Biggest, Youngest Black Hole Ever Shocks Astronomers

This article by Ethan Siegel is detailed analysis of how a young black hole could gain such a huge mass.

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1. I came across a meaning of cipher which is new to me. As a verb it means: to calculate, to do mathematics, algebra etc.

2. To decipher is: to decode, to move out of a void, by scaling.

3. Voids have their rulers. These are stars and superstars. When a star becomes old it becomes a black holes. A supermassive black hole is situated in the core of galaxy milky way. There are countless trillions of galaxies, black holes and universes as per quantum mechanics.

4. The deja vus I had in 2016 were uniquely related to a visit to a public place. The place was created to organize a public event. The event was religious in nature. I recalled instances of my previous visits to that place with an unforeseen certainty. The person was called ‘Daddaji’ which in Bundelkhandi dialect stands for ‘respected father.’

5. Yesterday, after walking and running for two hundred minutes i reached another playground which had statue of a dead man who is also called Daddaji by his family and followers. I had dejavus: two of them concrete and clear. The waterballs guy gave me some coins as a change for my fifty rupees note. One of the coins had blue patina on it. The other had ‘Dadabhai Nauroji’ mark on its back. It was released in his memory. ‘Dada’ also means big or great or elder.

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