Hello everyone! I am new…

Hello everyone!
I am new to blogging and its been only about six months since I started my blog www.notionlux.wordpress.com.
I heard about your forum from one of my fellow bloggers @piyushavir at Blogging 201. I am still struggling with a lot of technical aspects with respect to my blog which is one reason as to why I am here – to learn from all of you! 🙂
Then again, I understand you are all proficient writers (Sorry, but I can’t think of a better word at the moment!) with varied styles of writing. I hope to receive feedback from you on how I can improve.
Needless to say, I even aspire to make some friends here. 🙂
@thinkerv0 requires special mention for promptly extending a warm welcome to me!
And finally, thank you all for having me here. I look forward to a great blogging experience! 🙂


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A Humble Request To Old And New Members!

Dear friends,


In the right sidebar on this forum you see some links. Some of them are for feedback, some others for ideas and help. How do they help us? If an admin, volunteer or member wants to find out all posts where feedback or help is needed all he has to do is to right click and open that link in a window and a page listing all posts with those tags(feedback, idea or help) gets opened up.


If you don’t use ‘feedback’ tag your post might get lost among others and people who want to help you will not be able to help as they can’t find it out. It will be more so as number of posts everyday start getting increased. So far I have kept adding tags on your post and many of us forget to add them so I have kept reminding. I will keep doing so–but my time and energy are also limited so I also tend to miss. It will be great if everyone is careful in adding tags on their posts. It will definitely make this forum a better place –easily allowing feedback and help for all members.


Volunteers:  Volunteer is not any special man with a hat on his or her head. Anyone who wants to help others is a volunteer. Please use the tags in the right sidebar and see which posts have not received feedback. Let’s see that no one remains without help or feedback. We are so many now and if someone doesn’t get help or feedback it is a pity. If most of us help others a bit like we want for ourselves–everyone will be covered. My sincere appreciation for those members who have been constantly helping others. Awards are in process and your efforts have been recognized. Thank you so much!


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@sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @jaipurthrumylens @arpitastravelblog @mickjcanning @vellissima @meontheroad00 @drmegsorick @lulaharp

@theotherscienceblog @mkjackie99 @joseelavallee @vikrambishla

@ambarastuti @vellissima




Love and light ❤


Anand 🙂


Blogger’s World: The New Forum Name!

Dear friends,


Poll results are out! Blogger’s world won it by a close margin. Blogging Brigade was second. We had 28 votes in total. Thank you everyone for your votes. 🙂

Rashmi: @sashay909: This means some hard work for all of us especially for you because logo and FB background has to be redesigned. 🙂 😀


If you just want to change the title in the logo–it is fine and if you consider a design change ( now that we have been here for about 4 months!) that will be great! I know you are busy right now so please take your time. There is no hurry! Continue reading

Hello everyone. I am a…

Hello everyone. I am a new member of this alumni. I have been blogging for the past 11 months and this new year will mark a a year of my blogging, that is my first blogging anniversary. Hope to learn more about blogging 😊 .Here’s the link to an attempted poem https://meloheartsite.wordpress.com/2015/12/09/parting-words-of-a-lover/?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C6795624849 the prompt given to me was sleep.


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New Forum Name!

Dear friends,

Last week we incorporated tagline. Now it is about tag.

Blogging 101: Alumni received a great number of votes when we did voting in August because nostalgia was deep. I never thought that this was going to be the name forever. Still, if most of you feel it should be left intact let us know.

This blog is open to all WordPress bloggers regardless of their having taken Blogging University course. WordPress bloggers because in order to interact here you need a wordpress account. If you blog on Blogger or Tumblr or somewhere else and still want to interact here with a WordPress account you are most welcome 🙂

Let’s discuss about new name.

Blogging Brigade
World Wide Weblog

is something I remember from August. If you agree with name change please give suggestions and if you don’t then also let us know. Majority will be honored.

Piyusha has suggested Blogger’s World. and Mad House
I have lost the thread where she suggested names so I don’t remember others. Please comment your suggestions again, Piyusha @piyushavir
Marica @meontheroad00
Bloggers Party
Bloggers Agora
Bloggers Arena

Meg @drmegsorick

The Hive Mind

I request all of you to kindly give your suggestions. I will wait for 24 hours. Then we shall have a voting based on suggestions ( assuming majority is in favor of a name change so that we may expand)

Voting will also be open only for 24 hours. ( I feel most of the people who care will respond in 24 hours. ) If you suggest we might go for 1 week window.

@sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @shinepositivepower @piyushavir @pamkirst2014 @ishitarc1908 @arpitastravelblog @vellissima
@21timetraveler @sandeept252 @avenscent @dj120 @jaipurthrumylens @mickjcanning @meontheroad00 @drmegsorick @joseelavallee @raniamanda @ambarastuti @lulaharp @mkjackie99 @wanderlaur @adriennea3 @garthmr @dawnmarie823 @darshith0000 @jsackmom
@carey27 @dalees107 @maddy1953 @funsimplicity


Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

New Members Are Most Welcome!

Dear Friends 🙂



A few new members have joined us lately. Some of them have already started interacting and I would like to introduce them to you.

@mickjcanning  Mick is a friendly blogger who writes beautiful post about his travel experiences. A novel is also in the process. You are most welcome Mick!

@jaipurthrumylens Arv is a blogger friend who lives in Jaipur, India and shares his experiences via lovely pictures. You are most welcome Arv!

@vikrambishla Vikram is a friendly blogger who lives in India. He is a self-made person who has wide array of interests. Ever thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement, he shares inspirational stories and quotes on his blog. You are most welcome, Vikram!


@jsackmom She is a friendly blogger who writes wonderful posts in Saturday stream of consciousness feature on her blog and lives in Canada. You are most welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to interact with other members and keep sharing posts from your blog for feedback. You can also help other members and also do featured weekly posts in various categories if you wish. I am sure you will be very active here and the forum will be a wonderful place with you. 🙂


I would like to introduce you to some members 🙂

Most of these friends met during August and November Blogging 101 course and since then we have been interacting with each other. Some of them are admins, volunteers and regular contributors over here 🙂

@wanderlaur  Lauren is a teacher as well as a wanderer who shares thoughtful posts on her blog. She has been taking part in discussions actively on this blog. 🙂

@joseelavallee  Josee is a creative artist who has many interests. She keeps sharing her tips for painting, writing and blogging with us. She is a spiritual lady with firm faith in lord 🙂

@raniamanda Amanda who is also known as Ranie, is a fellow blogger friend who always keeps supporting her friends and takes part in events like poetry corner regularly. 🙂

@indira2412 Indira is fellow blogger friend who lives in Vizag, India. She is a versatile artist who writes various stories, poems and shares her experiences in Hindi as well as English. She is a spiritual lady, ever willing to improve her writing and thinking, she keeps helping and encouraging her fellow friends. 🙂 Continue reading

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A Very Happy Birthday To Piyusha!



A Very Happy Birthday to Piyusha from Alumni family 🙂


May you get bliss, peace, light and love 🙂


May this day and year ahead bring you health, happiness and prosperity. 🙂


Have fun! Cheers 🙂


@sashay909 @theotherscienceblog @ishitarc1908 @sandeept252 @avenscent  @raniamanda @cathylynnbrooks @pamkirst2014 @kristinavanhoos @drmegsorick @21timetraveler @vellissima @meontheroad00 @wanderlaur @mickjcanning



LOve and light ❤ ❤ ❤


Anand 🙂