Leo Tolstoy and White Frog!

1. Brinjal plants have fruits hanging on them. Are they vegetables or fruits? I attended a workshop on Shri technique of farming. The guy from Dehradun institute of farming had no answer to my questions. He seemed like a charlatan in the end: selling old ideas in new package. Bharani nakshatra is associated with amla tree. An amla plant got burnt yesterday. I recalled ‘a spark neglected burns the house’ by Leo Tolstoy. The Banyan tree is associated with Leo or Regulus constellation. The branches of this tree fell after i took many classes under it- watching the etherial dance.

2. Sun is comforting. I had 15th meal in Deendayal rasoi this noon. I updated the notice to remove footwears outside library with ‘thankyou’ both in Hindi and English. The lady in Deendayal rasoi was standing blocking the door. The curry had too much chilly in it and if one continues to consume it one might get piles.

3. It took 21 rounds to dump the garbage and ashes from the howdah outside library loo to Nadep compost tank near banyan tree. A white frog and two centipedes were observed. The mother and the daughter. An earthworm or two. I recalled the sketch i did on her notebook when she went for a break on second last day before leaving. Upon her return i asked her what she thought of the intricate design i had created. It looks like a frog, she answered. I took the frog and put it carefully in the middle tank. It took a lot of effort to do so as it was trying to hide.

4. As I was working Vishaal was filling air in the front tyre of bicycle. He adorned his ride with vogan belia leaves. He’s a jolly good fellow and the research on the year 1941 the number on the jeans shirt he wears is still pending.

5. Squirrels and black bird joined seven sisters(only two of them were visible actually.) I need to do some more work before playing.

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Sinecure cuirass saccharine rhinoceros

Eros Thanos nostoc stockade

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