Hi All, I just want…

Hi All, I just want to point out that Colette B has started a year long challenge to read recycled books. (https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/36687546/938590604). I’ve posted about the challenge here: https://joannebretzer.com/2016/02/25/recycled-book-challenge/ and here: http://birdwithwings.com/2016/02/25/recycled-book-reading-challenge/
This challenge promotes reading, recycling, and expanding your horizons to authors you may have missed the first time around, or came at an earlier age.

Hi All, I know I…

Hi All, I know I haven’t been here much in the last 6 weeks. I’ve been on the road, and am trying to squeeze in some time to do my blogs. Yesterday I wrote about cooking in a hostel, complete with instructions for a dinner I cooked. It’s the first cooking post I’ve done, and I’d love some feedback (so to speak).
Dinner in the hostel, fresh from the market


I’ve been watching some recent…

I’ve been watching some recent studies about the social and economic situation in the US, and and have written a bit about the topic:
3 Studies, 1 Sobering Conclusion


If you are having loading…

If you are having loading problems with the reader, please let WordPress know!

When I contacted them, I think I was the first. Too often we think that these issues will resolve themselves, or someone else will sort it out. It’s our WordPress!

Is anyone else having problems…

Is anyone else having problems with their “reader” on their blog sites? I can’t mine to function this morning. If I click on something, either an article or a key word, nothing happens. Thanks for any enlightenment!

My blog, Birdwithwings

is intended to follow my search for a place to retire. I have spent the last 13 years living in Asia, and a lot of time in Latin America. My intention has been to travel both of these regions with a sort of check list and anthropologist’s eye and decide. I have come to what may be a premature, but I hope rational, decision. Here is my post explaining my farewell to Asia:


Hi All, I was just…

Hi All, I was just reading the post about Anand stepping down as an administrator. I’m sure there were reasons and it was worked out as best as possible.

I just want to thank Anand publicly for his support and friendship here and before. Whatever mistakes were made, that is the simply truth from my end. I wish him the best, and hope to continue to see him around.



I’ve written an old-fashioned group letter

to my friends and family to catch them up on my life, some of them after many years. I’ve posted the letter here:

Happy New Year to All.

I imagine everyone is busy celebrating either the potential of the new year, or the end of 2015. I want to thank everyone for participating here and Vibrant and all for creating this space.

If you travel, you will…

If you travel, you will probably need a toilet more often that anything else. I’ve written a bit about squatter loos.