On the Beach – Flash-Fiction

It was a beautiful day out on the beach. It was a secluded beach and the only people there besides us were a couple of runners and an older lady walking her dog. But this was what we had hoped for, a beach that wasn’t crowded- where we could get some peace and quiet.

My girlfriends and I planned for over a year to take this vacation and finally, success! We were finally here on this tropical island, basking in the sun and swimming in the clearest, bluest waters we’d ever seen. So, we swam, feeling the cool water caress our bodies and enjoying the waves that bobbed us like fishing corks and pushed us up so high our feet left the sandy bottom, then washed over us before setting us back down.

The sounds were a breathtaking mixture of many crying seagulls and whispering waves. I’d always loved the sounds of the ocean. The sea was something you never wanted to leave, even turn your back on. Arriving here was such a joyful thing. Leaving would be difficult.

But I wasn’t worried about having to leave and go back home to the daily grind. I only wanted to live in the present, to savor every moment of this wonderful vacation. We all did!

Splashing around in the water with my three girlfriends Tess, Sarah, and Marissa, was a blessing and the memories we’d create today would be the stories we’d reminisce about once we were too old to travel. Our goals were to make as many beautiful memories in the here and now as possible and so far, we were accomplishing that goal!

It’s funny how being in water can tire you out so quickly. We finally decided to rest on the beach in our cozy beach chairs and I dozed off to sleep before I knew it. Not a deep sleep, but more like a light doze- that in-between stage between wakefulness and sleep.

I’d been dozing for about fifteen, maybe twenty minutes when suddenly, I was startled out of my relaxing trance by the sound of Tess’s voice.

“Oh, my gosh! Look, girls!”

I sat up in my chair to see Tess pointing toward the ocean and rubbed my eyes to get a clearer look at what she was pointing at. Marissa gasped!

“What the- where did the water go!” Marissa asked, shocked.

It looked as if the waterline, which had only been about ten feet in front of where we all were lying have moved out by maybe a mile or better. You could still see the ocean, but it looked so much further away than it had twenty minutes before. How had all the water gotten pulled out so quickly? The other three girls just stood and stared, not knowing what to make of this phenomenon.

Suddenly, a very ominous feeling came over me as I remembered an article, I’d read years before that wasn’t good. Scanning the vast, wet sand before us, which was dotted with beached fish that occasionally flopped up in the air, I felt my stomach fall to the ground.

“Oh, shit!” I yelled as I jumped to my feet and began frantically grabbing my beach bag and towel.

At that moment, I couldn’t believe my own mouth. I shocked myself with the expletive because I normally didn’t swear, but in this situation, I didn’t care. My girlfriends jumped with the sound of my screaming voice and looked at me as if I’d lost my mind.

“We gotta go! We gotta go NOW!” I screamed!

“What is wrong with you, Lanie!” Sarah asked me, bewildered.

“We’ve got to get the hell out of here! Grab your stuff and let’s go!” I screamed again, this time louder. I looked around and didn’t see the runners, nor the lady and her dog.

My girlfriends obeyed, quickly scooping up their belongings, then followed my lead as we all ran as fast as we could toward the seawall and the parking lot beyond it, where the jeep was parked.

(Continued in Part 2 next week…)

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Dancing Mosquitoes!

1. Birds are returning to their nests. Some mosquito dance nearby. Sounds of prayers from nearby mosque. I had some fruits to eat-ones which were lying below the tree in a remote corner. It had rained last evening. 2. Some dogs accompanied me on this walk. I am not indispensable in any of the processes […]

Dancing Mosquitoes!

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Become a good listener if you want to be a better writer

We have always been told that being a good communicator means being a good listener. But, there are other benefits of being a good listener too.

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Creative Writing and Imagination Go Hand In Hand

Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any. Orson Scott

Just think about it – Have you taken a walk and thought, “Wow, that would make a great story?” then gone home and forgotten all about it or could not remember what it was. To avoid this carry a small notebook and pencil with you and when a thought occurs quickly stop an jot down what it was then when you get back home, you can start writing while it is still l fresh in your mind.

  1. To keep your imagination active and thinking of new ideas be a reader and read as many books as you can both fiction and non-fiction and don’t forget to look through a poetry book now and then. All of these books can give you plenty of ideas to sit down and do some writing of your own.
  2. While you listen to your favorite music ideas might come to you about different things to write about or perhaps a poem you have in mind. As you listen to music, write down the first thing that comes to your mind and go from there.
  3. Always keep a notebook handy it is a great place to jot down ideas that come to you and work on them later. I get ideas often just by searching for things on the Internet and as I go along the ideas that come to me get written down so that soon I can begin writing.
  4. Once you have ideas and jotted some things down, don’t just put them aside. Take your first great idea, and begin writing. If you get to a point and it seems like it does not all come together, take a look at your next idea and see if somehow you can combine the two.
  5. Once you have an article ready, read it over and imagine you were the reader, not the writer. See if it makes sense to you and if you would enjoy reading it yourself. If it all comes together, the next step is checking your grammar and making sure you put your idea forward just right without any added things that make it seem repetitious.
  6. Always keep in mind that creative writing is your thoughts, imaginative, and engaging to readers.

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13 Words Story!

I didn’t imagine it would resume

There were 11 of them. White, birds!

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Prompt today: by Rehan Kazi, who is fellow author here. Thanks

Original idea: there were 6 words stories in circulation in 2015 when we began here. Being fond of the number 13 as I was born on a Friday on 13th(Triskaidekaphobia): I initiated it. It continued for sometime.

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An Abcedarian Verse! | Blogger’s World!


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