Honey, I’m home!

Sorry for the cheesy header, but nostalgia of rewatching Honey I shrunk the Kids has warped my brain completely!

Don’t worry! I wasn’t on a sabbatical. The break was mostly because there’s lot going on my plate with travel plans, and virtuous patience needed a good comeback!

How are you guys?

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Monday cheers….for friends

A unique friendship post

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Spring Freshet (haibun)


Babbling brook to roaring river. Hope you would visit Michael’s site to puruse his verses and enjoy his pictures.

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I was taught to be patient. I was taught to wait for those things that I wanted but could not afford for different reasons. I grew up as a good child who never demanded for anything. Most of the times, this was because I didn’t realize what I wanted.

Whenever my parents ask me if I need something, my usual answer is, “I don’t need anything.” This week I surprised myself. “I want a pair of shoes and a T-shirt,” I said. And I got them.

I wasn’t expecting a negative answer because my Mom had noticed that my old shoes were hurting my feet. What I realized was that I might have got at least something from my parents had I known what to demand.

I need to be reasonable, though. I don’t want to be spoiled. Neither do I want to add to our expenditure. But I realized that I don’t always need to wait. I can get what I want. I just have to be brave enough to ask for it.


Thankyou Lia!

1. Lia of Lia The Poet blog on poetry commented on one of my verses(Sunflowers.)

2. I don’t know if she remembers any of it. I should share it as it’s something of value to me personally.

3. I first read her comment on Charlie Zero’s poetry blog. There, in the comments section she was shown as ‘Bloom Words’. She was indulging in Wordplay. I am fond of that. Later, self-proclaimed pundit killing with blog posts thread and its response.

4. Then Nadine’s identity merged into Lia’s. Call it David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive or my very own prosopagnosia of identities : I kept visiting Lia’s blog to read her prolific verses. France to Canada. Most poets don’t like this kind of attention. She often used to go private, like Nandita and often deleted my comments. Maybe they were in her spams. At least once she reported me to WordPress. Today she liked my verse and commented on it. I was not able to launch my WordPress blog when I spoke to her for help on it. Now a lot has happened since then and yet I recall her as a standard in my blogging past.

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9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

If you’re wondering if there is such thing as shadow blogging, the answer is… It is! I mean, I don’t know if it’s a thing, but that’s what I was starting with February 2016. I wrote the content and a friend of mine posted it as it was his. We both interacted with the readers, […]

9 Things I learned In 4 Years Of Shadow Blogging

Writing about writing knows what they’re doing. This post will be interesting and of help for those who are just beginning to blog or even blog but can’t make much sense of it for themselves!

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Writing Challenge: How Many Times Can You Rewrite the Same Old Boring Story?

Hello, everybody!

Those of you sometimes visit my blog might be aware that where I am we have returned to full lockdown – very boring! So partly to avoid going bonkers I restarted my Lockdown Diaries but very soon (as in a couple of days) I realised that there’s nothing particularly worthwhile to write about because let’s face it, nothing particularly worthwhile happens. This put me in mind of a book by a French author:

Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau

This book is an old favourite of mine, I first read it back in grammar school (in Hungarian then) and a few years ago I got myself an English copy. I’m sure it would be best in French but I can’t read French. 🙂

The book is basically the retelling of an boring and bland incident, a couple of paragraphs long, in ninety-nine different styles. So I took a leaf out of Queneau’s book, so to speak, and devised my own writing challenge – to write each day’s lockdown diary entry in one of these styles. I find it quite entertaining and perhaps you might be interested in trying your hand at it?

If you do, please join in either by writing an entry in the same style each day and leave it in the comments on my blog, or if you prefer, write it on your own blog and link to my blog’s entry for that style and/or leave a message for me in the comments so that I can read your entry!

Please note, this is not a competition with prizes, it’s just a bit of fun and a chance to experiment with different writing styles… which all bloggers can benefit from!

You can read yesterday’s entry here: Lockdown Diaries II, Day 7: You Know

(I usually publish the new entries between 4 or 6 pm GMT (when I finished my daily work).

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Lockdown Diaries

Hello everyone!

How about we try to liven this place up a bit more! I see lots of likes as if lots of people visiting but not so many posts!

(Admittedly I haven’t been here for more than half a year or so!)

How about we share some of our lockdown stories for a start?

I’ll start the ball rolling:

We’re in Day 32 here – I’m in London – and currently we have glorious sunshine so I’m typing it this in the garden! I’m lucky as I didn’t lose my job so I’m working from home every day and the network we have to use for work is so slow it’s enough to make you cry!

For those who don’t know: I run a book blog which goes by the name of Waterblogged: Dry Thoughts on Damp Books, at the moment it’s been a bit taken over by the Lockdown Diaries which are a mixture of reporting what’s happening where I am and creating opportunities to escape the lockdown virtually with travel and books. You’re all welcome to check it out of course. 🙂

How is it where you are? What’s the weather like? What are the lockdown rules like? How are you coping? I would love to hear your stories!

Keep safe, keep sane, keep smiling!

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