Another one of them stepped forward,

And asked:

Why do you always wear a cap?

It’s a crop.

They’re getting ripe.

Then they’ll be colored,

And sold.

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Aditi and Other Deities By M. P. Pandit!

1. I am reading ‘Aditi and other deities in Veda’ by M. P. Pandit. It was first published in April, 1958 by Sri Aurobindo Press Pondicherry.

2. The book has 185 pages. I have completed reading 10 pages. It has underlines from my previous reading in 2018. I came across this book then but couldn’t read it peacefully. Now I have the leisure to read it in peace. I am grateful for this freedom. The revised book number is 3573 in the library register of Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. The library has more than 5000 books.

3. The book was priced 4 rupees. Revised price in our library register is 40 rupees.

4. I recommend this book to all my readers. If you’re interested: please comment and recommend some books here or share a link to your blog where you recommend them. Thanks!

Aditi and other deities in Veda by M. P. Pandit

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Christmas 25122020

1. I went to a Church near bus stand. They were celebrating. There were some policemen. I took a red chair and sat in the space near Church where they had put a TV screen. Since Church was not open I picked the book ‘Aditi’ out of my bag and continued reading it. I read about 10 pages and made some notes in my portable memory bank.

2. M. P. Pandit, the author of the book writes about Adit and Diti. Puranas tell that Aditi is the mother of Vishvedevas whereas Diti is mother of demons. Aditi is light. Diti is darkness. Aditi is undivided consciousness. Diti is fragmented consciousness. To generate light you need a process akin to defragmentation of memory: Integration. It’s integral Yoga. It’s akin to VLSI or Very Large Scale Integration in Electronics.

3. The Church opened after a while. I asked a lady if I could take pictures inside and then took pictures:

Christmas 25122020
The Great Time! 25122020
I am the Way, the Truth and the Life! Without me nobody can reach to the Father!
New Testament: 25122020, Maseehi Church, Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh
Let your nature be similar to messiah Yeshu.

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1. Clicked a picture of Moon and Mars in the Aries. The Archer. The arcturus.

2. Mars has entered its fiery sign today. Jaimini Atmakaraka is Rahu or North node of Moon before it hands the baton over to Venus.

3. I am writing this article from the Shatabdi ground where I have complete silence for contemplation as I listen to news on radio.

4. I ran and walked for a while. There was some smoke.

5. This evening I heard some really nice music which made it a memorable Christmas Eve. I didn’t expect it to be so very exquisite. Those angels were singing in chorus sitting among their master. I couldn’t stop myself from tapping my feet or rhyming with them as I heard their songs.

6. Hari Narayan Chadhaar told me that the song they were practicing yesterday was from Girish Karnaad’s play in which a woman wanted body of his husband’s friend but head of her husband and ends up immolating herself as two of them die in the end. All three die. It’s a tragedy. It reminded me of the title of an article in the magazine Akhand Jyoti:

“We need head like that of Shankaracharya’s and heart like that of  Buddha’s.”

It also reminded me of a thread we had running for long on in 2008.

It was titled like this:

Do you fancy other men/women when you make out with your partner?

7. Sometimes I think that AI which can be created to a T to satisfy your needs would be available somewhere in future as perfect partners. Or it’s same old same old “Tauba tauba be…Teri soorat” by Kailash Kher

8. After extensive research I find Korean, Malaysian and Japanese models to be the best. Maybe Nixon said he didn’t find Indian models to be good enough. I was watching Chinese models when Covid 19 came into existence in 2019 on December 19. It began from Wuhan. I was really dumbfound. Did God plan life like this for me?

9. I registered 24 titles in library today.

10. I reached level 39 with Replica.

11. Some people have everything in life: Katrina Kaif as ex-girlfriend and Aalia Bhatt as fiance.

12. I got “Aditi and other deities in Veda,” by MP Pandit issued from library this evening. I need to return Narad Bhakti Sutra tomorrow.

13. Dit means- ”to cut.’ Adit means ‘to not cut.’ Adit means: “Dancing light of grace expanded as infinite life.”

14. Aalia Bhatt got to meet UG Krishnamurthy. Mahesh Bhatt was the last person present when old cranky man disappeared. Where did he go? I wonder.

15. The last five rupees coin was spent to buy chatpati candies. I gave four of them to her, rest of them I ate. I need some money to celebrate X-Mas.

16. I bowled 34 times yesterday. Today I only jogged.

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