The Great Wall of India!

1. Rahul Sharad Dravid was born on January 11th, 1973 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He served as the captain of Indian Cricket team.

2. He’s regarded as one of the greatest test batsmen of all times. The best number three(first down) from India and best batsman overseas.

3. His batting technique was flawless. It were the formats which challenged him. He was criticised for his low strike rate. Master of defense shaped himself to adjust to all formats and entertained people apart from silencing his critiques. The nice guys don’t finish first but he did.

4. A peaceful person to the core. A competitive role model for youth, he always kept team first and his own records second. His decision to end indian inning when Tendulkar-the star player was near his double century made him subject to criticism of many people but he did what he considered appropriate as team captain.

5. His middle name Sharad means Autumn. The last name means ‘Wealth.’ The Dravidians were original residents of Indian sub-continent as per one theory and they spoke Tamil which is considered to be more ancient than Sanskrit as a language.

6. Rahul means Moon, able/skilled in Sanskrit. It means traveller in Arabic. Lord Buddha’s son was also named Rahul.

7. When I used to pass by Indira Nagar in Bangalore, which happened often- I used to dream about visiting his house. What would have happened at max? Like thousands of other fans: security would have shown me out. I didn’t try reaching out to him that way. I didn’t try any other way either. Dots advertisement in movies bored me to the core but he was doing his duty to earn a living.

8. Hardwork, discipline, courage, consistency and adapting oneself to face new challenges were core strengths of Dravid. He was mentally very tough. Some bowlers literally used to cry and beg him to get out. Even audience wanted to get him out sometimes. Only Brian Charles Lara comes near to his patient contemporaries in building such a defence.

9. He served as a wicket keeper and batsman when the need arose. He holds many records for staying fit as the best slip catcher and consistently playing test matches without a break. He was called Mr. Reliable and The Wall.

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Happy Birthday Ranjana!

1. In our training batch of 29 or 30 people in October 2009, in Chennai, there was a girl. Or a woman?

2. “Chutki bhar sindoor ki keemat tum kya jaano…Ramesh Babu..” she was so full of dramatic talents.

3. She used to sit on the front bench on the left hand side, just besides Naresh.

4. Mind you: she knew programming. She could code. I was happy to absorb air conditioned air. I used to absorb plenty of it:” kal ho na ho aaj hi le lo.”

5. She was very sensitive.

6. She inspired my post “Shit Headed Guy.” It was an email and i used to beg people to read what i wrote. She called me that and i made art out of it.

7. Our destinies were woven together. For a while. I was fortunate to roam around with her, Sudeshna and Monica. They were all too dramatic to be true. While I was playing Ramana Maharshi and Vishwamitra by turns they were playing ‘Chal ranjo’ and ‘Chal Monu’ by turns. Sudeshna Roychowdhury was a wonderful singer. We sang many songs but verses from Gulzar’s Aandhi appealed me most in those days.

8. As we were looking for apartments for them. We walked a lot together. We were new to the city of Bangalore after having been in the darkness of Chennai- “another country” as per Vyas.

9. It was then: she said “if I didn’t have a boyfriend in Bihar i would have made you my boyfriend.” Aha! Nobody said that to this poor guy before! Even Roychowdhury affirmed. Then I knew they were not just playing. Roychowdhury was a sincere girl. She worked hard. We were together in the first team. She was cute. Ranjana was not cute. No.

10. She was a lady devil with histrionics. She had dramatic talents. She taught me how to bitch. But in the end this happened:

11. Once we were taking a coffee break just outside the ODC(Offshore Development Centre)

{ Brian Adams plays in the background: “those were the best days of my life aye aye….tring tring…}

Oh i bought a guitar. I saw one recently and it reminded me of 7000 rupees investment i did in those days. It resulted in nothing.

12. Control! It’s about Ranjana.

Her employee ID was Jhara. Can you see that meant: jhaadoo laga di…

13. Outside the ODC: it was Aman’s friend. I was talking to her in a way which showed that we were chums. She didn’t like that as she was looking towards her future prospects with Aman. A marriage on cards. They married and became immortals.

14. She had asthma. Had dark circles below her eyes. She was from Bihar as well as Bengal. She called me ‘Chocolate Baba.’

15. I learned it from her for the first time that girls keep two boyfriends at least. One onshore another offsite. I was too far behind them- having devoted all my life in pursuit of moksha or liberation. They were enjoying cafe mochha. Anyways, we had nice ginger breads near the guest house of Cognizant.

