Ever wondered why human struggle is different than that of other sentient beings?


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13 words to become the best person in town – Better Life Info


We all want to be the best person dressed at a party. We also want to be the best employee in the company we work for. But, how many times have we really walked a second mile and helped a person in need.

Today’s article is based on a 13 words quote to become the best person in your community.

Although the video given below is from the text books of primary school kids, watch it to understand what I am talking about.

Some of the best lessons of life can only be learned from the books that children read.


Source: 13 words to become the best person in town – Better Life Info

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Is marriage a gift or an achievement? – Nice and Fab Deals

I had recently read a very important question on the topic of marriage:

If marriages are made in Heaven.
Why are they being broken on earth?


Those are my 13 words for today. Now let me try to answer the question and help you succeed in your relationship if you are married.

There is a famous quote from — Ann Landers, which says, “A successful marriage is not a gift; it is an achievement.”

According to me after marriage a man works to provide for his family and a woman works to turn his house into a sweet home. But, in the process the couple sometimes, or perhaps often, forgets to work on their relationship. I believe that only people who work on their relationship become happily married couples. And if a happy and successful marriage makes a person feel like heaven on earth. A failed marriage and divorce can have a devastating effect on the couple’s life. Moreover, it is often children from such marriages who have to bear the brunt.

Hence, I would say that a successful marriage is not just a gift. It is an achievement.

Although there are many books on the subject I would recommend you to buy:

The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: Jointly authored by John Mordechai Gottman and Nan Silver

USA Today has said the book is backed by 25 years of landmark marital research, while Seattle Post-Intelligencer says it offers something every relationship can benefit from.

Customer reviews that may help you in your purchase decision:

Leo: I wanted to gift my best friend on her marriage. I found this to be the apt book that will be uselful for the couple (long term). From Love, Life, Parenthood to the extreme of why we divorce.. Can be found in this book. More than a light read, it’s uselful for research purposes.

PG: Great data and very useful to understand relationships and what makes it work and what doesn’t.

About the authors

John Mordechai Gottman is a leading research scientist on marriage and family.

Nan Silver is a former editor in chief of Health magazine and coauthor, with Dr. Gottman.

They have also jointly authored two other books on the subject What Makes Love Last and Why Marriages Succeed or Fail.

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God the best author

Many write many read but the one who writes the best is God

My 13 word story for today has been inspired by the quote you see in the picture. I have just replace the word ‘You’ with ‘God.’ But, if you look at it closely and think over it deeply you will see that God is indeed the Best Author and find a solution to your many problems. And that solution is called ‘Acceptance.’


Believe in the One Almighty God and put your trust in Him alone and learn to accept things as they come. But, you might say that accepting things as they come means you have stopped dealing with your problems. Let me tell you that it does not.

You should deal with your problems as much as you can, but finally when you see that there is no way out of it accepting the situation is the best solution.

Acceptance is surrendering yourself to the will of God, believing that what he has indeed written the best.

Given below is an excerpt from a book written by one of world’s top leadership experts, Robin Sharma:

‘Acceptance. Looking for the Blessing in Disguise amidst adversity. Relaxing into whatever situation you find yourself in. Embracing the age-old cliché that life doesn’t give you what you want but just might send you what you need (thank Mick). We all get hard days and mean seasons, from time to time. That’s because you and I are enrolled in Greatness School. And challenge/conflict/confusion and uncertainty are stunningly powerful vehicles for our growth. But days get better and seasons change. By accepting “what is”, the bitter times will be shorter and your gorgeous days will get longer. And that’s my wish for you. Always.’

The excerpt is from Chapter 28 titled ‘The Brilliance of Acceptance’ from the Mr Sharma’s book Greatness Guide 2.


You may buy this and other books of Robin Sharma through these links:

Robin Sharma on Amazon

The Greatness Guide Combo

Source: God the best author – Towards A Better Life

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Always aim for self-improvement

I don’t want to be better than others I just aim for self-improvement

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13 Words Story!

I didn’t imagine it would resume

There were 11 of them. White, birds!

Image credit: Self

Courtesy: Gandhi Smarak Nidhi Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh

Prompt today: by Rehan Kazi, who is fellow author here. Thanks

Original idea: there were 6 words stories in circulation in 2015 when we began here. Being fond of the number 13 as I was born on a Friday on 13th(Triskaidekaphobia): I initiated it. It continued for sometime.

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First snow

White Backyard, red passions, and blue moods.
Nothing a fine scotch can’t fix.

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No refunds

You get what you pay for,
and not necessarily what you wish for.

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Cold Autumn

He stayed watching the leaves fall,
she’s at the beach avoiding the cold.

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New year, same us.

We haven’t seen each other in a while, I hope you’re doing good.

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