Say No To Child Labour And Send Them To Schools!

1. It’s the third time i saw Rekha madam since the beginning of new era. She was going North.

2. I also observed Dhaniram, just outside the school number two with a bag in his hand. He looked solemn and he was going towards East.

3. Shveta is leaving for Udaipur today. We met in library when she arrived here. It was a long discussion. She was facing East then. I went to see her in the field where i had just begun with the cleansing of area around the iron pillar before goons started scathing me about my boundaries. I love fields and greenery and yet farmers and residents and businesses have conflicts. My chat with her was brief as she needed to pack for her departure. Happy journey.

4. Ankit Mishra appeared when Shri went to eat something for she was hungry. We had a discussion about Vishnu Sahastranama and the bill against which agitation is ongoing.

5. I read newspaper online at bus stop. Shahdol seems to be a strange connection as yesterday i wrote a birthday wish for one of my classmates who was from that place.

6. Shri wrote an article which had many grammatical and spelling mistakes. She’s good at exercises when we do them after syntax is shown to her but to employ it in practice needs practice which she hasn’t done enough. I pursuaded her to keep a journal and read my blogs regularly to learn new words.

7. Class with Rohan was fun this morning. I am supposed to be more strict with him and make him memorize more words and numbers. Five rupees per hour. His parents aren’t happy with progress he has made so far.

8. Say no to child labour. There was a guy in white carrying a gas cylinder. This is what we should be known for:

“Population explosion and child labour.”

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