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Playa del Carmen

Just look at you with your humid hair and sunburned arms…

Pizza party

She sat next to me all evening, the party went on without us.

13 Words Story




a stout seed- or fruit-eating bird with a small head, short legs, and a cooing voice, typically having gray and white plumage.



a gullible person, especially someone swindled in gambling or the victim of a confidence trick.


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#13wordsstory Life is not so…

Life is not so complicated probably, my wrong choices made it so, perhaps.

13 Words Story: Lucky You!

If I hadn’t found you…I’d probably be driving somebody else nuts!  (Lucky!)


Prompt for the 13 Words Story


almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell.
“she would probably never see him again”
synonyms: in all likelihood, in all probability, as likely as not, (very/most) likely, ten to one, the chances are, doubtless, no doubt; archaiclike enough
“I knew I would probably never see her again”

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13 Words Story

She was hangry because the group would not choose a place to eat!

13 Words Story

She bawled relentlessly. Only later, they realized the little one wasn’t cold but hangry. Parenting isn’t easy!
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Prompt for the 13 Words Story

The #13wordsstory word for the week is:

han-gry (han-gree) adj.

a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state of well being.

Have fun!! I look forward to munching on the stories you (all) will tell this week!!