Is it?

Whenever I was hungry,

Giving me pure food as if He Himself were hungry,

And ridding me of the harrassing hunger,

He gracious established both his feet in my heart replete with flesh;

And gave me sanctuary,

At the moment,

When my bridegroom who dances in the Hall of Gnosis,

And who is rare for even the king of heavens to gain,

Embraced me externally,

I hugged the golden form which he pressed on me,

And rejoiced!

As regards the famed esoteric embrace,

Is it possible to tell you its sublimity?

–Ramalinga Swamikal Adigal,

From the book : The Pathway to God Trod by Ramalinga Swamikal

Verse 94 from Anubhav Malai( The Garland of Experience)

This is one of the last 101 verses composed by him before his disappearance/ascension in January 1874.

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To Bark At The Wrong Sun!

1. What’s that saying : there are more things than you can imagine under the heaven and on earth…not exactly but something similar. All of us, fond of listening the sounds of our own voices.

2. Come home, Witch is the latest follower of my personal blog. What a strange name! Thanks.

3. With gaming : i realized it after repeated practice: more the number of people: lesser time you have to execute your functions. Though ‘events’ in general include both humans and other animation: it’s primarily humans who affect the change.

4. Time is change. Leaders have a great number of people in their lives: therefore, they find that change that they individually make is negligible. This might sound paradoxical because leaders are recalled for creating great changes in history. That’s projection.

5. Significance and meaningful existence is fundamentally dependent on value system. Do you have as many events in your life as you want? As valuable as you truly want them to be? That decides significance.

6. Most of us wonder about events that are completely beyond our control. Some of these handicaps are intricately woven into our gene pools by natural selection or cosmic design. You may do anything and everything : in the long run: if you believe in reincarnation and in infinite journey. Metempsychosis or transmigration of soul. Otherwise you are limited and heading for a full stop. An end after which there will be no life, no sound, no sight, smell, touch and taste. What happens to all your endeavours and suffering then? Nobody remains to tell it.

7. I spent a few minutes observing thrasher. I helped for seven minutes. Twenty plastic pans. Then I went to fill water in buckets. Why would any snacks i have already tasted seem pleasant? Basking in the Sun i recalled stoicism and Diogenes.

8. How often did I want my story to completely end-these temporal relations and existence to end-on a happy and peaceful note like this. I don’t prefer nostalgia over this. I have heard all those stories and now I prefer sleep over futile struggle for space which is truly infinite and inexhaustible.

9. The thing I wanted to achieve was achieved. Then, I merely kept passing one test after another to ensure it was the thing. Trying to fit it into beds, sometimes procrustean. And was it they all said it was? It wasn’t. But to say there wasn’t anything would also be wrong. To say it’s silence is to bark at the wrong Sun.

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An Eternity!

Uttara Bhadrapada Quarter Two

Mars has matured

The Son of Earth holds the post of Atmakaraka

Its mother Earth rests with it in the halcyon Pisces

Its lord is conjunct Saturn in its sign

Brahmin on a Copper mountain

A bull controlled by watery beings

The Sushumna speaks Unmani

The Well of well-being amidst disasters!

Such is the grace of dancing light!

Such is the divine ambrosia!


There’s a pentode of twos

Two voids

And an Ace!

It’s an eternity.

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Lunch Break or Field Trip!

1. I took five pictures. I am sitting under the Ku Klux Klan iron pillar in Organic Farm in Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. I told about it to the person present near key hanger.

2. I registered a few books from the first rack on 9th Almirah. The research thesis on Vaishnava Kavya by Yogendra Pratap Singh was submitted back. How much have I read in 40 days? A page or two perhaps. At least he taught me that Veebhatsa Rasa is taught by goddess Kaali by her grace. Koi antadiyon ki maala pehne itraata hai…koi charbee ka lep apne ang par lagaata hai…

3. Ace of spades was written on the back flap of mobile phone of a lady with her hair colored wierd. What’s that color which is neither red nor orange but in between? Her teeth were big and she was guarding the key. She looked towards Southeast as she conversed over the phone. I saw a look alike of Raghuveer Yadav, like a tractor reminding me of Raja Bundela. A similar flap was used by another guy who used to come to library to study with Deri road guy who met me in stadium. His phone’s back flap had “Tu 13 Dekh.” I was being tested very hard in those days. I met the Seth himself. And he told me that the scripts I saw being played were mostly my own doing. I had to undergo root canal then.

