How are you all doing?

Hello Bloggers,

We have seen a lot of sad news related to Covid-19 from India. The cases are shooting up here in Nepal as well. I have not been able to gather news from other parts of the world because of lack of news on mainstream media. Hope you are all doing well.

Because of my marriage, I could not give attention to the forum past month. I wanted to inform the forum but everything happened so quickly. The activity on the forum has somehow died down here. In fact, there has been no post here since April 28. I hope everything is well with our admin @dancinglightofgrace and authors @lifeenhancer4all @cheriewhite @yamarella.

See you 🙂


Interviewing Authors

I intend to interview regular authors here.

You can answer some simple questions and skip any if you don’t want to answer.

You can post answers here itself, in form of a new post or post them on your blog with a link posted here.

I hope it would help us know each other better.

I invite @lifeenhancer4all @sandeept252 @yamarella @cheriewhite


1. When did you begin blogging and how?

2. What are your hobbies, if any, other than blogging?

3. Do you think you have a goal or mission in life?

4. Where do you live at present?

5. How did you come across Blogger’s World?

6. Which books are you reading at present or which are your favorite books or authors?


Anyone, who is not a regular author here is obviously welcome to answer these questions and share their ideas with us.

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Should we allow Amazon Product reviews?

Hi Anand @dancinglightofgrace,

Yesterday, you kept me in loop with regards to Rehan’s inquiry about posting Amazon product reviews on Blogger’s World.

I checked the guidelines and rules. There is nothing that says we should not allow product reviews. However, my concern is some visitors might think of product reviews as commercial or even spammy content.

Hi Rehan @lifeenhancer4all,

Could you please share the link to your product reviews on this thread? It would be easier to look into your content from here and make a decision based on it.

Dear authors, readers and visitors, it would be helpful if you told us how it feels to see product reviews on this forum.

Thank you.



Topic: Deletion of comment | Forums

Hi Sandeept,

The support help has replied saying there’s no glitch. User has trashed the comment.





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Comment Trashed?

January 17, 2021


1. The activity log says: lifeenhancer4all trashed my comment.

2. While you have the right to do so. I would like to know the reason if you did that.

3. The comment was this: “very true.”





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Weekly Features!

Dear authors,

1. Now that we have a small team consisting of active members:

2. @sandeept252 , @lifeenhancer4all , @yamarella @dancinglightofgrace @cheriewhite

3. I invite you to take a look at Weekly Features page. It’s the last page in the list of pages on this site.

4. It was used by us to create schedules for weekly featured articles scheduled in advance for a month or two. It would be a feature where you have liberty of expressing yourself individually.

5. Please recommend if you would like to add new weekly features. If you are interested in taking up any weekly features: I would assign it to you and create schedule.

6. For example: I teach English language Grammar and creative writing for a living. This feature i can take. I can also take word nerd or etymology feature. You can take any features you like on the first come first served basis for as many iterations as you want to. I recommend you taking one feature per week for long term commitment.

7. Though it’s not a must : we prefer you posting an original article here. If you later post it on your blog or elsewhere it’s fine. If you want to repost a favorite post you did on your blog or a post you’re planning to publish first on your blog: it’s fine as long as you do that as a ‘fresh post’ here and not merely re blogging the link to redirect users to your blog.

8. If anything regarding weekly features or this post is unclear : feel free to ask me for clarification.

9. Two basic strengths of this forum have been: weekly features and continued discussion. One post per week shouldn’t be too much of responsibility for any of us. It can be of any length you choose, any style or mood provided it resembles a category we have or that category can be added provided we agree upon your taking responsibility for it for at least a few weeks.

Waiting for your help,


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Welcome, Rehan!

Thank you for accepting our invite, Rehan (@lifeenhancer4all). You’re now an author!
You can now write blog posts or share useful links to the forum. You can do it from the text editor on the top of the forum or “Your Site” page or the mobile app.
Please look into our FAQ page and Guidelines for more information.
You can get help by tagging any one of the admins @dancinglightofgrace or @sandeept252 using #help on your post or comment.
We look forward to your contributions!

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