Aware…Stare, A Gem So Rare!



Aware…stare, a  gem so rare!

Her Music  starts to sound black;

The paths don’t change -I grow!


Contemplate while horses are flying away;

The wind blew my mind afar; 

Sing the song I taught you; 

A leaf flutters; mums are blooming!


It is relaxing at the beach, 

The wind sighs, the branches groan;  Continue reading


Poetry Corner Seven Final Call!

Hello Friends 🙂

As you know, tomorrow we will publish our group poem.

If you have not sent your entry and wish to send. Please do it today as soon as you see this.

My email ID:

There is no theme and word limit is 6 words.

@sandeept252 @sashay909 @garthmr @21timetraveler @ananyabha @anwyn84
@thebrunetteinthepinkscarf @thedesivagabond @kristinavanhoos

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

Poetry Corner Seven Invites!

Hello Friends 🙂

We have 8 entries so far 🙂

Thanks everyone who have shown interest.
I hope more of you will send your entries soon.

There is no theme. You need to send 6 words poem/story/random to my email ID:

@garthmr @sandeept252 @dj120 @avenscent @21timetraveler @aventuraroxy
@shinepositivepower @kristinavanhoos @sashay909 @theanonymoustalker @ananyabha
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@laduchessederat @empress2inspire

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

Poetry Corner Six Invites You!

Hello Friends 🙂

I heartily thank all of you who have submitted their entries.

We have 18 entries so far.

Please send your entries ( 6 words, no theme) to my mail ID:

@garthmr @shinepositivepower @adriennea3 @ananyabha @anwyn84

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

It’s A Wonderful Life After All!

It’s  a wonderful life after all! 

Prayer changes my point of view;

Golden, rare, opportunity, where are you? 

Twigs crushed, table twisted, life begins,

It is sad that summer is over,


Images sprung out of my hands endlessly,

How can I keep this secret!

Breath of life, stench of death;

This is how it is, pal!


Empty suitcase, where do I begin?

Losing someone I never really had,

Love, sky, movies, mother, barbecue, wallflower;

Leaves fall, colors change, life evolves, 

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So i’ve been super busy…

So i’ve been super busy over the last week, got a new job, lost it, then a got another new job and took a long weekend away. you can catch up on some of my adventure over at
trying to make some visits round to peoples blog as lots of interesting stuff is happening. 🙂

Poetry Corner Invites!

Hello Friends 🙂

With great joy I would like to inform you that we have received 15 entries for this week’s poem. I heartily thank all of you who have submitted and invite those who haven’t. It will hardly take 5 minutes of your time and since it’s anonymous nobody is going to judge you. Still you feel thrill and excitement of this event. So, please send your entries to me on:
[ 6 words, poem, story, random or senseless noise–doesn’t matter!]

I wish you all a wonderful Thursday 🙂
#poetrycorner #weekly
Love and light ❤
Anand 🙂
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