1. 6122020: Sunday. Venus. Uranus.

2. Moon is Atmakaraka. Worship mother.

3. A planetary war between Mars and Venus, masculine and feminine is ongoing.

4. Jupiter owns Mars whereas Saturn owns Jupiter.

5. Ashlesha means that which doesn’t get attached or engaged. Nagas.

6. In Japuji, there’s a refrain which uses: “devotees always have development (Vikas)-the word destroys sins and sorrows.”

7. Kripal Singh ji translated it in English thusly:

His devotees live in perpetual ecstasy for word washes away all sins and sorrows.

8. As you can see: the translation he has done for the word vikas is ecstasy or bliss. Ananda.

In the end material and spiritual are seen as one and the same. Unless his translation is erroneous.

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