Renewal of Contract!

1. I saw her on swing and asked her to come for class in library.

2. Meanwhile I kept searching for Japuji.

3. I went to drink water in kitchen after discovering Japuji. It was Jasveer who registered this one.

4. Damayanti madam came on door of library to ask if she was in the class. I told her she was taking online class.

5. She arrived with Gandhi-Maarg in her hands. I saluted her. I said to her: “since we have completed a month of study, I want to take feedback from you.” I told her about the contract under banyan tree: a month ago.

6. She nodded.

I asked: “Are you happy with our classes?”

She said: yes. Looked towards her right.

7. Did you learn anything?

Yes, she said.

8. Do you want to continue?

Yes. She said. Her facial expressions suggested positive emotions.

We played free rice vocabulary quiz together.

9. I told her about Japuji. I asked her to study it till November 30th as Guru Nanak Jayanti was approaching. She agreed.

10. We read couple of verses.

11. They were translated by Vinoba Bhaave. Jai Jagat Veeru Sowat.

12. Then, at 12:10, 30 minutes into class: she wanted to leave. I told her: you can’t.

13. Then I asked her if she wanted to play a vocab jam. She agreed.

14. A notification from her school arrived on her whatsapp. An exam all of a sudden. What the fuck is going on here?

15. Either by hook or by crook. You win I lose.

16. A bike on masonic pulaav shop. Crowded street. The guy stares into my eyes for far too long than decency would allow. All rules of etiquettes are for pedestrians?

17. Ok. You’ve the girl with dragon tattoo on the headlight of your bike. What do I care? Can’t I feed myself in peace if hungry? Can’t I earn my living? What the fuck is going on here?

18. Here’s the list of things I need to tolerate to be happy:

1. Gutka spitters.

2. Those who cut. Bikers, jeeps etc.

3. Eldarins on barber shops.

4. Those who ask for address but mean something else.

5. Those who stare into eyes.

6. Electricity department. Police department. Traffic police department. Municipal corporation. Dog trainers. Maafia. Shamans. Masons. The bricks on second storey roof have ss as imprint. IAS. IPS. Tehsildar. Chief ministers. Juice seller. Tea stall owners. Dindayal rasoi(food only for 5 rupees). VYAPAM. Lawyers association. Swami Pranavananda Vedic Research Institute which became Mishra Ki Bagiya. What kind of research is ongoing inside that? Modi. Amit Shah. Akshay Kumar. Kangana Ranawat. Joe Biden. Russian Mafia. Vladimir Putin. ICICI bank. 105 is my insurance. Lucky Ali. Anuradha Paudwal . Anand Mahindra. PNC. Bharat Mata outside girl’s college. My name is Vyas Chappal number Seven. Kapil. Brihaspati. Vachaspati. Vanaspati. Pati. Paati. Patni.ati. atinganda. Ganda. Garland on bike.

7. Etcetera. Medical agency. Secert diseases. Madmen. Dhaniram. Rampike. Slow bike. Icarus rustic tic-tac-toe. Oeillade.

8. Contractionicarusselcrowbarredragonfalonionoisomeshugameteamachetenetuftinnitusulcustardolittlemmingsingularitzygotenetincturemnantingemeningitisimpertuftingemiasmaintit

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100 Words Story – Unspoken Confessions

Hello everybody,
I am sorry for being so late with my Friday post. I was asked to step in at the last moment as there was a slot free for 100 words stories feature! I came up with this story at the last minute, please do share your feedback.

100 Words Story-

I gathered up all my courage that day and called her to the park near her house. My friend had said that I would never be able to tell her that I liked her. Incited, I bet him a cola that I would. I was waiting for her in the park and then, it rained. Drenched, I was worried she would never show up. Just then, I saw her in her polka-dotted dress carrying an umbrella. She looked at a girl passing by, and they exchanged a shy smile. Before I could say anything she said, “I am in love!”

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Friday Feature: 100 Words Story…A lovely night


It was a beautiful cloudy, moon night, I was again waiting for him, standing on the dimly lit balcony. There I see a sweet chakor hanging in the air, searching for a place to sit, so that she can enchant her beloved. A sight it was, one waiting lover, watching another, waiting one. And then it rained heavily, soaking me in its essence of love, taking away my pain of loneliness. I felt big warm hands trying to wrap me up in an embrace, gently kissing my knuckles, he muttered “Lover’s do get separated, to be reunited in the end”.

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Prompt for August Friday Feature 100 Words Story!

This Friday’s 100 Word Story Prompt is: a phrase Continue reading

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A scenic drive #100 word story


(c) Rashmi Menon

“Oh! Not again!’, Sasha groaned .

The GPS had led her to the same STOP sign for the third time. For the past one hour Sasha had been driving in the same area struggling to locate the campground.

Luckily a park ranger noticed her and helped her.

“Mam, drive on this road for a quarter mile and the campground will be on the left. I hope you enjoyed the scenic drive.”

That’s when Sasha realized that she had ignored the beautiful nature around her in her search for the destination! Indeed, she had missed the forest for the trees.

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Prompt for July Friday Feature of 100 Words Story

Hi all,

In keeping with the mood of the ever changing features of our forum (we are yet to decide the new feature for Monday, I know!), I thought why not try a different prompt than always. With the recent photo feature Shutterbug Showcase picking up interest and becoming such a success, why not spice things up a bit for this feature too. What do you say?

So I decided to go with a photo prompt for the 100 Words Story this time. Here’s the beautiful picture that Rashmi Menon very kindly shared with us to use for this week.  Continue reading

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They had finally came on a long “late night” drive. Just like the old times when they used to sneak out of their houses for trips like these. The car’s speed increased in conjunction with their happiness meter. Before long, all they concentrated on was each other, rather than the roads ahead.

Their laughter was pierced by the deafening silence brought on by the collision with the trailer. She was thrown out of car, from where she saw, his mangled remains beneath the tires of the vehicle.

The screeching brakes jolted her out of the deja vu she just had.

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Deja Vu Time stood still…

Deja Vu

Time stood still in this very moment. I am in Central Park jogging, I begin to slow down and eventually stop. I have been in this moment before. My eyes dart left and they dart right. Who was I with? Why was I here? I look again to my left and I see the couple arguing, the woman storms off and the middle aged man stares at her and then put his head down. To the right of me, I see an elderly couple holding hands and kissing gently. I may never recall how or why, but I definitely was here…


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Prompt for Friday Feature 100 Words Story!

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Friday Feature 100 word story

Veiled Vices

Clad in her favourite yellow sari, she went in to the kitchen to make tea for her in-laws. She smiled, remembering how in the morning Rehan had pulled her sari and had not let her go.
The priests had declared her unlucky for him . She was ‘Manglik’*, they said. Despite his family’s objections they got married, a month ago. His parents though hesitant at first had eventually accepted her to their family.
Everything was perfect.Or so it seemed. Until she lit the burner.
Her mother-in-law continued reading her book and turned a deaf ear to the screams that engulfed the kitchen along with the flames.

*Manglik-In India, being Manglik has been considered as some kind of curse, especially for brides.
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