New Ticket in Support Forums

Hi Sandeept, @sandeept252

1. While i have raised a ticket for the resolution of current deletion of comment issue in suport forums: i doubt they could be of much help.

2. Would you please pursue Pam Kirst by writing her an email to confirm that it wasn’t her who trashed about 60 of my posts on December 20, 2020?

3. If you receive her confirmation on this forum or in email communication: you can forward the same to the WordPress supports and use the reference of our previous ticket which shall still be open.

4. It’s very much possible that they can’t come up with any resolution; as has been apparent by no progress so far, but let’s do what is possible at our end to keep record of loopholes, glitches and shortcomings.



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Further Resolution: Activity Log!

1. Separate post: to let all users be aware of technical issue on this site’s activity log.

2. The co-admin asked me if I deleted any posts on January 10 as it shows a post trashed by @dancinglightofgrace

3. I told him I didn’t. I had only trashed drafts.

4. My activity log also shows posts trashed by @sandeept252 about which he never informed me.

5. He told me it was his own drafts.

6. We both deleted drafts. I deleted drafts by other users after notifying tyem.

7. Technically: a draft deleted is registered as post deleted.

I hope we need not contact WordPress about this anymore.

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