Ch – 12 Exponents & Powers

Q.1: Express: a) 2187 as a power of 3 b) 625 as a power of 5 c) 1024 as a power of 4 Q.2: Find the multiplicative inverse of the following: a) 4 (-2) b) 3 (-3) c) 11 (-10) Q.3: Simplify and express the result in power notation with positive exponent: a) p11 x […]

Ch – 12 Exponents & Powers

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Operation enduring freedom!

1. Played 6 jams on and changed my ID to 12. Scored 222213 ranks. There are very few players turning up for jams. There used to be 40 to 70 players on an average in October. The last week average has dropped to 20 players per game. Jams are fixed and boring. I should search for other vocabulary contests online. To keep playing challenge and to gain a rank under 1000 needs at least 3 hours of continuous hard work.

2. As i was waiting between the jams(usually 4 to 5 minutes) i read some poems found on WordPress reader.

A poem titled digital love.

And an almost perfect piece of puzzle stood out.

I asked Deepannita Dey, a fellow blogger about what her name means. Her poem was about someone and it evokes positive sentiments.

Deepannita means light. Deep means lamp. Deep the english word means Profound. Gotcha? Not yet? Read the next point, you will be bewitched.

3. Dey is a Bengali surname. As in Manna Dey(Zindagi kaisee hai Paheli ye haai…): a great Bollywood singer.

4. A word which appeared as a question in jams: warpath is new. It’s evident portmanteau of war and path. Maybe not. It’s conjunction. Portmanteau might be called Sandhi where some syllables are omitted. Redpath is a surname of a fellow blogger. A Laird. A lord. Like John Loggy Baird. A popular scientist. One who invented television. Please don’t hesitate to correct me if i sound drunk or factually incorrect.

5. If my language looks full of erudition this evening, it might be because i read a word tasting note. Feeble foible blingbots fable tables turned crisscross Ronald Ross. Malar cheekbone Boney m larkspur purt purturbed bedeck adorn ornate joker kerchief heifer fern earnest hummingbird.

6. Whatever happened this morning has evaporated from my mind. Whatever happened in noon: only a beautiful face outside a school remains. There was a drumbeat as I was enjoying a cream roll standing just behind a shaker. i saw Shekhar Suman’s picture. He used to host movers and shakers: i don’t know what it was about but it must have had an underecurrent of current conspiracy.

7. A vehicle carrying a dead body was going towards police line tiraha. On Wednesday an empty vehicle was coming out from Gandhi Smarak Bhavan alley. Wo jaata tha ki ham nikle…(chacha Ghalib): Wednesday to Sunday: death to death.

8. Freelancers. Freemasons. Freebirds.

Freebies. Freebees. Freedom.

Featured image credit: captured in Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, Chhatarpur.

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A Prisoner

1. The Corner Shy Girl is a profound thinker. Her understanding of human emotions is existential and wise. As i began reading her verse and prose i couldn’t stop myself and read many of her posts and commented on them.

2. She has written some letters to an anonymous character. They seem mysterious. Let’s see how that proceeds in future.

3. I hope you would also like to visit her blog and comment.

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Let’s talk about God and Faith

An eye opener by Sara Altaf Khan.

Kindly visit their blog, like, comment and share their posts. Thanks!

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