Cabbage bagged baggage Cabbed!

1. Registered 45 titles in library yesterday.

2. Received following scores on vocabulary jams on on six jams.

A. 565, first rank

B. 730, second rank

C. 600, second rank

D. 555, first rank

E. 280, Fourth rank

F. 530, Fifth rank

The scores are out of 1000. Wanted to play more but the internet connection has been acting up off late.

My ID on site is 01. I invite you to play with me. Playing word games is a way to educate oneself and flex mental muscles.

3. I learned about Super-mulching and stacking in Gandhi Smarak Nidhi biotic farming research centre. In Shivansh method of organic compost preparation we need to mix the compost seven times within eighteen days. Two such repetitions have been completed. Yesterday five of us worked together for twenty one minutes to prepare a 4 feet tall circle of compost. The neptunian, foggy and dreamlike steam keeps coming out of it as we mix it. When it is cold we sprinkle water on it and cover it. After two days another mixing takes place.

Holes on cabbage!

4. It took us 20 minutes to uproot cauliflowers which got fungi in them and couldn’t bloom. Some cabbages had holes on their leaves though most of them had nice flowering. I tasted fresh spinach leaves courtesy of farm guide for the first time this year and in a long time. Stacking is the method in which tomato and other ivies are stacked on wooden structures to help facilitate their growth. A lady came asking for gooseberries. The gooseberry tree which is my profile picture at present has five fruits on it in total. As i replied her she looked surprised. She also enquired about guavas to which she was given reply by another guide that only some of them are left for birds.

Shivansh method for organic compost preparation

5. I saw a red ball which was in the bed. Took a picture. We discussed the prospect of digitising library catalogue and working on updating the Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur website with fresh content which is current, useful and up-to-date.

6. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Cauliflower werewolves loves vests

Cabbage bagged baggage cabbed

Bragbro bromide Idempotentate ate

Crabby rabbi by and by bye-bye

Rabble rouser douser que Serra Serra

Supermulching mulct munchkin pumpkin kinship Pippin nipped Nippon ponytails tailgating gatecrashing inglenook Donnybrook

Stacking king ginseng senger gingerly lyrically calculably ably

7. The librarian might join me for lunch in Deendayal Rasoi today. It’s difficult for the old man to cook and his income is mere three thousand rupees per month. Yesterday, the premise was being painted yellow, the moment i noticed it: a biker wearing a yellow shirt went South. I was also wearing yellow: moving West. Golden yellow are congeries of Jaina temple nearby. Golden yellow Sun. It was a Thursday with Jupiter being its lord which has a golden yellow hue as per some scriptures.

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Organic farming Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001

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Deendayal Rasoi Day Nineteenth!

1. Registered 19 titles today, 15 titles yesterday and another 15 the day before. In total 49 titles in three days.

2. In Deendayal Rasoi it was day 19th. There were no rotis. The registrar hardly wrote my name rightly. There were 16 new stools and two tables for show. There was no water to wash hands near sink. Thankfully there was some to cleanse plates. Some water was being wasted via pipe. The number of stalls serving sandwich, bhajiya and samose outside the Deendayal rasoi is gradually increasing. I had cabbage and potato curry with rice. Hardly three to four people eat with me. What kind of planning leaves no rotis? I should be grateful that i had subsidized food: enough to give me energy for next three or maybe four hours.

3. As i was entering Gandhi Smarak Nidhi premise the lady wearing green saaree was leaving and asked me time. I drew smartphone out of pocket. It was 14:04 PM. I told her “Do bajkar chaar minat.” Two and four add upto six. It’s sixth of January. A mongoose went East.

4. Had a brief call with someone working as a content writer. He’s into Jiddu since last 8 years. He lost his brother to heart attack last year. A young man of 39. The age Swami Vivekananda quit this plane. He was also from Kolkata.

5. A couple of young men came asking about the director. They belong to some production house and needed permission to host a film festival here on Makar Sankranti. They were asked to write an application. I was supposed to give a plain white paper which is not available in library. After a call i gave him a page from rough register in which i put names of books. The register costs 50 rupees. The green pen was given. It was the same pen that the actor pretending to be priest left with me on day i wrote an address for him on envelope which was sent to some school for blinds in Indore. Vinod Pateria was his name. I keep seeing him around. Was he playing a part in an act? Yes. That’s why he created a story.

6. Read about half of essence of Kumarsambhavam by Kaalidasa. Preface was written by Vishnu Prabhakar. The original book in Sanskrit has 18 cantos out of which only 8 are attributed to Kaalidasa.

