Friday 202020 Harchhat!

1. Jupiter is going to hand it over to Mars: the staff of Atmakaraka. Struggle ensues. Kartikeya the commander-in-chief. The son of Earth.

2. Venus enjoys balanced libra. It’s airy.

3. Jupiter is going to materialistic sign of its debilitation: Capricorn. Saturn and Jupiter are stars. Such combination is found at the birth of Christ consciousness. Reference: Jesus lived in India.

4. 20201120: this is last such combination. It won’t happen ever again. Three 20s. I hope vision 2020 of Abdul Kalam has been achieved. ( My student Shri corrected me: it happened once every month in this year. It will happen in December as well. Yet: it’s special today because of Jupiter Saturn conjunction. Mars takes over).

5. 2 is Moon. Three 20s: 60: 6: Venus: Friday.

6. 8: Saturn conjunction Moon. Can be observed with eyes in this city. It’s called “visha yoga” or “poison yoga” as well as “Nishthur Bhaasi” yoga.

7. Capricious capricorn. Birds. I rest the verse here with Tohu:


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