This post was inspired by…

This post was inspired by a trip to the museum in Cuenca, Ecuador, and a display of shrunken heads:

The Tale of the Shrunken Heads and Headhunters

I wrote a while back…

I wrote a while back about my arrival in Bangladesh and at least indicated I would return to the subject. I’ve written the bookend post about my departure day. It will stay with me always for one reason. I discuss that in this post:


I’ll write more about Bangladesh at another time. I think I didn’t realize how deeply it affected me emotionally till I wrote this post today.

As always, I look forward to comments and insights.



I spent the weekend at…

I spent the weekend at markets here in the Andes.

Ecuadorian Markets: Adventures in Food and People

I’m finally settling into an…

I’m finally settling into an apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador, and now I should be catching up on my writing. Here is a post about Otavalo, Ecuador.

Ecuador, Arrival and 1st Impressions

After a long week of…

After a long week of travel, I’m now in Cuenca, Ecuador, and will probably be here for a couple of months. Which means, I hope, I will be posting regularly and participating here again.

Here is a post about my some of my experiences in the last week. I would love opinions and critique..


I’ve finally posted something new…

I’ve finally posted something new on It is a bit of a work in progress as I think through this new phenomenon of expat retirement. Thanks for any thoughts or comments.

International Retirement Migration

Hi everyone, I need some…

Hi everyone, I need some advice (and sympathy!). I am in northern Ecuador, with the most incredible scenery, heading this morning to Quito, and even more incredible stuff to photograph. I am due to go to the cloud forest of Mindo for my first ever birding hike on Friday. (No the sympathy doesn’t come in yet)) My camera is broken. From my experience with this model and with everything I can find online, I will have to send it to Sony, and it is a $300-400 fix, from the States, where I won’t be for a very long time. Cameras are so expensive in Quito that some people fly to Miami to buy theirs (I have considered it, but I haven’t found a flight cheap enough).

So, those of you who are amateur, or otherwise, photographers, what has you experience been with using a smartphone, such as an iPhone, for general photography? I need a smart phone anyway, and it would, well, I won’t say kill two birds, but solve two problems. I have heard that the technology is good, and so is the post-production software. What do you think?

Without my camera, I feel lost!



It’s a rainy Saturday night…

It’s a rainy Saturday night in the Andes, and here is a rainy night tale.

Lonliness and Travel Stories

Hi all! I have been…

Hi all! I have been posting on my blogs regularly, but I have not been here much. It’s hard to keep up when on the road. Anyway, I saw the photo challenge, and I had just they taken the appropriate shots. So here are my dusk photos:

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half Light ( Dusk)

I have made it to…

I have made it to Bogota and am getting over altitude lag. Worse than jet lag. I’ve posted some initial street photos:

I’d love comments and suggestions. I am such an amateur photographer, and I have such great material just waiting for the right click.