Academy of Sky?

Another weblog as previous was exhausted out of space.

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#14 WOMEN AT WORK International Women’s Day, 2021 with 21 matter series Shout out loud, to ask for what is already yours, wherever you feel the need to do so, and when i say wherever, i mean it.


Women empowerment!

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Thanks for making me a part of Blogger’s World!

I am glad that the admins of the forum have accepted my request to join Blogger’s World.

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Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to my ex-blogging friend Nandita Manan Yata. She used to post at “A Tangle of Weeds.”

She’s one of the most prolific and versatile of poets i have come across on WordPress.

May you have a wonderful year ahead!

I hope you are not blogging elsewhere. Else I would need to read your verse immediately, which can’t be done at present as you, along with your team(Rishuu, Sameera etc) seem to have disappeared into oblivion.

It’s also birthday of flip-flop girl. She knows. I just got to see a post from someone which has similar themes. She was bright and helped me catch up as i was visually-spatially oriented. And Prajna Paramita Sutta. You know…

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Thursday Tohu Verse!

1. Today’s verse has names of some philosophers hidden in the code.

2. This is like data mining. It’s a slight scratch to titillate your brain.

3. Tohu means chaos. I came across this word while reading about Kabbalah. I appreciate the clarity given by the man model of Jewish mysticism among all religious doctrines I read, though it doesn’t have much to do with the verse format I invented to keep me engaged in intellectual development.

4. I was searching for longest words like antidisestablishmentarianism online: when I realized that such words are merely compounds of simpler words. Akin to: greatest of accomplishments of mankind are actually combination of smaller and smaller tasks.

5. Here’s the Tohu word with the key in the end:



1. Buddha

2. Socrates

3. Plato

4. Aristotle

5. Patanjali

6. Jaimini

7. Kanaad

8. Vyasa

9. Shankara

10. Wittgenstein

11. Leibniz

12. Maimonides

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My statistics have been booming since I gained the author access here on Blogger’s World. It proves two things:

1. I am awesome because I found this forum. I worked hard to make it a success during its inception days and wished it only well despite being expelled out from here as a result of some conspiracy.

2. Pam Kirst who recently volunteered as an admin and gave me author access and kept contributing here during early days as Creative Writing coach along with other members like Collate, Oneta, Koolitzable and even those who were in on conspiracy (K, R, P, V, H and M): because they worked very hard in the beginning to make it a success. And all of you who joined recently or before: are wonderful people who take interest in the work of others and give some of your time, energy and attention to others, of course with(in most cases) and without(in rare cases) expectations of returns: monetary or otherwise. If any of you had any advantage by joining this or any such forums : you might like to comment on this thread.

I had advantage of company of some people on forums like Mad Philosophers and The Couch Forum. If not anything: they help me learn improve my vocabulary and grammar by imitation. I am thankful to all of you.

A Tohu Verse to celebrate the occasion:

Light dances on the sky,

Skyrockets rock!

Socks don’t smell anymore,

No more morels losels sell no more,

Morales lestrade tradecraft craftsmanship,

Turnip Pippin pinch of salt alter egos,

Terse Omniverse versus severe reverse gear earmarked marksmanship!

Who could have predicted?

Who knew?

Probably new world health organization,

Probably new world order,

Der furor teutonic Icarus

Papyrus rustic pachyderm panache,

Chenrezig ziggurat ratbaggery rye,

Yearly analysis sisal lassitude an etude longitude it.

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Tohu Verse Sunday!

This one is slightly easier to read.

Storm store me,

Norm tore me,

Meme said to me,

Creme de la creme,

Ornate ate natant ant,

An ant named anant,

Got lost in a quantum tummy,

Mutant muttering ,

Ring inside ring,

Sidereal zodiac,

Icicles cleonasm pleonasm small wings,

Moths smother Theravada,

Vada paav paav bhaaji haaji mastaan,

Shaitaan molluck mollusks,

Yarmulke armiger germane mane,

Anemone prandial one two three,

Tic tac Toe nails,

Snails ail Laila aleph meme shin,

Hindukush usha ushering inglenook,

A brook besides a brook,

Nook corner nerd cornice icecream realm,

Real me,

False me,

Unreal me,

Be being gingerly surly early curlicues,

Clues all lost in the permafrost,

Frozen potatoes,

Roasted zens,

Innuendo communicado munchkin pumpkin Pippin nipped pince nez.

Jumper pert turnip turpitude etude longitude Deuteronomy numerical calculus sulcus circus circa carricatures.

Abound inbound boundary dairy airy rye. Yearly lyre remnant antennas.

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Edit: I have made 20 posts here after getting my author access restored recently. Thanks for the support and feedback. I encourage you to create posts here. Please don’t feel ‘intimidated’ or ‘spammed’ by my innocuous presence!