13 Words Story

She bawled relentlessly. Only later, they realized the little one wasn’t cold but hangry. Parenting isn’t easy!
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Prompt for the 13 Words Story

The #13wordsstory word for the week is:

han-gry (han-gree) adj.

a state of anger caused by lack of food; hunger causing a negative change in emotional state of well being.

Have fun!! I look forward to munching on the stories you (all) will tell this week!!




a Moment


To forgive takes but a moment

but to forget can span a lifetime.



13 Words Story – Moment

This week’s #13wordsstory must include the word (or synonym of): moment

noun 1.  a very brief period of time. “she was silent for a moment before replying”
synonyms: little while, short time, bit, minute, instant, second, split second; informal sec
“he thought for a moment”

an exact point in time.”she would always remember the moment they met”  synonyms: point (in time), time, hour “the moment they met”

an appropriate time for doing something; an opportunity. “I was waiting for the right moment”

a particular stage in something’s development or in a course of events. “one of the great moments in aviation history”

2. formal importance. “the issues were of little moment to the electorate”
synonyms: importance, import, significance, consequence, note, weight, concern, interest
“issues of little moment”

Won’t you please take a moment to showcase your #13wordsstories with us?  Hugs are promised if you do!!!


All Hands Matter! #13wordsstory


Right hand high in the sky!

I aspire to be counted…

as His!


13 Words Story: aspire

direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.
“we never thought that we might aspire to those heights”

synonyms: desire, hope for, dream of, long for, yearn for, set one’s heart on, wish for, want, be desirous of; More

rise high; tower.
“above the domes of loftiest mosques, these pinnacles of death aspire”

Looking forward to all the great 13 Words Stories that will blossom from your aspirations! I’m certain they will all be very inspiring! (giggles.)


13 Words Story: Panacea

Plagued by frustration and melancholy for years, she discovered panacea in her writing!



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Prompt for Sunday’s 13 Words Story

Hi Story-tellers, Continue reading

#13wordsstory, #feedback, #weekly

Prompt for Sunday’s 13 Words Story

Hi Story-tellers, Continue reading

#13wordsstory, #feedback, #weekly

13 word story

She grabbed his hand suspiciously and took him behind the bars.

My weekly post for Sunday 13 word story.

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