Thankyou Lia!

1. Lia of Lia The Poet blog on poetry commented on one of my verses(Sunflowers.)

2. I don’t know if she remembers any of it. I should share it as it’s something of value to me personally.

3. I first read her comment on Charlie Zero’s poetry blog. There, in the comments section she was shown as ‘Bloom Words’. She was indulging in Wordplay. I am fond of that. Later, self-proclaimed pundit killing with blog posts thread and its response.

4. Then Nadine’s identity merged into Lia’s. Call it David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive or my very own prosopagnosia of identities : I kept visiting Lia’s blog to read her prolific verses. France to Canada. Most poets don’t like this kind of attention. She often used to go private, like Nandita and often deleted my comments. Maybe they were in her spams. At least once she reported me to WordPress. Today she liked my verse and commented on it. I was not able to launch my WordPress blog when I spoke to her for help on it. Now a lot has happened since then and yet I recall her as a standard in my blogging past.

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What Stood Out Yesterday Night?

1. My valiant soul, mindfully made some comments on her blog, subscribed to her newsletter and also asked her about the process to get featured on that.

2. I practiced writing tiny letters once to increase powers of concentration as cramming was supposed to do that. It has brought me so far. How far is it, is anybody’s guess.

3. I was surprised to read a reference to JRR Tolkien’s characters and ring in Pam’s blog yesterday. I had written a post on ‘engagement ring’ and its relationship with Kundabuffer or Kundalini Yoga on my blog. These synchronicities happen all the time but when they happen via articles, verses or news reports you come to realize that everything is connected via what’s called Superstrings.

4. Now that i have mentioned Superstrings: i should also mention Terrence Lewis: an artist whose interview was being aired on Air India 100.5 FM radio some days ago. I was surprised by similarity of our ideas and struggles.

Terrence Tao is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest geniuses alive with an intelligence quotient above 250. William James Sidis had an IQ of 300.

Lewis came to my mind as i was in the toilet. Carl Lewis and Normal Lewis as i recommend Word Power Made Easy to many students since it was recommended to me by the training and placement officer Anuj Garg in Oriental Institute of Science and Technology Bhopal in the year 2005. Since then i became a regular subscriber to Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words until he underwent a knee surgery and stopped updating his newsletter. It was one of the best newsletters on etymology: comparable to James Harbeck’s blog.

5. I was surprised to hear about Ratan Tata being awarded by the Prime Minister. Yesterday evening as i was rushing towards this place : not many people stopped me on my way. Couple of outstanding people:

A. One of them had JMD written on his car. Immediately Jamshedji Nausherwan Tata came to my mind.

B. The second spat a huge amount on road after opening the gate of his white colored jeep. His car has “Bharat Sarkaar” written on it.

It was a clear message on behalf of Modi government’s representative:

We would paste walls with “Swachcha Bharat Abhiyaan” with Gandhi’s glasses and we would continue to paste streets, walls and those notices later with Khair. Red. Khair ab jo bhi ho jaane bhi do yaaron…

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