Covid-19 should not stop us from dealing with another key issue: Climate change – Towards A Better Life


Covid-19 started in 2020 and does not seem to end soon. The problems it has created also seem to have taken away our attention from climate change, which is another major issue that is affecting our heath.

However, that should not happen because even after we have found a solid solution for the pandemic, climate change will remain.

What can you do?

Most of us are not scientists to deal with climate change, but you can still do something at your level to control it. I believe that doing at least the following two things can help.

1) Shut down that AC: That is what I tell my son who loves switching the air-conditioner on whenever he feels hot. Honestly, I just do it to cut down my power bills. But, I also think that it is not only my child but also other people who put on the AC when they feel hot without knowing that doing so also increases global warming. It is like a cycle. Actually, ACs consume large amounts of electricity, and the fluorocarbons they use as refrigerants deplete the ozone layer and contribute to global warming. So please, shut down the AC and if you can’t do that at least limit its use.
2) Let your computer sleep or close the monitor: Apart from limiting your use of the AC and electricity you should always shut down the monitor whenever you take a break while working. I am saying this as allowing the monitor to remain on and not putting your computer on sleep mode can also contribute to global warming. I always close my monitor even if I have to go to the washroom.

Here are two articles I have curated on the subject that should increase your knowledge about climate change and help you deal with it in your daily lives.

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Source: Covid-19 should not stop us from dealing with another key issue: Climate change – Towards A Better Life

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