Anonymous no more

Soooo, I’ve finally done it. I have finally made my blog non-anonymous! After reading this post, you’ll know what I actually look like!
@sashay909 and @thinkerv0 I hope you both read this post. Your comments would mean a great deal to me

Anonymous No More


Poetry Corner – It’s Magic Being Your Friend

It is magic being your friend.

Roam the world. Don’t regret later

May all be well, for you!

This festive season wears me out.

The year opens its tender eyes.

She then took her final breath

Alas! The end is upon us!

Friends reminisce of times gone by

Fascinating fragility, wrapped in feathery fluff

everyone was super excited for Blogging101

Thus it came to an end…

I will be posting a poll shortly to get ideas for our Tuesday feature. I will be taking the suggestions from Anand’s post. If there are any other suggestions on what to do on Tuesdays, feel free to suggest them here.
#weekly #poetrycorner

Dear Friends

Hi guys,
I am really sorry if I am not visible lately here as I have been busy and I am trying to catch up with what happened here. It seems there’s a lot of developments recently and it was great to know that Blogger’s World is growing and I hope and pray that despite some issues we will be able to continue to being a great and happy community with the goal of helping each other. This community had been a tremendous help to me as a blogger and I appreciate all of you especially those who worked hard for this forum to be a haven for bloggers. I say my thanks to @thinkerv0 for doing his part as an admin, being active and helpful and I agree that he was one of the backbone of this community. I hope that him being asked to step down as admin will not have any negative impact and I wish him well and that he will continue to be supportive and be a positive example to us all.
In a different note, I would like to share that I had a great experience on my free online university courses which thankfully I am able to finish (some turned to auditing which means they can see the materials but since they will not be able to submit assignments they will not be able to get statement of accomplishments/certificates). The free lessons and videos there were great, having a certificate was just added bonus for me (it was not a degree/credit kind of course, the founder just want to use that to create positive impact through providing free courses). You can visit and check them out here:
There was a forum also there for classmates and I have been active there and I was asked there to assist other students with their queries much like this community (there was no fee of course, it was volunteer work just like the admins and all of us here have been doing) and I was glad to do that as way of giving back for the free online courses. I found new friends there, awesome individuals like you whose goals are to be part of positive change.
The focus/title of the courses: global social entrepreneurship, essentials of non-profit, leadership, social impact, organizational capacity, fundraising and financial modeling. It was more of how we can learn strategies to help communities and projects to have greater impact (mostly for non-profit organizations but also for social entrepreneurship), lasting change and sustainability. It opened new ideas for me, that in our small way we can be involved in things that are worthwhile just like blogging, that we can pay it forward. The courses are finished and I will share with you the link once I found out if they will be offered again.
Still, I enrolled in different courses (from another program) this year to improve my skills and learn new ideas that hopefully I can apply to my career and to help others so I might still be busy but I definitely will not leave the community and blogging as I consider this already a part of my life.

Here are the links for the new courses that you might be interested to enroll in. Hopefully you will if your time permits (Some have fee but most are free):

May all of you be blessed. Hugs and love to everyone 🙂

A Happy Post About Snow Leopards to Brighten Your Day

Hello fellow bloggers,

This past two days have been difficult for many of us here. @thinkerv0‘s stepping down is big news, and I know I’m not the only one who’s distraught about it. I can’t speak for anyone else’s experience, but he was definitely a positive influence for me.

Therefore I believe this is a fitting time to announce that I’ve come across some wonderful news regarding snow leopards. The Kyrgyz Department of Hunting and Natural Resource Management, Snow Leopard Foundation Kyrgyzstan, and the Snow Leopard Trust have teamed up to turn an ibex hunting concession in Kyrgyzstan into a nature reserve.

This will benefit snow leopards by bolstering the local population of ibex: an important prey animal for snow leopards. This in turn should decrease attacks on livestock, which will help local herders. The reserve will also be used for education, tourism, research, and as well-managed grazing land for local herders. I’m particularly excited about the last bit, because it represents an attempt to balance the needs of wildlife with those of local people.

To read more about this story, click here to view my recent post.

The Stepping Down Story

Hey guys! Anand stepping down is huge news. He was one of those people from the 101 who set up this community blog as an extension of the course. He is a tenacious bulldog (with all the respect in the world buddy! With a capital R 🙂 ) that stops at nothing. He read everything. Left comments on everybody’s posts and talked to everyone. This is something I personally cannot do and I respect him for that.

But, let us not forget Rashmi ( @sashay909 ) Christina ( @wynstep ) and Kristina’s ( @kristinavanhoos ) role in this site too. They are equally responsible for shaping up this site as it is today. Co-ordinating a 100+ blog with P2 theme is no easy stuff. Creating tags, setting up weekly features and some of the other great things are examples of what they did just to turn that 101 course into an extended vacation. Today the site has grown into a massive gathering of WordPress alumni. This is a good thing. This is a great thing. The community has become a forum.

