Poetry Corner 16 Invites You Kindly!

Dear friends,

After the huge success(well it was not huge to be honest! ) of 15th event let’s cheer and gear up for the 16th. Please send your 6 words poems/stories to me via thinkerv0@gmail.com

There is no theme. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas. 🙂

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Inviting New Year pics

Hi Friends & Fellow Bloggers,
This being the very first New Year celebration at Blogger’s World, let’s all celebrate it together.
It is for this virtual celebration, that we will be coming out with a special take on Travel Guide.
Request you all to join in the fun and contribute photos of the New Year celebrations you attend.
Please mail them to piyushavir@gmail.com with the Subject Line – NY Pics. Please do include the following information – your name, your blog name and url, location of the pic, along with a brief description of what you did (we want to join in the fun!). If you’d like to share information of some special event happening in your city, that’s welcome too. If you spot some beautiful decorations around your city or at a mall, click away and send those. If you plan to spend a quiet night at home, watching TV or movies, send us pics of you doing that too! Would appreciate if the pics are of this year’s celebrations but even if you send those of previous year’s, it would be fine.
Please free to contact me for further information or questions. Deadline for sending the pictures is 11 p.m. on Jan 1st, 2016 GMT.
Look forward to all the pics of fireworks, revelry, awesome food, and madness that you will be indulging in !
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Anand, Rashmi – please tag anyone else i may have missed.

New Members Are Most Welcome!

Dear Friends 🙂



A few new members have joined us lately. Some of them have already started interacting and I would like to introduce them to you.

@mickjcanning  Mick is a friendly blogger who writes beautiful post about his travel experiences. A novel is also in the process. You are most welcome Mick!

@jaipurthrumylens Arv is a blogger friend who lives in Jaipur, India and shares his experiences via lovely pictures. You are most welcome Arv!

@vikrambishla Vikram is a friendly blogger who lives in India. He is a self-made person who has wide array of interests. Ever thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement, he shares inspirational stories and quotes on his blog. You are most welcome, Vikram!


@jsackmom She is a friendly blogger who writes wonderful posts in Saturday stream of consciousness feature on her blog and lives in Canada. You are most welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to interact with other members and keep sharing posts from your blog for feedback. You can also help other members and also do featured weekly posts in various categories if you wish. I am sure you will be very active here and the forum will be a wonderful place with you. 🙂


I would like to introduce you to some members 🙂

Most of these friends met during August and November Blogging 101 course and since then we have been interacting with each other. Some of them are admins, volunteers and regular contributors over here 🙂

@wanderlaur  Lauren is a teacher as well as a wanderer who shares thoughtful posts on her blog. She has been taking part in discussions actively on this blog. 🙂

@joseelavallee  Josee is a creative artist who has many interests. She keeps sharing her tips for painting, writing and blogging with us. She is a spiritual lady with firm faith in lord 🙂

@raniamanda Amanda who is also known as Ranie, is a fellow blogger friend who always keeps supporting her friends and takes part in events like poetry corner regularly. 🙂

@indira2412 Indira is fellow blogger friend who lives in Vizag, India. She is a versatile artist who writes various stories, poems and shares her experiences in Hindi as well as English. She is a spiritual lady, ever willing to improve her writing and thinking, she keeps helping and encouraging her fellow friends. 🙂 Continue reading

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