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Hello Rashmi,

Custom page with forum members info is here( is also visible in the bar above) We shall keep updating it and polishing it.

I sent an invite today and saw that custom invite message hasn’t been updated. Could you please check. 🙂

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Anand 🙂

The Boob Doctor Was A Babe!

The boob doctor was a babe. Biopsy results came back normal. Hooray, right? Not yet. Cute boob doctor is so stunned that the tissue is normal he can’t believe it.

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😀 😀 😀 😀

Note: @drmegsorick This is not schadenfreude for sure and this gave me such a good laugh I had to share it with everyone else. 😀

If anyone thinks my sense of humor is weird don’t blame me, blame Dr. Sorick, she is the one who so often uses b words on her blog in a funny way!

And your blog has really undergone a complete makeover Meg. I love the background. It is less cluttered now. Looks neat. I was stunned by header image as soon as I landed on this post!

I hope you get to travel more in 2016. 2015 was indeed not as sucky as you make it look in your post–after all getting two of your novels published was your dream coming true. 🙂 Happy New Year to you, your family and friends ❤

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

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This World Is A Madhouse!

Dear friends,

This is a story I wrote today. Please let me know what you think about it. 🙂

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

Regarding Registration For Blogging 101!

Dear Sam,

I encouraged forum members to enroll for Blogging 101 course( Jan 4th-22, 2016)

Many of us have registered but one member Arv ( @jaipurthrumylens) who wants to register is not able to do so. He can see info but registration form is not visible to him. I can see registration form. Has registration for this session been closed? Could you please help us?



Anand 🙂

Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed!


Fa-la-la-la-la, unleashed! 

Candles, Carols, Cake, is Merry Break. 

Departure of her; arrival of pain. 

Muddle along merriment, mixed with melancholy… 

I fostered. He enchanted. I adopted.  Continue reading

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Invitations For Short Stories and Blogcasts!

Dear friends,


As you know we have different features on different fridays of month. You can check Friday Feature Plan   for details. The slots are open for 100 words stories on second Friday January 8th, 2016. The prompt for the story is Madhouse. Please nominate yourself. If you directly publish it that day it is acceptable too. You can publish stories directly on your blog with a link and excerpt here. Your excerpts will be showcased in a sticky post. If you do post full story here you can use an image per story. You can post multiple stories too.  Continue reading

Confirmation For The Weeklys Schedule 13

Dear Friends 🙂

This post is to confirm schedule of weekly features for the week.

[  December 31 to January 7 ]

1. Thursdays: Grammar & Punctuation:  

Please confirm if : Anyone is willing to do on 7th of Jan or 15th of Jan.

Pam @pamkirst2014:

Meg @drmegsorick: Doing on 31st: confirmed. 

Debbie @dalees107:

Maddy @maddy1953:

Continue reading

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Fearless Feline Fantasies!

Dear friends 🙂

This post on Cat Chronicles gave me a great laugh!

She is one of my most favorite authors in blogosphere and I can’t appreciate her writing enough! I hope you will also love reading this post. 🙂

I loved this passage in particular:

Lives, Mrs. Human, Lives. Do not forget I have 9 of them and are very careful with them. If I am running, it is because I want to keep my bones and joints fit. The great feline statesman, Tiddles F. Kennedy said “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual feline activity”, which proves how intelligent I am because I often train with Roschti to keep my intellect in action.”

Love and light ❤


Anand 🙂

Final Reminder For Poetry Corner 16!

Dear friends,

If you forgot to send your 6 words entry please send now. We publish tomorrow. 🙂

my email:

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What Does Being Fearless Mean To Me?

Dear friends,

In this post based on the daily post prompt I have tried to discuss about fear. Please give me your precious feedback and help me improve. 🙂


Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