Articles 29 and 27 of Constitution of India

27. Freedom as to payment of taxes for promotion of any particular religion. 29. Protection of interest of minorities.

Articles 29 and 27 of Constitution of India

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The Day!

1. There are beautiful cotton clouds in the sky. 2. As I cleansed the rack before I sat to register books this noon, i decided to burn the garbage. The wife of the trustee came asking if I was burning new papers regularly. I told her they were old papers. While she’s adept at lying […]

The Day!

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Saturday 6.2.2021

1. Registered some titles in the library. Came across a book which compared works of Narsi Mehta with those of the Soordaas.

They were both Vaishnava poets. Narsi Mehta emphasized company of saints over the vision of the supreme personality of Godhead whereas Soordas sang songs about divine pastimes.

3. Helped collect dried pigeon pea plants which are to be thrashed. It took 40 minutes. Another 30 minutes were spent helping to put furniture made with wood of Neem tree.

4. Paul H scored well today. At the moment of publishing this post I tied with him on being topmost player in winning teams this week. In one of the jams I scored better than both Paul and PC today morning.

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This Movement or That!

1. Fully matured Jaiminee Atmakaraka Budha is going to hand the post over to artistic Venus. Budha was in its office and exaltation sign Virgo in the ninth Dharma division whereas Venus is in Scorpio. Some drama to ensue quite soon.

2. Played 13 vocabulary jams yesterday evening. 17 jams today.

3. Scores:

(555, 540, 565, 535, 580, 750, 480, 575,820, 735, 485, 600, 550, 700, 605, 700, 840,660,660,680,710,810,405,820,460,700,790)

4. Ranks: 2534331233223222211211111111

5. Today i was leader of jams in most games where new players were present.

6. Yesterday, some technical problem made me struggle on site. It was logging me out repeatedly.

7. Since it was weekend: lesser than normal number of players were present in various games.

8. Both Stephen D and Vishnu Ram joined almost at the same time I began playing regularly last year. Other than PC and Claire G, these two have been scoring consistently. One is from Japan and the other one from India. The progress they have made is steady.

9. Had a bit of Kadhi and rice in a bowl which looked like a steel hat when i began washing it with ash.

10. Went to attend a meeting. A peaceful protest by farmer’s union against three new laws by government. The keynote speaker has been staying here as a guest.

11. The librarian prompted me and scrapping grass for granary didn’t look attractive as an alternative. Though my new lower didn’t let me sit properly I kept playing jams. We first had sugar cane juice and then we sat.

12. I had issued two books for the speaker by Dheerendra Majoomdar. Don’t know if he could read them. The octagenerian has eye brows which meet at a right angle at the bridge of his nose. He keeps repeating ‘jo hai’ (which is/that is).

13. I hear these old people: the librarian kept criticizing the keynote speaker for a week for being stingy and dependent on others for diurnal services and today he prompted me to join him to listen him speak as it was in an assembly where his friend is an anchor. He kept speaking all the way barely able to breathe and i felt bad for him.

14. People live too long. It would have been great if they never aged or felt ill at ease or at least had a conscious choice to fall ill or grow old to merely have a conscious experience of infirmity and limitations (as some myths revealing true nature of Self say) and to move out of it as and when they wanted.

15. I often try to think about movements. Before current government was elected in this state: buying and selling was an issue. Vyapam case has been muted like Pranava Pandya’s case. Then: opposition leader was son of a farmer. Today the keynote speaker cited Digvijaya Singh when speaking about Graam Swaraj. What i experienced during his rule here especially about electricity was pathetic. My situation hasn’t improved much in terms of overall living standard but i understood that despite pretending to be impartial and criticizing rulers the keynote speaker was politely inclined towards the former chief minister who was detained today as per news.

16. Corona was used as an excuse for terminating Shaheen Baagh. The farmer movement is not new. Suicides aren’t new. Some people consider it their duty to be against something or the other. Without it there’s no publicity, no life, no drama, no movement.

17. They criticized businessmen. The demarcation between farmers and businesses is illusory. Illiterate farmers are egoistic. In my entire existence no farmers ever treated me with respect. I don’t belong to any of the factions: be they businesses or farmers. Nature is not controlled by farmers. To claim that farmers produce more than they consume is a sign of ignorance on behalf of keynote speaker. He overlooks ecology and pollution. Having produced 6-8 offsprings on an average in their generation they are still not willing to leave. Euthanasia is the solution.