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The Storm!

1. The preface to the book Toofaan(The Storm) by Khalil Gibran talks about his being old in thinking. Wise. He lived only forty years. His books give a glimpse of life in Syria and Lebanon but his stories have a unique voice. Profundity.

2. The first story is named same as the title of the book. The book has been translated into Hindi by Narendra Choudhary.

3. The story has a character named Yusuf-Al-Fakhari who talks to the author. A couple of years ago I read one of his books under the eight petalled lotus. The next day the storm broke an electric line in the southern side fields. Then i witnessed the revival of an insect on my lap. Then i realized the ‘Dead City’ in action. I told about this to her and she asked me to do it again with usual nonchalance.

4. The fourteenth day in the Deendayal Rasoi brought an experience. The registrar asked my name again. I told it. Prior to that it was asked only twice. I saw a person getting extra serving of curry and realized that even i could do that when needed as i used to eat plain white rice without curry. I requested and received extra curry and felt grateful. All that- for ten rupees.

5. The whitewash of walls has covered the mantras on wall. Such as: “don’t leave food on plates.” “To feed poor people is a great merit,” etc.

The one on door which says:

” Please leave your footwears outside,” remains.

6. I need to put such a notice on library door. I registered 10 titles and played quiz on Free Rice. Also a vocabulary jam. Took some pictures.

Deendayal Rasoi 14
New Leaves

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Fundamental Law of Nature!

1. I had a good meal for 10 rupees in Deendayal Rasoi in noon today. The dispensing of food at a rate affordable by people who lack money was created in memory of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya, a social servant. Anyone can have food between 11 AM to 3 PM for five or ten rupees with 4 or 8 rotis and some rice. It was my 12th day over there.

2. I played the Free Rice vocabulary quiz today. For every correct answer you give, the sponsors on that site donate equivalent of 5 grains of rice to World Food Programme which distributes it to The website run by the World Food Programme. United Nations.

3. Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) was found in 1945 by United Nations. ‘World Food Day’ is celebrated on 16th of October.

4. On October 16 th, 2017 World Food Day, Prabhash K. Dutta wrote an article for which states about 19 crore Indians being hungry.

5. Even in 2020 India ranked 94th on global hunger index.

6. More people worldwide may die of hunger than of Covid 19 this year and next in terms of the number of people dying per year on average.

7. World Food Programme was awarded Nobel prize this year.

8. It means they are working well.

9. Even indian government is working well at various levels to alleviate the hunger.

10. But the efforts aren’t enough. For example: if the advertisement shown and played before news on AIR india are given even 50% time/coverage for saving food or making it available for all the hungry people and malnutritioned kids compared to Covid 19 or what new scheme was launched to win next election: we might save lives. And population control also needs to be put in action.

11. We might have doubts about whether Modi is superior to Gandhi but we can’t contradict facts:

12. In his book Trusteeship, published in 1960 by Navjeevan Trust: M. K. Gandhi writes in chapter 1, on page number 3: taking a stance of Asteya(which means ‘to not steal’)- talks about 3 million or 30 lakh people sleeping hungry.

13. We reached from 30 lakh hungry people in 1950s to 19 crore hungry people in 2017. That’s more than 30 times in 60 years. Or about 18 crore 70 lakh more people sleeping hungry than what it was in 1950. 70 years: Congress and BJP. You see people devoted to winning elections but not devoted enough to control population or to alleviate hunger. Where have we gone wrong? I don’t have a clue. Please enlighten me. I want to save lives: especially my own. Stop selling masks and old ideas packaged as new.

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1. Deendayal rasoi day nine. Rice. Rice wasn’t available this morning in Choubey Colony.

2. Before coming here i had a little chat with Ashutosh.

3. I played nine vocabulary jams this morning i received first and second ranks in most of them.

4. Getting shaved seemed easier this time around.

5. Sammy referred to Himalayas. On the very same day that reporter also referred to it.

6. The Amrit Jal Pariyojna finally revealed itself after some suspense. Komatsu dragon. The signboard had grammatically accurate notice though calligraphy wasn’t of highest order. It does the job.

7. 18122020

9 and 7 add upto 7.

8. A Tohu verse to celebrate the occasion:

Sun shine soothing

Hinged zed eyes

Yes men inglenook

Krooner nerd standard

Dard-e-disco gone with the wind

Hind legs rinderpest

Esteemed medicine cinephiles

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