Hey y’all! I’m writing a…

Hey y’all! I’m writing a post about a woman I recently met, but I don’t feel like it’s a good piece yet. I would love some new perspectives. If you have ideas for small changes, or big revisions, please do let me know! Let me know if the link doesn’t work… I’ve changed the visibility of this site (my old blog) and not sure if it’ll work like this.

Thanks in advance for the #feedback!!!

What’s my purpose?

Hey everyone. I’ve got a lot to say but I hope you’ll read and take a moment to help me out and give me some #feedback .

One thing I’m struggling with is: What’s my purpose? Why am I blogging? What do I have to offer to world that’s different from everyone else? I think I just have too many possible angles, but none is unique on it’s own – perhaps a combination could be unique? I would love if you would take a moment to have a conversation with me and help me find my way…

1. I’m thinking I could write about crunchy travel, light travel, budget travel, but I think all have been done (maybe the crunchy not so much). Perhaps a combination of all of these would be my unique angle – call it simplicity or something that encompasses it all….

2. Also, what I haven’t seen much of is a travel blog focused on the people (though I haven’t looked much). What if I focused my blog on the people I meet while traveling? I could start each post with “Meet x person” or some other sentence. OR each post could be a reflection based on a conversation I had/a person I met – “Today, I was chatting with x person and it got me thinking about…” This leaves me open to reflect, philosophize, write about experiences, etc. But it all starts with the conversation.

3. Lastly, I also have lots of learning goals – that really is the focus of my travels (learn spanish, learn about history, cultures, etc.). Perhaps I could do something with that?!

If you’ve read all this – THANK YOU!!! I would really appreciate a good discussion – ideas, suggestions, opinions, etc. And I’m always happy to join any conversations, check out a post of yours, etc. to help you out, too!

Happy new year y’all!!

I’ve been quiet for a…

I’ve been quiet for a while, trying to find a balance between exploring new cities, hanging out with new friends, and keeping up with blogging… and it’s been a struggle! But I’m here, and hopefully will be able to keep a better habit. I would love for you to check out the form that I created for Blogging 201 and, if my blog is one you’d read, fill it out. I’m gonna head over to the #feedback page now and do my part in this lovely community! Happy to be back! 🙂

Week 3 of my weekly…

Week 3 of my weekly feature, and I’m 2 days late! :S Would love to hear what you think. This one was a little tougher than others and I’m not sure I’ve expressed myself well…
Thanks for being part of my inspiration @thinkerv0 and @theotherscienceblog 🙂

Hey everyone, I recall reading…

Hey everyone, I recall reading a post about the new awards. Is there any easy way for me to find that post again? Also, I got a notice of a ping back from @thinkerv0 but would like to find the original post somewhere… #help!!

Would love some feedback!

Hey everyone! I’m new here (just finished the November course) and this community looks so wonderful! I can’t wait to engage more in it.
I’m posting for the first time, hoping some of you might give me some #feedback on this post: Are You Smart? It isn’t sitting right with me – I like the purpose, the message, but I’m not happy with how it flows and transitions from one part to the next. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas to improve it, I would love to hear them. One of my main goals in blogging to improve my writing so I’m open to any and all feedback. I welcome feedback anywhere, if you happen to stumble around my blog a bit. 🙂
Your help is much appreciated!