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So Magic Mondays inspired me and I decided to write an inspirational piece on my personal blog and all I kept thinking is man this would have been good for Magic Mondays! lol Its about a lesson I learned again recently. So I wanted to share it with my blogging family as well! Even though its not Magic Monday, everyday is a day to share good experiences.


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Be The Change – Monday Magic

Have you ever wondered on the magic of the unknown? Some refer to this as fear..I see it as opportunities. Opportunities as something new to discover. New adventures to embark on. How many of you will decide to move far away with no solid reason and pack all your stuff and start fresh somewhere in hopes of finding this magical moment to occur? I have. 

I read a quote somewhere that “life begins outside of your comfort zone.” That has always resonated with me. When God decides to move you up, He makes you uncomfortable. Many people are afraid of this so they stay where they have comfort. Others embrace it. 

Think of someone famous who accomplished much in life. Did they get there while in their comfort zone? Or did they go against the grain? Totally against the grain!

Here is another quote. “With big risks come big rewards.”

So on this magical Monday (Tuesday for some) think of the many ways that you can step outside the box. Color outside the lines. Hell, draw your own lines! Paint your own pictures. 

In what ways can you shake up your everyday routines to do something outlandish? 

What are your dreams? Why not do something crazy like follow them despite criticism from others. 

If you are looking for a cheerleader, send me a message! I am a great motivator! If anything else today, be an inspiration to someone who can do nothing for you! 


Have a wonderful day and week bloggers! 

Deja Vu Time stood still…

Deja Vu

Time stood still in this very moment. I am in Central Park jogging, I begin to slow down and eventually stop. I have been in this moment before. My eyes dart left and they dart right. Who was I with? Why was I here? I look again to my left and I see the couple arguing, the woman storms off and the middle aged man stares at her and then put his head down. To the right of me, I see an elderly couple holding hands and kissing gently. I may never recall how or why, but I definitely was here…


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I’m so addicted to pain and suffering that when things are going well in my life, I feel like I’m going through withdrawals and self-sabotage my happiness. Negativity is soothing, crying screams comfort. When does this feeling end? When positivity takes over, I run to the nearest hater and let their words engulf my world and bam! I finally feel at ease with the things I hear. “Slut, Whore, home wrecker, loser!” I guess its only right that my husband left me for my much prettier sister. Momma always said I wouldn’t amount to much and momma loves me, right?
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Catching up!

Hey guys, I haven’t been active on BW but I am getting back on it! I am moving across the country in about 8 weeks and slightly overwhelmed! But reading these posts actually relaxed me! I need to get back on track with my blogging family!!! I’ve missed you guys! 🙂

Hello! Quick question!

I finally revamped my blog and added pages. Now is there a way that I can add posts to a page as separate posts(as I do with blog posts to the main blog) or does it have to be one continuous post that I keep adding to in my added pages?
I hope that wasn’t confusing!
The page I am referring to the poetry spot page; however, for any subsequent page that I add..

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I have been missing in action and miss my blogging family! I have been dealing with family woes! My brother got injured and is now paralyzed. I’m going to be out the country this weekend to see him in the hospital! Trying times for sure. I will document my experience and share with you guys! The true test of strength is how you overcome adversity, huh? Keep me in your thoughts and prayers blogging fam!!


Plural: pro·cliv·i·ties
: an inclination or predisposition toward something; especially : a strong inherent inclination toward something objectionable

Origin of proclivity
Latin proclivitas, from proclivis sloping, prone, from pro- forward + clivus slope — more at pro-, declivity
First Known Use: circa 1591

Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/proclivity

I remember hearing this word on a show I watching last year. I am sure I was watching something on The Oprah Network, where she had an “A Ha!” moment. I was so intrigued by the word that I looked it up. And I thought to myself why haven’t I heard of this word before?
Everyone has something they are predisposed to that is not acceptable, hence, their proclivity. How many of us have proclivities towards certain things? Self-destructive behavior? Bad habits? Obsessions?
Let’s take it a step further; being inclined or having a tendency to do something is also called predilection and also propensity. How is proclivity different? Proclivity is a tendency to do something bad or unfavorable. Predilection is to favor something or being inclined to favor something. One can have a predilection for brunettes or rock music. A rock star may have proclivities to drink excessively or partake in recreational drugs. Propensity and Proclivity can be used interchangeably.
I wouldn’t be me, if I didn’t try to make a quick poem or something out of this word that I so love. So here is something that I just came up with:

I try to give him the best of me
I am drawn to his energy
I know he isn’t the best for me
Emotional destruction is my proclivity
He is never faithful to me
Yet I’m faithful to the toxicity
That only he seems to bring me
I keep going back
To the pain that will inevitably kill me
When will I learn to love me?
And void myself of these proclivities.




New Years Story!

Hey guys! I just wrote a happy New years story. check it out and let me know if you guys like it!
I would love feedback!


Hey everyone!!!!! I am excited to be here! My blog is called I am V
I write about almost everything that comes to mind! Let me get caught up with what I’ve missed so far!