And forums is something this site is NOT designed to become. When I say design I mean it visually. Stay away for a week and see tons of new people when you come back. I don’t see much of Ishita, Ivan Proust,  Garth, Arpita , Lula Harp and    most of the early members. New members are a wonderful addition.

But with a hundred more people comes hundred different perspectives. While some us find Anand to be an extremely helpful keyboard warrior typing his way through friendliness, some of us think of him as ‘that guy who just spams your comments and throws love and light at you’

Yes, someone somewhere in some corner of this blog definitely thinks like that. And that is okay. They haven’t known him since the beginning. What’s loving hug to a few is uncomfortable closeness to others. Everybody has their own perspective.

Anand’s ‘intimidating’ behaviour must party be caused due to the constant notifications. He was an admin. He must be getting notifications for every damn thing posted here. And he typed back. I believe this is the reason for his stepping down from the admin position. He needs a break. Everyone who interacts with hundreds of people needs a break. He has every right to do so.

But, let us not get sentimental. Don’t leave the site just because he is admin no more. Don’t make it look like mass resignation of the cabinet when the Prime Minister retires. Stick to the posts. Get feedback. Get help. Meet people. Stop being melodramatic. You are not here as you. This is not a social network. Here your username is your blog. Your profile is your blog. Stick to that. This is a public place. When someone points a finger at one of the people on the stage, some action will definitely happen. We certainly have no right to criticize the admins especially when we don’t know what happened. Anand is still here. Aren’t you ( @thinkerv0 ) ?

This totally needs #feedback I love typing up long posts

Hi All, I was just…

Hi All, I was just reading the post about Anand stepping down as an administrator. I’m sure there were reasons and it was worked out as best as possible.

I just want to thank Anand publicly for his support and friendship here and before. Whatever mistakes were made, that is the simply truth from my end. I wish him the best, and hope to continue to see him around.



Here is an updated Table of Contents

As of January 21, 2016, this is an updated “Table of Contents” for our #weekly #grammar /punctuation feature.  We’ve added our very first post, which was overlooked in previous versions. Contributors, please let me know if I need to make any other corrections/additions.

We hope this helps newcomers.

August 20: Your Weekly Dose of Grammar and Punctuation @thinkerv0

August 26: Make your sentences make sense @drmegsorick

September 2: Comma Splice @theanonymoustalker

September 9: Choosing the right word @drmegsorick

September 16: Avoiding Apostrophe Catastrophe @pamkirst2014

September 24: English grammar and style options. Plus proofreading tools. @dalees107

September 30: Cranky: that’s what I am! Misuse of the colon. @pamkirst2014

October 7: Wordiness @dalees107

October 14: Verb Tense @drmegsorick

October 22: Cranky Old English Teacher  @pamkirst2014

October 29: Passive Voice @dalees107

November 4: Avoiding Repetition. @drmegsorick

November 18: Reflecting on the reflexive and who’s who @maddy1953

November 25: Grammar Time! @drmegsorick

December 3:  Passive or active, slippery or secure?@maddy1953

December 10: Sometimes Fragmented, Always Searching for Independence @pamkirst2014

December 17: Say what you mean and mean what you say @dalees107

December 24: Apostrophes and Apostrophe Abuse @maddy1953

December 30: “Can we talk?” I asked. Writing dialogue! @drmegsorick

January 6: “Checking the Intake Valve.” @pamkirst2014

January 21: ““A Little Comma Relief”  @pamkirst2014

And “How to make your post sticky” whenever you publish the weekly feature.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions as to how to make this a better grammar feature. I don’t “own” it so anyone can come in and edit it with the approval of the admins. I’d like to put it in reverse with the newest first, but just lacking time this month. So busy helping my mom and keeping a diary of what all we are doing….

Kristina @kristinavanhoos
Rashmi @sashay909

Chat Room?

Dear friends,

I have been getting suggestions about developing a chat room here on the forum so that uninterrupted light-hearted discussions might be carried on.

I have been to many forums with chat rooms but here since we have everything front-end I wonder how that might be possible. If tech-savvy friends know a way around let’s know 🙂

This was on my mind for many days so I have put it before you today. Let me know what you think 🙂

@sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick @lulaharp @mkjackie99 @piyushavir
@notionlux @ananyabha @21timetraveler @theotherscienceblog @noorainsobiya @iamabloggertoo @iamdonovan @vikrambishla
#idea #discussion

Anand 🙂

Anyone up for a Challenge?

I am planning on taking a 2016 reading challenge. I would love for you to join me. Here is the post I published about the 2016 Reading Challenge


Poetry Corner Has Run Its Course!

Dear friends,

After the completion of 17th event I am planning on ending it. It was beautiful when it lasted but now let’s create some new event for Tuesday. 🙂

All suggestions are welcome. I am thinking about something musical and interviews. Interviews are dependent so will dry after a few week when active members have all been interviewed. But musical events might be continued for longer. 🙂

Other ideas are also welcome 🙂 #idea #discussion

@sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick @lulaharp @mkjackie99 @piyushavir
@avenscent @notionlux @iamabloggertoo @iamdonovan @meontheroad00

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