Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello everyone! I trust you’re all recovered from your New Year’s celebrations by now 😀

Nearly two weeks ago I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by both @thinkerv0 and @27mrskills. I have finally posted my response to their nominations!

If you want to check it out, here is the link:

Thank you @27mrskills and @thinkerv0 for your nominations!


Friday Welcome Post!

 Dear friends,


We will be welcoming our new members every Friday. This week following members have joined Blogger’s World. Let’s extend our hands and welcome them on forum. Our forum members page is for getting to know some active members who have been around.

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A Very Happy New Year!

Dear friends,

This year has been a wonderful experience of learning, sharing and joy over here. We look forward to a great year ahead! 🙂



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Forum Code of Conduct!

Blogger’s World (BW) is a group blog – a Forum – designed to develop friendships, encourage interaction and discussions, sharing ideas and feedback.

Today we noticed some disruption in the otherwise cordial and friendly environment of this forum. The reason for this post is to remind everyone of the below message which is explicitly mentioned in the “About” page.

“Please remember this is a multicultural, open and friendly forum that allows all forms of discussions so long as it does not cause offense to any race, culture, religion or sex.” 

I would expect all members of this forum to behave with respect to each other and not to cause any form discord or distress to other members. I also expect the parties responsible for the fiasco today to come forward and apologize to the forum.

If any of you have a problem, that is bothering you, please report it immediately to the Forum Admins Kristina (@kristinavanhoose) , Anand (@thinkerv0) or myself Rashmi (@sashay909).

Lastly, I remind everyone that this is a public platform on the internet, it is an absolute MUST to respect everyone’s privacy. Do not constantly tag or message anyone without their permission.

For feedback and discussions, use appropriate tags and tag only the admins if you must. The rest of the members will respond if they want to.

It is sad that we have to come up with a post like this in the forum and I hope every member remembers to be polite and respectful to the other while they are a part of this forum and otherwise.


The Admins (Anand, Kristina and Rashmi)

@thinkerv0 @kristinavanhoos

Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed! 

Candles, Carols, Cake, is Merry Break. 

Departure of her; arrival of pain. 

Muddle along merriment, mixed with melancholy… 

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Invitations For Short Stories and Blogcasts!

Dear friends,


As you know we have different features on different fridays of month. You can check Friday Feature Plan   for details. The slots are open for 100 words stories on second Friday January 8th, 2016. The prompt for the story is Madhouse. Please nominate yourself. If you directly publish it that day it is acceptable too. You can publish stories directly on your blog with a link and excerpt here. Your excerpts will be showcased in a sticky post. If you do post full story here you can use an image per story. You can post multiple stories too.  Continue reading

Hello Bloggers,


Something disturbed me today. So, I need to share it with you all. See the following images:
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