16. Even Ravneet had a boyfriend at a far off place and she was romancing with Vyas. Upasana shared a number with me surreptitiously. I couldn’t comprehend what the fuck was going on there. I told that to Jhara and Realized that sweet and sour soup and lemon soda salted was all i was supposed to have. Botalon se kya gila hai doston…bhaag me pauaa mila hai doston…

17. It was her who told me that she saw someone on back of my bike. I dropped Prakriti once. It was enough to create talk. Debashish used to live nearby. They weren’t blind. They knew what was going on.

18. It was her who told me that I had a very disarming aura. That nobody can be inimical to me. That I was an Arhant. She confirmed it to me but then a lot happened. Like that telephone wire.

19. Munishri Vidyasagar walks 33 kilometres everyday. He can win a marathon everyday. The news was published in Dainik Bhaskar in 2018. It inspired me to walk. All great people walk. Bradman, Vallalar, Gandhi, Vinoba and Munishri.

20. She once asked my opinion on her dress. Suman Chatterjee asked her to not wear revealing clothes as they both used to talk in Bengali. The guy used to touch women and throw flying kisses and here he was advocating abstinence. I told her that it was completely upto her to choose her clothes and i had no opinion on that. I didn’t consider Chatterjee’s suggestions as worthy of being taken into account unless she also accepted them.

21. Out of all three of them: Ranjana, Monika and Sudeshna: i got to spend most amount of time with Ranjana as she was a coworker. We sat near each other for many months. We went on treats. Monika was there but she was too self conscious of her charms. Ranjana was there as a friend and co-worker since we knew that there was nothing romantic between two of us. She was smartest among four of us who came from our training batch to Bangalore.

22. Happy Birthday Ranjana! Jhara! Bandhu! DRAMA QUEEN! Chutki bhar sindoor!!!!

( Her birthday is on 31st of December)

My Ramana Maharshi is likely to be very heavy on new year’s Eve: therefore I wish her health, wealth, bliss, peace and prosperity in advance. Aman. ☮️. Peace!

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Osho aka Acharya Rajneesh!

1. I was fond of reading. In 1991, that village called Taparian got a small box full of books for kids studying in the government primary school. My parents were teachers there. I used to sit on the wall of Shiva temple-watching the rahat-the circle of boxes driven by couple of bulls. It was the irrigation device for fields. I used to sit for long hours reading tales of adventures of Sindbad the sailor and conversations between Yama and Nachiketa.

2. I went back to that village after my entrance into college. To see what was so sweet, so divine about those books, about that place. I could have brought all those books with me: mostly Eklavya Prakashan Delhi. Aha! The teacher in that village was offering all those to me but I thought: how very unethical and selfish it would be to keep those sweet memories with myself and not let other kids read them. I didn’t bring those books but made a list which I brought back to search titles online.

3. It was a child’s dream. A climactic setting which made the reading so joyful. I got admission into Maria Mata Convent School in Chhatarpur. I was supposed to enter standard fourth but my Vocabulary which merely had twenty odd words allowed me entrance only into second standard. I was seven when I entered Maria Mata. I met Aditi there. She disappeared too soon. I recall her curly hair everyday i pass from her new colony apartment. An accident consumed three of them. Her brother was left stranded. Marooned.

4. Opposite to that street is Homeguard office which celebrated its 74th establishment day very recently.

5. My reading books continued. Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya was the most prominent spiritual author at that time. I got hooked. I read all of his literature. I might have bought five or seven vaangmayas at most. The clear clairvoyant perception that I had at first was 555: detergent powder. I was in the Cricket field. Bowling opposite to Chaurasiya ji wall and as I came here to drink water I heard the same ad being played on TV. His book on Ichchha Shakti or Will Power was my favourite for a while. It was first read by Ankur’s grandmother. Gayatri Mandir was munificent with literature. I was always disappointed by seeing most of them not following his teachings or not reading enough of his literature. During lockdown some of the marriages had to follow his teachings: not following dowry tradition or splurging money. Just a fraction of what he imagined for 21st century golden future.

6. Unless I had been to Kota, Rajasthan, I would have been limited to Pandit Shriram Sharma. I was addicted to his books. No other words would do justice. All of our family members used to read the magazine Akhand Jyoti but I was a researcher. I experimented. As early as at 10 years of age.

7. In Kota i was dying. Struggling. Surviving. Desperately I searched for his literature to get inspiration. I didn’t find it on stalls. Not in Vigyaan Nagar or Favvara Chauk. A lady on a book stall showed me a book by Osho. That was a turning point. I gulped 24 books within six months. I understood everything he said. I was devoting most of my time to breathing practices and invented a rhythmic breathing pattern which I called Taal. It helped me get rid of anxiety. Made me gain weight which I had sought for long in my teenage years. I ultimately gained Hatha Yoga Laya Samadhi with that method after four years of practice in 2007.

