A post to document birth anniversary

On account of today being Buddha Purnima, marking the 2584th birth anniversary of Gautam Buddha, here is my Monday feature.

Cheers and a happy week ahead!

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1. Dhammapad has 26 sections and 423 verses.

2. Buddha denied Self. Therefore, in charts of people who would benefit by following path shown by Shakyamuni: Jaimini Atmakaraka is not found awake. Another interpretation maybe: it’s their emanation body not truth body. Buddha was present in a heaven and his nirmaankaya didn’t reach the level of Pure Body of Gnosis reached by Vallalar, Meera or Kabir according to some. Those who merged into Krishna might actually be emanations of Krishna and so on.

3. Jainendra Kumar calls Gandhi “Akaal Purush.” In one sense: It’s highest appreciation by saying that he won over death. In another: it means he was opposite of Baal: who brings rain and fertility.

4. Buddha appears to be Shishupala in the narrative of Devdutt and Shishumara. Non violence is the highest ideal for Aryans. Why then, Adolf Hitler and company emphasize Shishumara and not the whole Truth? Maitreya consciousness is represented by Shishupala or friend countries in world war two.

5. Today being a day of teachers: Rohan’s mother appeared. His first teacher. I gave her some feedback on progress. Here I met Devendra : a dance teacher and artist. We had a brief discussion about literature and movies. 

From library of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan.

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