Happy new month of November 2018 All (hopefully)

We still don’t have much news of world events and issues here in the UK (aka British isles) and so I hope wherever in the world you are that all is well and peoples of all lands are in good health and happy as can be. Obviously I am aware there have been some extreme weather events, quakes and other natural (or man-made) disasters and accessing technology and world-wide-web/comms can be difficult even here at times. So our thoughts and hopes are with you all, all peoples, all around the world. I’ll try to get back to post here more regularly and hope to see other regulars nipping back in when they are able. Best wishes to you all.
I hope admins don’t mind an external event share while we have no currently active events here. Maybe Tri’s a listed member but I’m not sure. Perhaps they have been a member or commenter previously, but as all bloggers are usually welcome to participate at Blogger’s World, and their #UKblogging is regular and reliable and I am a regular visitor, so, i just thought I’d share a link to a good blogging buddy’s #link-up party at https://itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com/2018/11/01/its-the-i-am-all-caught-up-weekend-share-54/ (you can post links to their comments space at that post before midnight GMT on Friday 2nd November and they repost your link(s) to their blog followers throughout the weekend – after reading to approve your post content – visit Tri’s blog to read the complete rules, it’s very short and clear. Maybe I’ll see your link from Tri’s link-sharing promotions during the event or at their post itself.

Hey all! Happy Fall! I…

Hey all! Happy Fall! I have published a new post on my blog if interested.

Hi, all. Fall, huh? Temperatures…

Hi, all. Fall, huh? Temperatures in the mid 80’s yesterday and today, thunderstorms possible, air conditioner running1 Wow. NJ weather is just nuts. Anyway, I rececently publeshed a new post if y’all would care to read it! Have a blessed day!


Shout out to all…Blogger’s World…

Hey there all, a quick hallo and hope everyone’s ok out there in the big wide world while we’ve had all these recent extreme weather events. Earthquake yesterday somewhere in the world made a rumble and small shake here 06:39BST [07:39GMT] – I just happened to have insomnia overnight from a long ill daytime kip. I must have slept later in the day when another quake struck Greece. Not keeping up with the news well, often doesn’t seem to be any much enough.

Blogger’s World started in mid-summer 2015 after much hard work and effort of our trusted volunteers and admins. Thanks to all of you for creating and continuing this venue for blogging community.  Yet again none of us had a moment to spare from our everyday lives to spare a quick interaction here. Life’s like that, busy with other things. Be nice to here from you all if you’re still around WordPress.

All of a sudden Autumn chills turned back toward summer and it was roasting warm here in the Midlands of England (Britain) yesterday. I missed earlier weather reports and only popping in here quick while I should be doing something else. So I’ll set aside reading time another day soon and hopefully get round ‘neighbours’ for a catch up too. I’ll drop a blog link if I post anything at my blog soon and maybe seek feedback. Stay safe and keep well.

Love and best wishes all, Colette.

Hi, everyone! It’s been a…

Hi, everyone! It’s been a hot/humid and/or a wet/humid and/or a wet/cold/humid summer in New Jersey. Does that sound schizophrenic? Well, it actually just means it’s a typical NJ summer! 😊
It’s also been a summer of challenges -I guess the biggest one was that my sweet little dog died peacefully in his sleep a few weeks ago. The second resulted in the attached post. I hope that it encourages and challenges you.

Good morning! In this corner of the world, August seems like a true change-time…How about in your corner?

That’s my blog post for the week.

Hope you are well and blogging is going great!



Hi Everyone,

How are you all doing? Sorry, I’ve kept out of touch for so long. How are you all doing?
Life has been busy at my end, what with writing, working, and English training assignments. Have a couple of days before another project starts in August.
Meanwhile, writing is going well and most of you probably already know this – Have managed to get an eBook out in the middle of all this madness. 😀
Titled, Just Another Day, it is a collection of 3 short stories and is available on Kindle, across the world.
USA: http://a.co/fs5EBSW ; Canada: http://a.co/9jwprWX ; UK: http://amzn.eu/fF5U4zk (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
(On that note, would anyone be interested in hosting me on their blog for an interview or an excerpt? Please reach out via comment here or via the contact box on my blog, if you would be kind enough. Would really appreciate it.)
There are several underlying themes common to the three stories – the duration of 24 hours being just one – and yet, all the stories are starkly different from one another.
It has been getting some amazing reviews and is a super quick read. That’s the reason I can confidently say you will love it too. Do pick it up and share your review of it. Look forward to your reviews.