Poetry Corner Six Invites You!

Hello Friends 🙂

I heartily thank all of you who have submitted their entries.

We have 18 entries so far.

Please send your entries ( 6 words, no theme) to my mail ID: thinkerv0@gmail.com

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Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

It’s A Wonderful Life After All!

It’s  a wonderful life after all! 

Prayer changes my point of view;

Golden, rare, opportunity, where are you? 

Twigs crushed, table twisted, life begins,

It is sad that summer is over,


Images sprung out of my hands endlessly,

How can I keep this secret!

Breath of life, stench of death;

This is how it is, pal!


Empty suitcase, where do I begin?

Losing someone I never really had,

Love, sky, movies, mother, barbecue, wallflower;

Leaves fall, colors change, life evolves, 

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So i’ve been super busy…

So i’ve been super busy over the last week, got a new job, lost it, then a got another new job and took a long weekend away. you can catch up on some of my adventure over at https://awanderingwomanstravels.wordpress.com
trying to make some visits round to peoples blog as lots of interesting stuff is happening. 🙂

Poetry Corner Invites!

Hello Friends 🙂

With great joy I would like to inform you that we have received 15 entries for this week’s poem. I heartily thank all of you who have submitted and invite those who haven’t. It will hardly take 5 minutes of your time and since it’s anonymous nobody is going to judge you. Still you feel thrill and excitement of this event. So, please send your entries to me on:

[ 6 words, poem, story, random or senseless noise–doesn’t matter!]

I wish you all a wonderful Thursday 🙂
#poetrycorner #weekly
Love and light ❤
Anand 🙂
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Poetry Corner Invitations!

Hello Friends 🙂

I am glad inform you that I have already received 11 submissions so far. In last two weeks we had a total of 8 and 9 submissions only. I am grateful to all those who have submitted. We are going to publish the result on Tuesday. I invite all of you who have not submitted yet.

1. You have to just send a verse without any theme or meter in exactly 6 words on mail


2. I will give you a random number which you are supposed to keep a secret to maintain the fun and excitement of this event.

I encourage you to spend 5 minutes of your precious time. Your participation will make this event wonderful. 🙂

Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend my friends 🙂

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

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Poetry Competition?

Hello Friends 🙂

As many of us are not taking writing 101, I think we can invite entries for Poet’s Corner.

The idea #idea was suggested by Garth @garthmr ( Ivan also suggested something similar earlier ) @ivanproust I would like to discuss what exactly we should do. Should we open entries for 1 week every month and then declare winner based on the number of likes at the weekend?

If yes, then should we start this week and then keep it going like this for next months?

I need your valuable feedback #feedback. Especially all poets :
@garthmr @ivanproust @theanonymoustalker @kokoboocro
We also need to agree on type of verse to be used for the submission. 🙂 Let’s discuss!

If you feel competition is a bad idea–then also please let me know 🙂

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