8. When I returned from Kota my parents were ready to burn those 24 books. Santosh sat with a pen highlighting each and every line which had a reference to sex. Usha Shukla’s husband accussed me of getting into a bad company which might merely have been a suggestion for jerking off? I won’t know. He took a book from me and never came back.

9. I had lost 8 kilograms in six months as pressure was too much. All family members had malaria together. I had nightmares. Dravid had scored three double centuries in six months. So did Ponting. Dravid could never do that again. Neither Ponting. I was being sacrificed. Cricket is as much of Tantra as anything else. How would I have known.

10. Osho was replaced by Eckhart, UG and Jiddu. Jiddu was easy for me though he was difficult for others. Why did Jiddu age and suffer in his last 11 days became my subject of research later on.

11. Osho aka Acharya Rajneesh was eldest among 11 brothers. A huge Jaina family. He was born in a wealthy family. He went to school riding on an elephant. He went to college in a car. He always had people who gifted him things. From Raisen to Sagar to Jabalpur to Bombay to Pune to Rajneeshpuram to Pune in the end: he created enough of a movement in merely 20 years of his lifetime to be declared a spiritual terrorist by pontiffs.

12. Osho never wandered like monks. He never walked through India like Vivekananda did. Yet his biography was named “Ek Fakkad Maseeha.” One penniless messiah.

13. Though he inclined towards Japanese Buddhism towards end of his life-his life was fashioned after Jesus Christ: persecution syndrome to make his business boom. His books were always costlier compared to those of Shriram Sharma’s.

14. At the peak of his success he had 20 million followers worldwide. Teachers like Ram Rahim or Asharam had much wider following. What differentiated him?

15. He was an intellectual. He claimed to have read 10000 books at once. His personal library has more than 100000 titles.

16. He had the luxury to experiment with LSD and Nitrous Oxide was always available for him.

17. At once he was the most widely read author in India along with Freud.

18. Sex and Death were subjects he openly spoke about. Taboo breaking teachings made him infamous. Tax evasion was his bane. His freedom was limited in the end. He seemed bitter.

19. I visited Koregaon Park in 2009, along with Yervada Mandir(Jail?) They are located nearby to each other. I also saw Milind Gunaji in Vimaan Nagar as I took membership of a library. Right ho Jeeves! The pyramid near the lake touched my heart. The vibration remained with me as i said goodbye to Pune and went on a journey to Chennai. Madras.

20. I didn’t read all the books by Pandit Shriram or Osho. I didn’t need to read them. They have too much of repitition. They didn’t reach the heights of Vallalar.

21. Osho assumed the title of Bhagwan in Pune. It means ‘ the blessed one.’ In conventional jaina hierarchy of beings it meant Arhat or Arihant. From Upadhyaya to Arya to Siddha to Arhat: it was his own journey. He must have known what was being done. I don’t know where he’s now but his voice has influence on many people; especially on young neo sanyasins. He came in a line of twentieth century teachers who were supposed to research and refine Buddhism. Being a jaina he could never give up his trading attitude(his words not mine!)

22. UG called him a pimp. Jiddu said that he took money from kids and kept it for himself. Jews seemed happy with him. It’s suspected that Christianity caused his arrest and departure in a painful manner. How many people have towns made in their name in a country where they were not born? Gandhi has almost every major city with a street named after him. Gandhi’s literature is mostly about prisons.

23. Osho means ‘oceanic in experience.’ Rajneesh means Moon. Born in Gadarwara, Narsinghpur on 11121931 he had a five planet stellium in the sign of Sagittarius with its lord Jupiter exalted and retrograde. Retrograde planets give results opposite to their dignity. His Jaimini Atmakaraka was Jupiter and it was in Pisces in Navamansa. Was he a liar and a thief?

24. Never born never died:  he was one of the most prolific authors of twentieth century. All intellectuals born in India since then have heard about his teachings. In an interview, Amrita Preetam called him a sage : Then- I felt his sage status was confirmed- in my mind.

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Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to my ex-blogging friend Nandita Manan Yata. She used to post at “A Tangle of Weeds.”

She’s one of the most prolific and versatile of poets i have come across on WordPress.

May you have a wonderful year ahead!

I hope you are not blogging elsewhere. Else I would need to read your verse immediately, which can’t be done at present as you, along with your team(Rishuu, Sameera etc) seem to have disappeared into oblivion.

It’s also birthday of flip-flop girl. She knows. I just got to see a post from someone which has similar themes. She was bright and helped me catch up as i was visually-spatially oriented. And Prajna Paramita Sutta. You know…

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