Weekly Schedule for April 2016

This post is to confirm schedule of weekly features from April 1st – April 30th.

Fridays:  3 Quotes , TV Review, Book Review, 100 Words Story

(Schedule Incharge – Piyusha @piyushavir)

Please confirm for the dates availability for the dates of April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th.

This Friday being the first Friday of the month (April 1st) is the turn for 3 Quotations.
* Update : BarbCT is doing this week 3 Quotations @barbct .

April 8th: Anyone interested in doing a TV Show/Film Review?
@jahnavichintakunta @drmegsorick @joseelavallee @beckyaluoch @feelings161 @cluelessbirdie @surbhisachdeva89

April 15th: Need volunteers for Book Review @adriennea3 @iamabloggertoo @iamdonovan @jahnavichintakunta  @haripriyakm  @notionlux @fjjjuneau @ishitarc1908 @myusername432

April 29th: Need volunteers for 100 Words Story @thegeneviever @xaranahara @whatsandrathinks @jahnavichintakunta @vikrambishla @feelings161 @surbhisachdeva89 @notionlux @iamabloggertoo @srinathtk86

For more information: please check Friday Feature Plan

Saturdays: Creative Writing Tips

(Schedule Incharge – Pam & Dr. Meg @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick)

Requesting all English language experts to advise their availability.

Pam @pamkirst2014 Meg @drmegsorick Debbie @dalees107 Oneta @onetarhayes

Anyone else willing to do them is welcome too. Please nominate yourselves in advance and let us know.

Sunday: 13 Words Story

(Schedule Incharge – Piyusha @piyushavir)

I shall share a prompt on Saturdays (Suggestions are welcome) and anyone willing to participate can write a story in a word limit of 13 words. You can post here or on your blog and ping-back or both.

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Need Volunteers!

I need volunteers for the following to fill February schedule:

Thursday Grammar for Feb 25th
Friday 3 Quotes for Feb 26th
Monday Etymology for Feb 29th

And also volunteers for Saturday Blogcast for Feb 20 and 27th!

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Grammar time! Plurals!

I found this cool graphic on Pinterest and thought it summarized what I was going to talk about today.  Rather than “reinvent the wheel” and try to put this into a written post, I thought I’d just share it with you.  English has so many quirks and eccentricities regarding the way things are spelled, pluralized, personalized and so forth, that sometimes I wonder how we ever manage to learn all the rules!  Here’s the link to a really cool website with resources for homeschoolers!

I hope this is helpful!  I apologize for the brief post, but I currently find myself slightly overwhelmed with work and writing projects!  Happy writing!


New Tuesday Feature is Here!

And the winner is…. drum rolls

Unknown Facts!

We can decide on a different name. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’ve had the following suggestions so far from @onetarhayes

  •  “Fun Facts”
  • “Did you Know. . .”
  • “Trivia Abounds”
  • “Click if you Know. . .” and attach poll,
  • “Really Truly?”
  • “Funny Facts.

Vote for your favorite here.

We will need volunteers to help run this feature. You only need to search for some facts and include the original URL where you found them.

To get it started, here are my fun facts for the week:

Did you know Bubble Wrap(TM) was originally designed to be wallpaper? (source)

If you thought Hillary Clinton was the first woman who ran for presidency, you are mistaken, just as I was! The first was actually Victoria Woodhull on April 2, 1872. (source)

Love cats? Wish your kitten would stay little forever? Well consider getting a Singapuras, the smallest cat, who weighs only 4 pounds. (source)

I used to think Titanic and The Tenth Kingdom were long. However, they pale in comparison to the longest movie. At 85 hours long, “The Cure for Insomnia” may just be the most accurate title ever.  (source)

The longest case of hiccups lasted 69 years. Can you imagine how annoying that must have been? Ugh!  (source)

Which fact do you find as the most interesting? Did you know them all prior to today?

If you have other ideas for how you’d like to see this feature run, please let us know!

If you’d like to volunteer to post on February 16th, please let us know!

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Introducing the New Members!

Hello to all the lovely members of Blogger’s World,

In the last couple of days we have had about 3-4 new members who have joined the forum. This post is to officially welcome them to the forum and also to introduce some of the most active members in here.

Let’s welcome:

Clueless Birdie: Say hello to @niyati16 who blogs at her site called, yes you guessed it, Clueless Birdie.

Feelings 161: Say hello to @feelings161 who blogs over at her site aptly called ‘My Feelings – My Freedom’

In Your After Glow: Say hello to @haripriyakm who is also a new blogger. Do check out her blog called ‘In Your After Glow’

Surbhi Sachdeva: Last but definitely not the least, say hello to @surbhisachdeva89. Surbhi – please share your blog address in the comments.

For the benefit of the new members:

A full list of the members of this forum can be found on the sidebar on your right under the title “Authors”. At any time feel free to tag one of the admins if you have any questions. Also, please feel free to interact with all the members of this forum.



Hi, I am Haripriya. Have…

Hi, I am Haripriya. Have just entered the blogging world. Am eager to hear you all.

Piyusha led me to this forum, a great friend and a huge supporter.

https://inyourafterglow.wordpress.com/ is my blog which is almost empty as of now 😦

Please let me have your feedback on going ahead with writing. Thank you


Ending Feuds

100 words story by Visakha of Worldly Words!

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Inkings of the Soul

Little Tom stood quietly beside his daddy and looked on impassively at the proceedings in the hall.

Mommy had made him wear the black tuxedo that Gammy had gifted him on his previous birthday. The last time he had worn it, Gammy had beamed and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Today, Gammy wasn’t talking to anybody. She was sleeping in her wooden box and refused to budge, no matter what people said to her. Grandpa was really upset to the point that he was crying. He kept saying she was behaving this way because they had fought last night.

Submitted for the Weekly Prompt: 100 words story.

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