Lionel Seeks His Fore-Lions: Pt 4: To Emu Country

This is a fantastic travelogue account!

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An Ordinary Weblog Post!

1. I came here after a long time. Moon rays are soothing. Sun is already scorching and it’s not even March. 2. Orion belt is beautiful. How harmoniously the stars of proportionate size studded in it. 3. I saw an asteroid. It’s second such within one week. 4. I am reading Kathasaritsar these days. Magical […]

An Ordinary Weblog Post!

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1. Ramses is the yoni of Kalapurusha today. Ramses is an immortal.

2. Indra Yoga. Mars holds the post of Jaiminee Atmakaraka it’s in the Sagittarius in the ninth division. Venus is Amatyakaraka and it’s debilitated in the Dharma amsha. The Moon has entered the sign of Taurus.

3. I am going to watch movie Soul. Yesterday I registered some books in library and had a butter scotch mixed with chocolate cone on my way back to home.

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Yesterday and Today!

1. Played 15 vocabulary jams with following scores:

535, 750, 405, 750, 535, 445, 720, 735, 710, 730, 780, 270, 675, 790

2. Ranks:


3. PC and Stephen come from USA(Massachusetts) and Japan respectively.

4. Tasted Mexican Turnip/yam which is also called Mishri kand. The host of the meeting are storytellers, artists, visionary and facilitators:

5. You don’t have the time to search that address and I don’t have inclination to link it properly.

6. Read a small booklet ‘Khushi Ki Talaash,’ suggested some corrections.

7. I asked her the meaning of ‘Theatre of Relevance,’ she gave me the suggestion to google for it.

8. Sweeped library floor yesterday evening.

9. Issued an encyclopaedia in Hindi to Advait who wants to become a pilot. After showing him all of them and some story books : he chose one on ‘Bijalee’ which means ‘Electricity.’

10. No matter how much you try to fit in you never belong. You stop trying and the instinct plays with itself.

11. Scrapped grass and threw it away.

12. Collecting, uploading and downloading the pigeon pea plants that were cut was a job which took more than two hours yesterday.

13. Kingfishers were playing and perching down to pick grains.

14. Pigs entered the fields and started eating up crops of grams.

15. Searching for titles and giving them to the person concerned took some time. Issued three books for four days.

16. Registered some titles yesterday. Extra caution is required against termites.

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The end of the day!

1. Played 5 vocabulary jams on this evening. Wanted to play more but there were more pressing issues at hand. Defying my estimates PC scored 960 in the very first. It was my second jam. I consistently got second rank thence.

2. In the first jam I scored 810 and got first rank. My scores:

810, 850, 840, 590, 455

3. In the jam i scored 590, PC scored even lesser. Highest score was by one player with roman numerals xiv at the end.

4. Couldn’t register any books in the library today though new tubelight has been fit by a regular visitor who also happens to be an electrician. He had borrowed twenty rupees two days ago. He appeared after two days and gave me two ten rupees coins.

5. Had to spend a whopping 3.5 hours for dispatching a courier for a relative of an acquaintance. First i tried creating a scan of a doc, then it needed to be converted into PDF, finally it needed the two PDF files to be merged into one and then sent via whatsapp. Even writing address on envelope needed to be repeated! The guy was driving his bike like a madman. Said he missed saluting a cousin sister while he almost bumped into a bike as we were crossing the road!

6. Burnt garbage after collecting it. The fudge remains fudge. I return to same conclusions without any change whatsoever. Despite deepest of my most profound realizations. Not even a fraction of it can be put in words for anyone else. Not any of it matters.

7. No scrapping of grass today.

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Seven Year Old Vikas!

1. When i asked him what his name was he told ‘Vishaal.’

2. Later someone told it was Vicky.

3. Today as he was playing in library with me his father came looking for him calling him by name ‘Vikas.’ He asked him to take lunch but he had had good breakfast.


4. He doesn’t know ABCD or Hindi alphabet. Has two elder sisters, grandparents and father but lost his mother and yet when i asked him about his family: “They all died,” he answered nonchalantly. As i sat composing this post he requested me to pluck a green Bel fruit from tree. I once plucked some mangoes in 2018: it was to help them sell fruits. This one was to help feed the young kid who was hungry. The fruit wasn’t ripe. It took plenty of work to crack it open.

Bel fruit

5. His mother died while giving birth to his younger brother. I played Gulzar’s song ‘Do naina aur ek kahani..’ as we sat in the field.

6. As i reached Deendayal rasoi they pointed my attention towards the kid who was playing with a brick block. I had hot rotis and cold potato curry. Day twentieth over.

7. The only job i got  online in the last eight years was actually from Moonlight Medical, a USA based company which needed extraction of emails. I tried but since doctors don’t want to be seen and Moonlight Medical is well hidden i gave up trying. They haven’t allowed users from India any access to their site and yet they outsource work to India for cheap labour. China, India and USA are mass factories. Cheap labour. I got 100 rupees on Paytm. Actually 112 as it was an experiment. What’s it? 1.5 dollars.

8. Registered 12 books. The almirah number 10 completed yesterday. Some insecticide was also put to protect books from fungi and vermins. Discussed about old records of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi: some veterans and inflation in currency in last 50 years. This morning i spotted some error in almirah 9 rack number 3rd.

9. The price he quoted for using hall for three hours was 1200 rupees. I stayed merely to facilitate his hearing and became party to a conversation which seemed half concocted to tell me what i had access to plus passing from the street where DM’s vehicle was parked. Truth realm.

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Deendayal Rasoi Day Nineteenth!

1. Registered 19 titles today, 15 titles yesterday and another 15 the day before. In total 49 titles in three days.

2. In Deendayal Rasoi it was day 19th. There were no rotis. The registrar hardly wrote my name rightly. There were 16 new stools and two tables for show. There was no water to wash hands near sink. Thankfully there was some to cleanse plates. Some water was being wasted via pipe. The number of stalls serving sandwich, bhajiya and samose outside the Deendayal rasoi is gradually increasing. I had cabbage and potato curry with rice. Hardly three to four people eat with me. What kind of planning leaves no rotis? I should be grateful that i had subsidized food: enough to give me energy for next three or maybe four hours.

3. As i was entering Gandhi Smarak Nidhi premise the lady wearing green saaree was leaving and asked me time. I drew smartphone out of pocket. It was 14:04 PM. I told her “Do bajkar chaar minat.” Two and four add upto six. It’s sixth of January. A mongoose went East.

4. Had a brief call with someone working as a content writer. He’s into Jiddu since last 8 years. He lost his brother to heart attack last year. A young man of 39. The age Swami Vivekananda quit this plane. He was also from Kolkata.

5. A couple of young men came asking about the director. They belong to some production house and needed permission to host a film festival here on Makar Sankranti. They were asked to write an application. I was supposed to give a plain white paper which is not available in library. After a call i gave him a page from rough register in which i put names of books. The register costs 50 rupees. The green pen was given. It was the same pen that the actor pretending to be priest left with me on day i wrote an address for him on envelope which was sent to some school for blinds in Indore. Vinod Pateria was his name. I keep seeing him around. Was he playing a part in an act? Yes. That’s why he created a story.

6. Read about half of essence of Kumarsambhavam by Kaalidasa. Preface was written by Vishnu Prabhakar. The original book in Sanskrit has 18 cantos out of which only 8 are attributed to Kaalidasa.

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