to be supportive is by respectful, encouraging and understanding to other members.

We can always politely disagree with something – nothing wrong there so long as you are not directly attacking/bullying someone.

Please respect copyright. Anything posted here should be your own work or you should have permission to share it.

Self-explanatory – you know, copyright issues!

These were the basic guidelines requested of the members. Now let’s move onto the next set of rules. Continue reading

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Rules for Posting on Bloggers World

We sometimes forget that this is a blogging forum exactly like our own blogging site. Please follow the below guidelines while posting on Blogger’s World. Continue reading

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New Weekly Monday Feature

Hi All,

Thanks for voting  for the name of the new weekly feature.

We now have the new name with us. May we have the drum rolls, please. Continue reading

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Vote for Name of New Feature – Last Day is July 25th

Hi all,
Please do cast your vote and help us choose the name of the new Weekly feature. July 25th is the last day. Please do vote before then.

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Vote for Name of New Weekly Feature on Monday

Hi All,

Following our discussion on the new feature for Monday, it seems that the consensus is to go for travel or inspirational posts.  Continue reading

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Need advice on juggling multiple writing projects.

Is it possible to work on two projects (different genres) at the same time? Is it advisable?
One is a WIP – romance. The other is a children’s fiction which I would need to spend time learning and researching about, as I write. #help #discussion #feedback


Hey everyone,
I realise I had 2 weekly features booked in May, and I went total AWOL on those. I was suddenly posted to a rural place by my company for about 2 months, and the internet connectivity was too poor to open WP let alone post something on it, and I couldn’t even inform anyone.
So, many apologies for not being able to follow through my commitments.


@piyushavir, Hey there. We’re nearly…

@piyushavir, Hey there. We’re nearly at the end of this moving process, so I guess I’m back. Had a coupke of ideas brought up by someone’s idea for travel posts. I used to be a travel consultant and concierge, and could share some “what the heck were they thikning?” stories if you like. I could save them on as drafts and you can use whenever, or leet me know if you need for a specific day. Thanks.

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HELP! Bloggers World needs YOU!!!

Okay, that may sound a bit over-dramatic but the truth is that while we had a few awesome days filled with extraordinarily rocking stats in April and May, June has been a bit dismal.  Continue reading

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Rules for Posting on Bloggers World

Please follow the below guidelines while posting on Blogger’s World. These are in addition to the rules already in practice. Please read Community Guidelines and FAQs again. Also, re-familiarising yourself with these Daily Post’s Guidelines would be a good idea.

Title – the title of the post is the heading of the article. Please give it proper thought. Imagine writing a newspaper article or an ad. Would anyone read it if it had no title or heading? Therefore, please give proper headings or titles to your post, irrespective of whether you use the quick text box at the top or the post editor to write it.
Sometimes you may need to drop a quick message to the admin or one individual member (without addressing the entire forum). In that case, please leave a comment on the relevant post instead of writing a new post.
For Weekly Features, please mention the name of the weekly feature in the title.
These are also available in the Categories menu so it would further make it easier to filter them.

Body/Content – the content of your post, as you would write on your blog. Please feel free to share the links to your latest post (not of your blog) here. Please do share the story behind the post, what inspired you to write it or what kind of feedback are you looking at.

Tags – Please go through the tags before you write your post. Creating new tags which are similar to already existing ones would only add to the confusion and increase the burden on the Admin team to clean up at the back end.

Categories – New Categories have been being created at the backend. You can add them while editing in your post in the Post Editor. Any non-weekly posts should go under the category of Members Posts while the weekly features will go under the respective category for that weekly feature.

Weekly Features – All weekly features have been explained in detail. Please do read what they are. Familiarise yourself with the rules. And do nominate yourself for participating in those that interest you. We welcome contributors for all features. Failure to post the weekly feature in time would lead to loss of author privileges. If you are unable to post in time or for some reason are running late, please inform the admin and schedule incharge. A slight delay is understandable. However, forgetting to post at all would result in your nomination not being honoured the next time.

Please note that in the Dashboard panel only Title, Category, Tags, Author Name of a post is visible. The content of the post is neither visible in full, nor as a summary. Hence, those posts that do not conform to the above rules in Dashboard panel (title, tags, categories) would be deleted (without being read or checked for conformance).

Commenting & Feedback – All of us crave feedback for our writing. You know you do too. Please take out time to give feedback too, especially before you ask for it. All the forum asks is you give feedback on at least 2 posts before you write your own. It would really mean a lot to the writer of that post, just as someone giving you feedback would mean a lot to you. (Even Community Pool has such rules. Must be there for a reason, right?)

Would urge you to first visit those posts that solicit feedback using the relevant tag, then go browsing through the other posts. While we understand that it’s not possible to provide feedback every day or to each and every post, it is expected that you do so atleast occassionaly and before sharing your own posts. Asking for people to read them while you fail to return the gesture does not amount to good community behaviour. Failure to contribute to the forum via participating in the discussions or giving comments or feedback to others while sharing your posts for same would lead to deletion of your post.

Pictures – are not allowed on any posts unless it is a weekly feature or a guest feature. Any non-weekly posts (including Sunday’s 13 words story posts) with photographs would be deleted immediately. (Many apologies in advance!)

Failure to follow the above rules would lead to deletion of posts without any further explanation as these rules have been reiterated time and again and are also explained in detail like in this post.

We would like to encourage a more inclusive and mutually participative community-oriented blogging platform meant to provide peer support, feedback and learning, rather than it being used only as a dumping ground to share the links and increase individual blog stats. If you are interesting in understanding how to contribute better, the different ways to participate in this forum are explained in the right side panel. You can also give a shout to the Admin or Scheduling Incharges if you have any additional questions.

Above rules would be strictly in effect from June 1st onwards. Your feedback, questions, and even objections are most welcome. Please do step forward with your thoughts on the above.

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