As the deeper I get into meditation, the more pristine my mind becomes.

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Alan Rickman was famous among his followers, and epigones as the nefarious snape.

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The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: Book Review!

Never forget the importance of living with unbridled exhilaration. never neglect to see the exquisite beauty in all living things. today and this very moment are a gift. stay focused on your purpose. the universe will take care off everything else.
–“the monk who sold his Ferrari

You might have heard that “some books need to be tested, some books are meant to be chewed and, finally, some books are meant to be swallowed whole.”

The book which I will talk about today needs to be swallowed. don’t worry! I’ll be giving enough reasons for that.

The book which I selected for today’s review is “the monk who sold his Ferrari”
The book is written by Indian origin author Robin Sharma who is based in Canada. He is a famous speaker, leadership expert and former litigation lawyer. He is the author of 15 global best-selling books. His most famous books are “the monk who sold his Ferrari” and “the leader who has no title”. He has both Canadian and Mauritian citizenship.

This book has been accepted as a play.the book is presented in the form of a short novel. As the name suggests the book is a shift from material life to spiritual life or we can say it helps to make a balance between both. Here author patronizes his friend and colleague Julian mantle, who is a very famous litigation lawyer. He has every material comfort which anybody can have. He has both fame and money.

He was very obsessed with his work. He never thought about anything other than his work and this very obsession harmed him tremendously and he faced a heart attack. Doctors suggested him that if you want to live you can not continue your work anymore. This very heart attack became the turning point of his life. From then he becomes a different person. He renounces his material comforts and heads to India for spiritual pursuit. Over there  he wanders for several years. Then after wandering for several years in the Himalayas, he met an Indian spiritual guru who transforms him completely.

Then on return, he tells everything he learned in India to his friend(i.e. Author). The author finds that he was a different person now. He was not the earlier Julian mantle. There were certain contentment and calmness on his face. He was a transformed man now. Julian mantle talks about all the techniques in detail which he learned in India. He talks about seven such techniques. These are metaphorical. All these techniques are very crucial and effective. If we apply them in our lives then certainly we will be transformed and we will be able to manage well between our work and family. Our life will be more centered and peaceful.

If sometimes you feel that your life has become a rat race and you are not able to manage things well and if you want some balance in your life then I will say that this is  the best book you can have.
The language used by the author is quite simple and he has made it quite interesting by using real life examples. It will enhance your knowledge about Indian spiritualism.

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if you think you can change him by logic then you’re deceiving yourself.

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my first Public Speaking: Blogcast!

Hello, Guys.

here is my very first blogcast on BW. it’s my first time when I spoke publicly.
I’m sorry if my sound is low. I have no idea whether whatever I have talked here will be of any use to you or not. please listen to this and help me to improve. 🙂


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Despite a cancer diagnosis, Mary would remain resilient and fight until the end.

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Hello People!

I have been off to BW for last few days. reason being, some unfortunate changes which recently occurred here. I needed to observe things from a distance. by this observation, many strange things came out and I came to know a bit complex human nature. I saw how things can take a reverse turn unexpectedly. anyway, whatever happened can’t be undone now. so we need to focus on the future of the forum. I want to see the forum to grow as it was growing earlier.

I dislike the idea of leaving the group by some of our members due to being touchy. it’s a social community so there will be dissents as well. but we need to stand for whatever is right rather than following the interest of our closed ones. 😀

from now I’ll be an active member of the forum and will be participating as before. 🙂


‘How Amazon’s Long Game Yielded a Retail Juggernaut” headline in New York Times.

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Quotes with Author’s short Bio: Rabindranath Tagore

Hello, everyone!

 I wish you all a very happy, felicitous, cock-a-hoop and prosperous New year. May this New Year full fill your lives with love and bliss.

this is my first post in this category.

Author’s short Bio:

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) was the youngest son of Debendranath Tagore, a leader of the Brahmo Samaj, which was a new religious sect in nineteenth-century Bengal and which attempted a revival of the ultimate monistic basis of Hinduism as laid down in the Upanishads.

He was educated at home; and although at seventeen he was sent to England for formal schooling, he did not finish his studies there. In his mature years, in addition to his many-sided literary activities, he managed the family estates, a project which brought him into close touch with common humanity and increased his interest in social reforms.

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Hello everyone!

After few hours, we will be entering into New year. I send you all my best wishes with love and light <3. 🙂

here are 10 Inspiring Quotes to Get You Pumped for The New Year! which will certainly charge you for the new year.


regards, Vikram 🙂