Brochure for hodge podge of prayers!

1. They’ve a brochure of prayers. I don’t know if it was Vinoba Bhaave or someone else who finalized this version. It’s a hodge-podge. In trying to assimilate prayers from all religions they are left with a non musical version.

2. Compare them with simple Vedic hymns which have sublime musicality about them. And all prayers sung individually, by their religious groups, be it Sikhism, Islam, Hindus or Jainas have that musicality. It’s the essence of beauty and harmony.

3. Rahim Tao tu, Narayan Vaasudev tu…is not pleasant on ears, leave alone being effective on soul. I somehow kept wondering about the brochure right from the day it came across: I never found it to be a harmonious composition. Raghupati Raghav or Vaishnava Jana is popular and the way it has been rendered by some artists is very effective. Maybe, the brochure didn’t get a rendering by artists or I didn’t come across any such renderings. Whatever I have come across so far seems totally ineffectual in raising any subtle divine emotions of piety or peace.

4. Twilight was beautiful. I tried igniting the tractor ride. Took some pictures:

Cowshed Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

5. The hardworking peasants or labour mostly live at physical, vital and mental sheaths. If there seems to be something scientific or creative in them, it’s subdued in due time by their superiors. Thus, their jokes and discussions are mostly around farting and sexuality. They don’t appreciate peace or serenity and judge people to be lazy or charlatans if they’re inactive even for a while.

6. Gandhi adopted and emphasized physical work because he was afflicted by disorders borne out of imbalances in physical and mental sheaths due to his education which stunted his physical activity. Leo Tolstoy inspired him to adopt that life style. However, he didn’t realize that what was true for him wasn’t true for peasants and workers: they actually needed more education than more labour. What was true for his time and remains true: is the balance between physical, mental and spiritual endeavours resulting in the optimum harmony of being.

7. A discussion on whether Gandhi is relevant or his teachings have been effective is out of question here. In the organisation being run in his name there’s nothing Gandhian in essence of you look deep enough. Symbolic rituals and signs remain, teachings remain enclosed in books behind almirah walls. Locked away. Gandhi himself lived luxuriously. His followers live even more luxuriously. Peasants and labours neither understand Gandhi nor need to understand.

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Pam is WordPress

1. Before leaving the forum she said she had informed WordPress.

2. Sandeept announces that Pam has given it him.

3. Kristina took it(when i didn’t realize that there was a lot coming on my way within next four months .) Piyusha snatched it. I had requested Kristina to make Rashmi an admin. Meanwhile Sandeept was an admin before he gave it to Piyusha.

4. What am i missing? WordPress must have communicated it to Pam to choose her successor even if he wasn’t active here recently to save the forum from its merciless father.

PS: please don’t delete this post. I beg.

Edit: i was informed by Sandeept in the comments section of his post this morning about a technical error on behalf of WordPress. In the point number #3 of this post the assertion that he was an admin is based on a post i saw this morning. The link was shared in a post made after this one. The admin change auttomattically changes post titles to attribute them to current admin even if they were made by someone else. I don’t have ids of happiness engineers to tag them.

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1. Some people consider the whole world as a play. William Shakespeare, for example.

2. Some others consider it to be a book. Jawaharlal Nehru for example.

3. I developed some models like school, journey, play, war and dream for my own study and events.

4. Yesterday I had a discussion with the local secretary of IPTA-Devendra Kushwaha.

5. IPTA stands for Indian People For Theatre Association.

6. Homi J. Bhabha had a role to play in its creation.

7. I have known Devendra since 2018 but we actually had discussions only for an hour or two.

8. In one such conversation on a Thursday, I was discussing with him about arts. I told him about one of my favourite movies: “Suraj Ka Saatvaan Ghoda” or “The Seventh Horse of Sun.” I had published an IMDB article reviewing this movie and discussed it with many people. Based on Dharmveer Bharati’s novel of same name it was directed by Shyam Benegal. It’s a masterpiece.

9. Devendra had no clue about the movie. The conversation took place just outside the Biotic Farm. He told me about the book he was reading.

10. Yesterday, as I remind him about our previous conversations and told him that I was exalted to interact with someone as highly placed as secretary of IPTA: he told me that he had watched “The Seventh Horse of Sun” two-three times before. Now after getting my recommendation he watched it again.

11. My question is this: the Devendra in 9th and the Devendra in 10th are two different persons. Why does it happen so often with me? Why did he need to lie? Was it a part of a play? I only need him to get clarity about whether he had watched that movie two three times or only watched it after I recommend it to him. Secretary of IPTA should have a good memory in my opinion.

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