18. I recalled Buddha in a traffic jam today. It’s not even funny. I interact with superficial people. Day and night. They all think they know something. Their voice, tone, modulation changes as soon as another person joins. Merely wandering to sow their seeds they think they’re creating something of value. If not this what shall we do? Let’s do something and call it ours.

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Beautiful Friday!

1. Had a two hour long interaction with couple of people. It involved having Haryanvi jalebis and water balls. From describing supernatural experiences, NDE, to views of mystics and miracles: we kept nodding to each other.

2. Registered books for 45 minutes in library. Yesterday, I had come across a book called ‘Safarnama’ by Amrita Preetam. The first essay was on Khalil Gibran. Gibran wrote letters to his lover whom he never met. The views are existential and poetic. Dostoevsky was master of existential prose. Gibran was master of existential verse.

3. Spent about 45 minutes on a walk which resembled a dream. Surreal. Came across an iron door which rotates. It was erected by one Rai Bahadur Deewan Chhatarpur State C.I. in 1947. It amused me. His name was Shambhunath E. Souire.

Shambhunath E. Souire, Rai Bahadur Dewan Chhatarpur State C.I. image credit: Self, Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur

4. Now it’s apparent: the signatures of Elise & Christophe on one of the flaps under eight petalled iron pillar must have this yellow script:


The way 40 was written in the signatures: it wasn’t clear whether it was 40 or 10. But the 1941 embosseed in the image above on a stone outside the rotating iron entrance is a strong evidence that those two structures should have been created together.

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

5. Spent 45 minutes in Cowshed to help remove cowdung.

Hum Paanch! (Five of us!)

6. Spent 1 hour 15 minutes on a trip to a field where we created another sample of Shivansh compost. We made a video as farmers followed the instructions. They took about 35 minutes to complete. There were two of them.

7. I spent about 45 minutes to collect stray pieces of Lallu vaali tambakoo, chocolates, single use plastic and other wrappers along with plastic cans. Burnt them.

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Job in the Cowshed!

1. Took me 2H13M to complete working in the cowshed of Deshaj Gaushala Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh. The task was to cleanse cowdung and to put it to Nadep post. To sweep the floor and to collect a few wood pieces. I had to make 18 visits to Nadep post. There were three of us in the first half and two of us in the later half. The first half was longer than the second half. Here are some pictures which I could capture as i was waiting for my teammates to do their jobs or just taking a deep breath or two:

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

2. There are three sections of cowshed. The first one is biggest. It has adult cows. The second one has younger ones: calves. The third one has cows which are currently producing milk.

3. It takes three to four people working for about two hours in morning and evening to merely cleanse the cowsheds. Then there are other tasks like preparing their food or milking them or taking care of ill cows or those which are delivering babies.

Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

4. It took me about 1H26M to cleanse the rack number two of almirah number 11 in library. I registered 19 books. Read a passage from New Hopes For A Changing World by Bertrand Russell. Came across a book on ‘Natya Shastra’ by Dattil who was son of Bharat and an ancestor of Panini and Patanjali.

5. I met one Querishi who worked in irrigation department. He was visiting this place after five years. We had a discussion about Dr. Zakir Naik. As soon as I began registering books the first title had preface by Dr. Zakir Hussain and at the same time that person began asking me about Zakir Naik.

Then I told him about another synchronicity: not many people follow me on instagram. Today morning one Qureshi followed me. I told the visitor in library about these couple of synchronicities and about my classmate Asif Qureshi in Maria Mata Convent School.

6. I went on another short trip to a farm. There we sat in peace for a while. Had some discussion and took some pictures.


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Tambourine Man!

1. The blind man wanted to cross the road. I helped him.

2. The policeman saw people walking and yet as I walked through: he shouted. Even after telling him that I needed to go that way for work. “Bahar Nikal!”

3. The lady with piercings in ear: even when she knew that the window was open and there were three people outside : accused me of being impolite in asking my student for the class. I asked her what was with piercings: “sensation of pleasure;” was the answer she wanted to give but couldn’t.

4. The class was good. I asked her the meaning of words. She played with the ball and then I asked her some questions. Though some moments made her feel drowsy: she was feeling better afterwards. She’s unsure of many things.

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