Summary Morning

1. Sage Kashyap had 12 adityas from his wife Aditi.

2. The names of these 12 adityas are representatives of 12 months for Vaishnava poets. They’re as follows:

A. Dhata B. Mitra C. Varuna D. Aryama. E. Indra F. Anshuman G. Ansha F. Bhag G. Vivasvaan  9. Poosha 10. Savita 11. Tvashta 12. Vishnu.

3. Vishnu is youngest of adityas. Sri Aurobindo chose Savitar for worship, like Shri Ram Sharma, Vishwamitra and others. Savitar represents Autumn Aditya: a favorite of poets.

4. In his song Bhagwad Geeta, Vyasa or Shrikrishna Dwaipayan Vyasa or Krishna who is also known as Vaasudev or Keshava: considers Maargshirsha as his vibhuti or opulence among months. It’s time when galactic core is aligned with Earth and Sun. Via Orion which falls in Taurus. Taurus is ascendant sign of protagonist of Mahabharata.

5. 12th son of Kashyap (Turtle) being youngest might mean: day’s length is smallest during winters. Krishna of Mahabharata is same as Rama or Balarama: prime motive is Dharma which is performed during the day. 12th Vishnu is most worshipped among Adityas because it represents highest Dharma when chaos is at peak.

6. A player named Vansaj : a Saadhya wearing a T-shirt numbered 333 practiced with me for a while in Cricket academy . I bowled 116 times in total. They were doing commentary today. Another event at poha stall. Harmony.

Reference: Geeta-Tatva-Bodha, Balkoba Bhave. Library, Gandhi Smarak Bhavan, 12: 53 PM.

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