Approved Comments

Hi Sandeept,

1. There were five comments pending for approval in admin. Two of them were by Angie, rest of two by Colette B and Indira. One of my link messages to my personal blog was also in the queue. I approved them all.

Let’s make it a habit of informing each other via new posts what we did.

2. I looked into records. 201 members have author access at present whereas there are 1732 members. Anyone can have access if they request for it. I request active authors to contribute in any capacity they can.

3. I have added ‘comments queue’ category as pending comments approval is likely to be a recurring theme for admins.



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Pam Kirst

1. Just check the number of posts done on December 21st. I had to move all of those 60 from ‘trash’ to ‘published’. They were not all published on 21st but were republished.

2. I am concerned with people not being active here rather than the content being outdated. It’s fairly navigatable as far as I am concerned. I don’t see how it’s not uplifting for community.

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