Comments can be a great source of content ideas

Every blogger looks for a steady source of content ideas, but I think that source is right there on your site. I had joined WordPress Blogging University’s course on blogging fundamentals when I had started blogging. During that course, I was advised to create an article from the comments that I make on other people’s posts. Now I am making posts from the lovely comments I receive on my articles.

We all get comments on our posts and in response all we say is “Thank you for your kinds words” or just “Thanks for your comment.” I believe we can go a step further in expressing that gratitude by creating an article from a really wise comment and give credit to the person who made the comment. And that is something I am doing again in this article, and I really hope other bloggers do the same. I think that by doing so you will never run out of content ideas for your blog and start getting more interaction on it.

I have created today’s article from a beautiful comment that I received from another blogging friend who owns The Hummingbird’s Journal and who seems to have liked the idea that I have discussed above.

My blogging friend had actually made a comment on my post Life is how you make it. The post was about being grateful to God for even the small happiness He has bless us with. The post even had this motivational video in it.


In response to that post my friend who owns The Hummingbird’s Journal had commented: I agree with Ms Hilda, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life. I think it’s a great idea what you did to showcase words of wisdom from a comment that you received. My fav part of the video is looking at situations differently, instead of thinking about how a difficult situation is holding you back, to think of ways it can help you move one forward instead.

I think my friend was 💯% right. Life is full of adversities for some people, while it might have been served on a platter for a few others or so it seems. But, I believe that whatever the case may be, we should refuse to get stuck in a situation.We should never give up. One of the ways of doing so is to find a solution to the situation and start acting upon it. That way you will build up an inner strength called resilience and never become a loser whatever happens in your life.

Finally, let me say that we need to understand that we just can’t take all the time. Sometimes we should also give back what we have received and creating posts from the kind comments that we receive and giving the person credit is one way of doing it.

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Ethical will: Loving-kindness

In composing my ethical will, I usually find myself resistant to including entries that should, according to my sensibilities, be self-evident. That’s not to say that I personally exemplify any of these self-evidently positive traits; rather, it is to say that I wish I did. On the other hand, my ethical will is, by default, […]

Ethical will: Loving-kindness

Ben Alexander writes here about his ethical will. This article gives you a perspective as well as a brief insight into Judaism technical terms. As i read his posts sometimes I learn new words describing Judaism customs and cultural background. His verse is also beautiful. I recommend you to visit his site and follow it.

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Changing The Name!

Hi Everyone,

1. I was present when we created this name: “Blogger’s World.” As you can see it has 13 letters. We created a poll to select this name out of 4-5 names. Poll might be there in archives.

2. I recommend to change it to any one of the following or any other name:

The World of Bloggers

The Cosmos of Bloggers

The Universe of Bloggers

3. Even different suggestions are welcome.

4. The reason: Blogger’s World indicates the world of a blogger. Singularity. Whereas the World of Bloggers indicates multiplicity: many users coming together to contribute for each other.




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1. There are about a score of drafts on this blog. Some of them are good posts: might be many hours of hardwork by someone.

2. After discussion with Sandeept: I have reached to this dilemma:

3. If I delete those hardwork drafts: it would be wasting someone’s hardwork. If we let them be: it would only cost a bit of space.

4. If any of you who have good posts worthy of being published in draft get this message : please respond.

@ananyabha @mkjackie99 @jennierawling @colettebates

5. I would spend time to publish those posts if you permit me or trash them if you want otherwise.

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Hi there,

You have liked my posts many times.

Yes, you with the beautiful rose as your profile picture!


When I try reaching your blog: it says it has been deleted.

Do you have another blog?

If yes: please share the link in comments so that we may visit and like your posts.

Or: link it to your handle.

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