Ace of spades might also indicate Aamir Khan’s rivalry with Shahrukh Khan. Aamir like Amitabh is an Aquarius and a voracious reader like Anupam Kher who recently contacted me. SRK OTOH is a Leo and Scorpion. This is what that lady asked me to do. Or so I thought. Paramhansa Ramkrishna has Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Aquarius whereas Mars is exalted in the 12th and he gifted all his power to Vivekananda who worked wonders in two decades.

4. So am I living luxuriously or merely playing a role? Composing a letter to an anonymous friend under palm leaves where once I used to write verses for her?

5. As I was entering the premise i observed a reminder. Dr. Dinesh Mishra had told me once that Acharya Rajneesh stayed in the very building of Satya Shodhan Ashram once.

6. The reason why i asked him that: the book of letters titled “Bhavna Ke Bhojpatron Par,” has a letter with place name as “Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.” I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I found the place or visited it in time for him.

7. It’s akin to this inscription here:

Elise & Christophe 7/02/40(10?)

8. Arshad Warsi asks:

“Kaun hain ye log…(long pause…)

Kahan se aate hain?( Long pause again)

Kahan chale jaate hain?”

9. I am still in search of Elise and Christophe who left their signatures in yellow paint on this iron plate on South East side.

10. The sweet ambrosia I am drinking is result of this sweet fragrance. This fresh air. The delicious food I had in Deendayal Rasoi. It was third day. There were slightly more people than yesterday. Torai curry. 8 rotis. Ten rupees. Saccha Sauda. Khara sauda.

A man masked and slightly bulky entered with a white paper. I recognise them since stadium closed.

Another appeared yesterday. He asked the address of Dixit Hospital.

The lady had disappeared today. And byaaj ninda was in effect (a device in which you talk about someone and it’s meant about someone else: mostly negative)

Since weather is pleasant: someone is supposed to pay. The guy talked to the caterer about renewal of Nagar Paalika contract.

11. Ashutosh appeared to make a call. He was fully clad in clothes. He’s unemployed. A son of upper collector, Tikamgarh. Very qualified. He said it was crowded on shop so he was making call from here.

12. Who else has remained? All honorable mentions have been done. I read a book on Lalleshvari. She appeared in 14th and 15th century Kashmir. I noted the meaning of her name in notebook: laladyad means lal Mata or mother Lal. I thought I would gift that book to Shri for reading as we had recently discussed Vaakh by Laladyad. She didn’t turn up for the class today.

Look at the pictures I took under pressure:

Eight petalled lotus

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The boat and the aquarium!

1. The ship and the boat: As Rohan handed over a black and white paper to me-i was puzzled. I had promised to make a paper boat. I thought I had it in me. But I had forgotten. How easy to forget skills without practice and how very difficult to accomplish even simple things when you’re out of practice! I googled “how to make a paper boat?” The video showed it in four steps which were easy. How easy to forget Trecka. Trecka is 13. Trecka is trick. Trecka is matchbox.

2. Saaregama Padha neesaa: has beginning with ushma color “Saa” then the inner sounds: re, then touch thread “ga”: then “ma” which is also a touch sound and used in anusvara. I realised about an error made in a previous post as I was describing it to Piyush: Pralaya or the cosmic dissolution has Pra as initial letter. The touch color Pa with Ra which is inner sound : I misattributed the touch to water. Though it does contain the tanmatra(property) of touch- as every element following from the Absolute has characteristics of the previous elements. But the element of water has prime characteristic of taste. Whereas the touch is attribute of air. The cosmic waters being attributed to Prakriti or nature tends to make it give more elements of touch. Contact. Air. Marudganas. 49.

3. Ethereal shrine in Thillai or Chidambaram has element of sky in it: which doesn’t suggest lack of others but containing them in the seed form. In form of code. Codex. Sefer Yetzirah. The logos travels through air but it’s also present in the body of ethereal shrine.

4. The three modes of nature give birth to: gods and senses; mind and sky respectively. Gods and senses belong to waking reality: the mind to dreaming and the sky to deep sleep. Vaishwanara. Taijas. Praagya.

5. However: the mind belonging to energy or dreaming is made of inner organs: mind. intellect. psyche. ego. Shakti dancing in form of Pradyumna, Aniruddha, Vaasudev, Sankarshana.

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