Lore of the Light: A Brief History of Nine Planets in India- ४

It was a short journey and my first to Ujjain in Central India. The city of time itself. I was almost strolling when on the ghats of Shipra river I met a sage sitting alone but not alone. He looked strangely wild and attractive, focused. He was arranging his stones, picking them carefully as if […]

Lore of the Light: A Brief History of Nine Planets in India- ४

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Dark Web?

1. This post is inspired by Sandeept’s recent observation.

2. He remarked on how I was the only person present in all three cases of deletion of drafts/posts/comments which turned out to be ‘not done by persons reported by WordPress logs.’

3. It’s also important: if you observe history of this forum: i was made to step down by two admins without any public vote. I had requested to make one of them admin and agreed for the other to act as a host for the site.

4. I am not using this inspiration to get back at anyone. Nor do I want to use rhetoric for bringing your attention to how misfortunate i have been.

5. I merely want to tell you that it’s only the tip of the iceberg that you have seen here. Within the year of 2020, I have seen a big enough iceberg.

6. It pertains to mysteries : online and offline which present themselves to me without really getting resolved.

7. I feel issues like recent ones which aren’t resolved by WordPress: belong to identity theft. Though they told that WordPress is hacking-proof: They expressed a possibility of someone using our identities to delete posts or comments. It’s merely a play for someone. Dark Web is a dark place.

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